Final Fantasy 16 Curiosities: Locations for Wall of Memories, plus Echoes of the Fallen and The Rising Tide

Curiosities are one of the few types of collectibles in Final Fantasy XVI, and in many ways they're some of the most rewarding. Each gets placed into the Wall of Memories, an in-game testament to Clive's adventures within FF16's base of operations.

Each of the FF16 Curiosities is unlocked by progressiong through certain storylines - many of which are optional. This sets the Wall of Memories apart from the Orchestrion Rolls as collectibles - as those are mostly purchased from shops or found out in the wild. The Wall of Memories is instead populated with Curiosities that represent the people and places Clive gets to know - and therefore, a bit more work is required to obtain them all.

On this page, we list all 22 Curiosities in FF16 to complete the Wall of Memories, plus detail what quests you'll need to undertake in order to get them. If you have the DLC Echoes of the Fallen, then the total increases to 23. With The Rising Tide, the total increases to 25 in total.

FF16 Wall of Memories: Curiosities Location guide

The Wall of Memories is a clever way to mark Clive's adventures in FF16, but for it to be truly meaningful you'll need to unlock all of its curiosities.

The following list features all 23 of the FF16 Curiosities available in the game - which makes for a complete Wall of Memories in the Hideaway. Each of these items has to be unlocked - and it can be easy to miss one or two throughout your adventure, even if you're playing like a completionist and doing things like finishing all hunts.

A handful of Curiosities unlock automatically, while the other two can be broken into two categories: some that unlock via side quests throughout FF16's main adventure, and a bunch that are tied to end-game side quests right before the adventure comes to an end. Alternatively, we have a complete chronological list - ordered as they are in the menus.

FF16 Curiosities List & Unlocks

This is a list of the Curiosities in the game - ordered in the same format as they appear in Final Fantasy XVI's Wall of Memories.

This'll make it easy to see exactly which one you're missing, if you're just missing one or two - and you can pair this information with our comprehensive FF16 side quest guide for help finishing each quest:

  1. The Oath: Automatically unlocked by completing the main story quest "The Crystals' Curse".
  2. Hanged Man Signboard: Complete the side quest "For Great Justice II". This quest can be undertaken once you're in the main quest "Cloak and Dagger", in Sanbreque. You'll need to complete the first part, earlier in the game, for this to trigger.
  3. Martha's Rest Signboard: Obtained by completing "Rekindling the Flame II", which becomes available during the main quest "Across the Narrow". You must have earlier finished the first part for it to appear.
  4. Veil Signboard: The last of the pub signboards, you can nab this by completing "Under New Management II", which of course requires you to have also completed "Under New Management" first. This is the finale of the storylines in Northreach of Sanbreque, and is available in the endgame.
  5. Guardians Scarf: Automatically unlocked by completing the main story quest "Flames of War". 
  6. Briar’s Kiss Signboard: Unlocked upon completion of the quest “Lines in the Sand II”, which unlocks at the end game, once the main story quest “Back to Their Origin” becomes available.
  7. Crimson Caravans Signboard: Added by completing the side quest "Trading Places II". This quest unlocks during the story thread "Across the Narrow", in Boklad. As you'd expect, you'll need to have finished the first Trading Places too, also found in Boklad.
  8. Clayhearth Signboard: Finish the side mission "Duty Undying II". This mission unlocks in the endgame once you've unlocked "Back to Their Origin", and is found in Dhalmekia. You'll naturally also need to finish the first Duty Undying, also in Dhalmekia, earlier in the game. 
  9. Rusted Battlehelm: Added to your Wall of Memories after completing "Where There's a Will", a side quest that unlocks at the end game, when the final main quest "Back to Their Origin" is available.
  10. Snow Daisy Garland: Handed over by Jill for completing the side quest "Priceless", which is one of the final side quests that unlocks at the same time as the final story mission. In order to trigger this quest, you'll need to first complete "Where There's a Will", and then read a letter at Clive's desk.
  11. Cid’s Goblet: Finish the side quest "Payback", which unlocks via Clive's Quarters in the hideaway after the main scenario quest "Out of the Shadow". 
  12. Model Airship: In what is probably the most cruel tease in all of FF16, this curiosity unlocks by completing "Aiming High", a side quest that pops at the end-game, before the final mission. It'll only appear if you first complete "On Balance", which unlocks earlier, however.
  13. The Triunity Accord: Rewarded for completing "Three's Company", an optional side quest that becomes available in the end-game, before you take on the "Back to Their Origin" story mission.
  14. Stolas Quill: A keepsake from Harpocrates which unlocks for completing the quest "A Tail to Tell", which unlocks at the end-game before you take on "Back to Their Origin", the final story quest.
  15. Scholar's Bonnet: A reward from Vivian for completing the side quest "An Inconvenient Truth", a side quest that pops at the end game, at the same time the final main story mission unlocks.
  16. Winter Mead: Complete the side quest "Silver Linings", which unlocks alongside "Back to Their Origin", the final main quest of FF16. You'll need to have first completed "Trial and Error" earlier in the game, too. 
  17. Medicine Chest: Complete the side quest "Tears of Mercy", which unlocks during the main story quest "A Song of Hope". If you miss grabbing it from Vivian when it initially unlocks, you may need to progress the main quest further, at which point it unlocks again. 
  18. Continental Censer: A reward for the side quest "An Eye for an Eye". Keep an eye out for this quest during the main story quest "Things Fall Apart"; it can be started in the Hideaway.
  19. Martelle's Apples: Get this lovely fruit basket by completing "The Fruits of Her Labors", a side quest in the Hideaway that appears during "The Gathering Storm" main story quest.
  20. Ambrosia's Tack: Unlocked by completing "The White-Winged Wonder". This quest is also how you unlock Chocobos. You can pick up this quest in Martha’s Rest, Rosaria, during or after the main story quest “The Gathering Storm”.  
  21. Charred Sparring Sword: Two quests are required to obtain this. First, complete “A Bone to Pick”, which unlocks after you finish the main scenario quest “Out of the Shadow”. This unlocks “More than Words” during the endgame, when “Back to Their Origin” becomes available. More than Words unlocks this curiosity.
  22. The Circle of Malius: Unlocked once you find and complete all six Chronolith Combat Trials across Valisthea.
  23. Dusk Shard: Unlocked after completing the Echoes of the Fallen DLC.
  24. Haven Signboard: Clear The Rising Tide
  25. First Rain Talisman: Clear The Water of Life quest, requires The Rising Tide.
Just two of the Curiosities for the Wall of Memories unlock automatically; you'll have to seek the rest out.

