Final Fantasy XVI Hunt Locations: All FF16 Notorious Mark Hunt Targets & Rewards

Final Fantasy XVI brings back a beloved piece of fan content from the land of Ivalice - Monster Hunts.

Known in FF16 as Notorious Marks, the hunts are a perfect fit for FF16's more action-focused gameplay - and are actually the location of some of the most fun battles in the entire game. While they don't appear until a good way in FF16, once Hunts are unlocked you'll be provided with a steady flow of new ones unlocking at a semi-regular cadence right through the end of the game.

FF16's Monster Hunts provide an opportunity to really test your combat skills against powerful foes.

To unlock access to Hunts, you'll need to make it to the Main Story Quest "The Gathering Storm" in the second half of the game (around the time we play as a 32 year old Clive - so after the second time skip). After speaking with everyone's favorite pal, Gav, you'll gain access to The Hunt Board in the Hideaway - where it'll remain for the rest of the game.

This guide explains how hunts work in FF16 and also offers up a full FF16 hunt locations list, making it easy to track down every beast. You can pair this guide with our FF16 Side Quests guide and our Chronolith Locations list to help you easily 100% all of the content in the game.

How do Hunts work in FF16?

Once unlocked, Hunts are managed by a Moogle called Nektar - the only critter of his kind in the game - but aren't structured like normal side quests. 

Specifically, the Notorious Marks that make up the Hunts don't spawn in-game until their bounty has been added to the Hunt board. Furthermode, even once the Hunt is available it doesn't get marked in your Quest Log as a quest. Instead, it's all on you: you should read the Hunt Board, and then figure out based on the information it offers where the enemy is and how powerful it is.

The only exception is a rare few hunts that are actually part of a side quest - these are given a map waypoint, as all side quest objectives are.

So, that's a lot of reading and memorizing. Or, alternatively, you can read our handy guide. That'll save you some time - as below we list everything you need to know about all hunts in FF16 - Hunt Locations, Notorious Mark levels and ranks, and the rewards you can expect for defeating them.

FF16 Hunt Locations List and Rewards

Hunts will be added to the Hunt Board managed by Nektar the Moogle throughout the story of FF16 - with hunts variably gated behind main story progression and side quest completion. If you're working to 100% the game, you'll eventually have a full set of hunts to tackle.

Each hunt carries a bounty of cash and renown, but you'll also unlock some handy crafting materials plus EXP and Ability Points for Mastering Abilites - so it's well worth completing all of FF16's various hunts. To do so you'll need to find them, however - so below you'll find a complete list of hunts in the game, which includes details on all of the FF16 Hunt Locations - making it easy to find the monsters.

Ahriman - The First Hunt

Ahriman is a classic Final Fantasy enemy reborn in the world of Valisthea for FF16, and so it feels only appropriate that this is the first hunt you do, as part of the main story quest 'Release'. 

  • Level: 25
  • FF Mode Level: 63
  • Rank:
  • Location: In Rosaria on the path to Riddock's Jump during the MSQ “Release”
  • Reward: 10x Renown, 5000 Gil, 10x Magicked Ash, 1x Meteorite
  • FF Mode Reward: 20x Magicked Ash, 1x Flawless Meteorite

The Angel of Death - Aruna

  • Level: 27
  • FF Mode Level: 65
  • Rank: C
  • Location: Claireview Sanbreque. Spawn at Northreach and head South.
    • Reward: 10x Renown, 6200 Gil, 1x Clouded Eye
    • FF Mode Reward: 1x Flawless Clouded Eye


    • Level: 30
    • FF Mode Level: 70
    • Rank: B
    • Location: The Broken Hilt, Rosaria. Spawn at Eastpool. On the cliff looking out at on Rosaria. I beat this at level 26 with good dodge timings.
    • Reward: 20x Renown, 8000 Gil, 2x Dragon Talon
    • FF Mode Reward: 2x Flawless Dragon Talon


    • Level: 28
    • FF Mode Level: 67
    • Rank: B
    • Location: Caer Norvent West Gate, Sanbreque. This is unlocked during the sidequest "Blacksmith's Blues". South-east of Norvent Valley. We've got a full Griffin Hunt Location guide if you're struggling.
    • Reward: 20 Renown, 11475 Gil, 1x Scarletite, 1x Meteorite
    • FF Mode Reward: 1x Scarletite, 1x Flawless Meteorite


    • Level: 31
    • FF Mode Level: 71
    • Rank: B
    • Location: West of Rhiannon's Ride, Rosaria. 
    • Reward: 20x Renown, 8200 Gil, 1x Minotaur Mane
    • FF Mode Reward: 1x Flawless Minotaur Mane


    • Level: 31
    • FF Mode Level: 71
    • Rank: B Rank
    • Location: North of Sorrowise, Rosaria
    • Reward: 20x Renown, 8500 Gil, 1x Electrum
    • FF Mode Reward: 1x Flawless Electrum