Curiosities Unlocked Automatically

  • The Oath: Unlocks after the main scenario quest "The Crystals' Curse".
  • Guardians Scarf: Unlocks after the main scenario quest "Flames of War". 

Side Quest Curiosities Unlocked during the Main Adventure

Most of the FF16 Wall of Memories Curiosities are unlocked by completing specific side quests.

The following side quests are all available throughout Clive's adventure - but before he reaches the end-game. This means they're spread right across the game from the second time skip, when you obtain his private room and the Wall of Memories, onwards.

Each side quest is unlocked at a slightly different point, but each gives you a Curiosity to stock the Wall of Memories. Keep an eye out for these quests triggering and prioitize completing them to get a complete Wall of Memories:

  • Ambrosia's Tack: Complete "The White-Winged Wonder", available after the MSQ “The Gathering Storm”.  
  • Cid’s Goblet: Complete "Payback", available after MSQ "Out of the Shadow". 
  • Continental Censer: Complete "An Eye for an Eye", available after the MSQ "Things Fall Apart".
  • Crimson Caravans Signboard: Complete "Trading Places II", unlocked after the MSQ "Across the Narrow".
  • Hanged Man Signboard: Complete "For Great Justice II", unlocked during the MSQ "Cloak and Dagger".
  • Martelle's Apples: Complete "The Fruits of Her Labors", which unlocks during the MSQ "The Gathering Storm".
  • Martha's Rest Signboard: Complete "Rekindling the Flame II", available during and after the MSQ "Across the Narrow".
  • Medicine Chest: Complete "Tears of Mercy", available during and after the MSQ "A Song of Hope". 
  • Model Airship: Complete "Aiming High", available during and after the MSQ "On Balance".
  • The Circle of Malius: Complete all six Chronolith Combat Trials across Valisthea.

Curiosities Available in the Endgame

A great number of the FF16 Curiosities are unlocked in the endgame, as character stories wrap up.

The largest number of the FF16 Curiosities arrive in the endgame, where Clive has a chance to stock out his Wall of Memories with keepsakes to mark all those he's met and helped throughout his journey.

All of these side quests, and their associated rewards, are only available to be triggered right at the end of the game - when your main story mission is "Back to Their Origin", which happens to be the final mission of the game. Before you trigger the finale, complete these quests to pad out Clive's Wall of Memories:

  • Briar’s Kiss Signboard: Complete "Lines in the Sand II".
  • Charred Sparring Sword: Complete "A Bone to Pick" earlier in the game, and then "More than Words" in the endgame.
  • Clayhearth Signboard: Complete "Duty Undying II". 
  • Rusted Battlehelm: Complete "Where There's a Will".
  • Scholar's Bonnet: Complete "An Inconvenient Truth".
  • Snow Daisy Garland: Complete "Priceless". Requires you to have completed "Where There's a Will" earlier in the game.
  • Stolas Quill: Complete "A Tail to Tell".
  • The Trinunity Accord: Complete "Three's Company".
  • Veil Signboard: Complete "Under New Management II".
  • Winter Mead: Complete "Silver Linings". You'll need to have first completed "Trial and Error" earlier in the game, too. 
  • Dusk Shard: Complete the Echoes of the Fallen DLC
  • Haven Signboard: Clear The Rising Tide
  • First Rain Talisman: Clear The Water of Life quest, requires The Rising Tide.