    Muddy Murder - Flan Prince

    • Level: 38
    • FF Mode Level: 81
    • Rank: A Rank
    • Location: Hawks Cliff, Rosaria. Found at the north on the way to Auldhyl.
    • Reward: 30x Renown, 12,000 Gil, 1x Gelatinous Mass
    • FF Mode Reward: 1x Flawless Mass

    A Hill to Die On - Fastitocalon

    • Level: 34
    • FF Mode Level: 74
    • Rank: B Rank
    • Location: Valkroy Desert, Dhalmekia. Top right of the Desert, past the Bandit's Bed.
    • Reward: 20x Renown, 10000 Gil, 2x Scarletite
    • FF Mode Reward: 2x Scarletite

    Soul Stingers

    • Level: 32
    • FF Mode Level: 72
    • Rank: C Rank
    • Location: Empty Hovel, Dhalmekia. The Fields of Corava.
    • Reward: 10x Renown, 5500 Gil, 50x Sharp Fang, 20x Bloody Hide, 10x Magicked Ash
    • FF Mode Reward: 100x Sharp Fang, 40x Bloody Hide, 20x Magicked Ash


    • Level: 32
    • FF Mode Level: 72
    • Rank: C Rank
    • Location: The Cattery, Dhalmekia
    • Reward: 10x Renown, 6100 Gil, 1x Grimalkin Hide
    • FF Mode Reward: 1x Flawless Grimalkin Hide

    The Nine of Knives

    • Level: 38
    • FF Mode Level: 8`
    • Rank: A Rank
    • Location: The Jaw, Dhalmekia. Center of the area.
    • Reward: 30x Renown, 10500 Gil, 25x Wyrrite, 2x Meteorite
    • FF Mode Reward: 50x Wyrrite, 2x Flawless Meteorite

    The Breaker of Worlds - Atlas

    • Reward: 50x Renown, 20000 Gil, 1x Fallen Iron, 1x Orichalcum
    • FF Mode Reward: 1x Flawless Fallen Iron, 1x Orichalcum

    Bomb King

    Note: This Hunt unlocks when you begin the side quest "Weird Science" - without picking up this side quest, this FF16 Hunt does not trigger.

    • Level: 33
    • FF Mode Level: 73
    • Rank: B Rank
    • Location: The Crock, Sabbreque. This is found south of the Dragon's Aery, down the Imperial Chase path.
      This is marked on the map.
    • Reward: 20x Renown, 9000 Gil, 1x Bomb Ember
    • FF Mode Reward: 1x Flawless Bomb Ember

    The Ten of Clubs

    • Level: 35
    • FF Mode Level: 76
    • Rank: B Rank
    • Location: Vamare, Dhalmekia. Specifically, The Fields of Corava
    • Reward: 20x Renown, 9200 Gil, 1x Scarletite, 1x Meteorite
    • FF Mode Reward: 1x Scarletite, 1x Flawless Meteorite

    The Mageth Brothers

    • Level: Sandwydd, Cindwydd, and Mindwydd are each 38
    • FF Mode Level: 81
    • Rank: A Rank
    • Location: Quietsands, Rosaria
    • Reward: 30x Renown, 13000 Gil, 2x Meteorite
    • FF Mode Reward: 2x Flawless Meteorite

    Ruin Reawakened - Svarog

    • Level: 50
    • FF Mode Level: 93
    • Rank: S Rank
    • Location: Down the Mornebrume path to the east of the Caer Norcent Glorieuse Gate obelisk. Deeper description found in our Ruin Reawakened location guide.
    • Reward: 60x Renown, 30000 Gil, 1x Orichalchum, 1x Fallen Enigma, 1x Amber, 1x Empty Shard
    • FF Mode Reward: 1x Orichalchum, 2x Fallen Enigma, 2x Amber, 2x Empty Shard

    The Pack

    • Level: 33 (Each)
    • FF Mode Level: 73
    • Rank: C Rank
    • Location: South of Tabor, Dhalmekia. On the Gilded Path.
    • Reward: 10x Renown, 5800 Gil, 20x Sharp Fang, 50x Bloody Hide, 10x Magicked Ash
    • FF Mode Reward: 40x Sharp Fang, 100x Bloody Hide, 20x Magicked Ash

    Dread Comet

    • Level: 38
    • FF Mode Level: 81
    • Rank: A Rank
    • Location: The Sickle, Dhalmekia
    • Reward: 30x Renown, 13000 Gil, 1x Comet Feather
    • FF Mode Reward: 1x Flawless Comet Feather

    The Man in Black - Holy Trumpitour

    Note: This Hunt is unlocked after the side quest "For Great Justice II"

    • Level: 36
    • FF Mode Level: 78
    • Rank: B Rank
    • Location: Lostwing, Sanbreque. Go down the cellar from the church and follow the path.
    • Reward: 20x Renown, 9800 Gil, 1x Scarletite, 1x Meteorite
    • FF Mode Reward: Scarletite (1) Flawless Meteorite (1)


    Note: This Hunt unlocks during the side quest "Please Sir, Can I Have Some Morbol". This hunt won't appear until you pick this quest up elsewhere in the hideaway.

    • Level: 35
    • FF Mode Level: 76
    • Rank: B Rank
    • Location: The Whispering Waters, Rosaria. Northwest of Three Weeds.
    • Reward: 20x Renown, 10000 Gil, 1x Morbol Tendril, 1x Morbol Flower
    • FF Mode Reward: 1x Morbol Tendril, 1x Flawless Morbol Flower

    The Tricephalic Terror - Gorgimera

    • Level: 45
    • FF Mode Level: 88
    • Rank: S Rank
    • Location: The Velkroy Desert (North), Southwest of The Watcher; detailed in full in our Tricephalic Terror Location page.
    • Reward: 50x Renown, 20000 Gil, 1x Orichalcum
    • FF Mode Reward: 1x Orichalcum


    • Level: 45
    • FF Mode Level: 88
    • Rank: S Rank
    • Location: Wolfdarr, Waloed.
    • Reward: 50x Renown, 20000 Gil, 1x Stained Loincloth
    • FF Mode Reward: 1x Flawless Loincloth


    • Level: 38
    • FF Mode Level: 81
    • Rank: A Rank
    • Location: Eistla, Waloed.
    • Reward: 30x Renown, 15000 Gil, 1x Primitive Battlehorn
    • FF Mode Reward: 1x Flawless Battlehorn


    • Level: 40
    • FF Mode Level: 83
    • Rank: A Rank
    • Location: Kritten Hollow, Waloed
    • Reward: 35x Renown, 16000 Gil, 1x Coeurl Whisker , 1x Meteorite
    • FF Mode Reward: 1x Flawless Couerl Whisker, 1x Flawless Meteorite


    • Level: 40
    • FF Mode Level: 8385
    • Rank: A Rank
    • Location: Halfcombe, Waloed
    • Reward: 35x Renown, 15500 Gil, 1x Stone Tongue
    • FF Mode Reward: 1x Flawless Stone Tongue

    Usher to the Underworld - Thanatos

    • Level: 42
    • FF Mode Level
    • Rank: A Rank
    • Location: Titan's Wake, Dhalmekia.
    • Reward: 45x Renown, 17000 Gil, 1x Darksteel
    • FF Mode Reward: 1x Flawless Darksteel 

    The Blood Moon - Terminus

    • Level: 40
    • FF Mode Level: 83
    • Rank: A Rank
    • Location: The Crock, Sanbreque
    • Reward: 35x Renown, 9800 Gil, 2x Meteorite
    • FF Mode Reward: 2x Flawless Meteorite

    The Wailing Banshee - Gizamaluk

    Note: This Hunt unlocks after the side quest "Duty Undying II"

    • Level: 41
    • FF Mode Level: 84
    • Rank: A Rank
    • Location: Garnick, Waloed
    • Reward: 45x Renown, 9700 Gil, 2x Clouded Eye, 20x Sharp Eye, 10x Magicked Ash
    • FF Mode Reward: 2x Flawless Clouded Eye, 40x Sharp Eye, 20x Magicked Ash

    The Grim Reaper - The Prince of Death

    • Level: 40
    • FF Mode Level: 83
    • Rank: A Rank
    • Location: Cape Orsiere, Sanbreque
    • Reward: 45x Renown, 15000 Gil, 1x Darksteel
    • FF Mode Reward: 1x Flawless Darksteel

    Knight of the Splendent Heart

    • Level: 42
    • FF Mode Level: 85
    • Rank: A Rank
    • Location: The Penitent's Gate, Sanbreque
    • Reward: 35x Renown, 17000 Gil, 2x Meteorite
    • FF Mode Reward: 2x Flawless Meteorite

    Kuza Beast

    Note: This Hunt is found as part of the side quest "Nobody's Tool".

    • Level: 40
    • FF Mode Level: 83
    • Rank: A Rank
    • Location: Balmung Dark, Waloed (Is fought at the end of the side quest)
    • Reward: 35x Renown, 15000 Gil, 1x Behemoth Shackle, 2x Meteorite
    • FF Mode Reward: 1x Flawless Behemoth Shackle, 2x Flawless Meteorite

    The Masterless Maurader - Behemoth King

    Note: This Hunt is unlocked after the Kuza Beast is defeated.

    • Level: 47
    • FF Mode Level: 90
    • Rank: S Rank
    • Location: Vidgraes, Waloed - as detailed in full in our Masterless Marauder Hunt location guide - or just use the image below.
    • Reward: 55x Renown, 20000 Gil, 1x Behemoth Shackle, 1x Orichalcum
    • FF Mode Reward: 1x Flawless Behemoth Shackle, 1x Orichalcum