Final Fantasy XVI: Behemoth King, The Masterless Marauder Hunt Location

A series icon, it just wouldn’t be right if the Behemoth King didn’t make an appearance in Final Fantasy XVI - and thus this powerful beast shows up in FF16 as part of The Masterless Marauder, one of the final hunts available in the game.

The Behemoth itself is a series staple - and many games do feature a powerful king of these beasts. You’ll fight a normal Behemoth during the course of the story - at some point after which, this special hunt will unlock. 

As always with S-Rank hunts, they’re a little more difficult not just because of the enemy level (which in the case of the Behemoth King is level 47), but also because the hunt location isn’t given, just marked with a ???. This guide explains THe Masterless Marauder hunt location quickly, to save you some hassle.

Here’s what the in-game description says:

“The Waloder army captured such beasts and tried to train them to serve, but this particular specimen’s training has long since ceased. Whether its captors turned Akashic with the rest of their comrades or were eaten by their pet when it broke free from its bonds, we shall never know. All we do know is there is none left alive who knows the words to put an end to its rampage - only a show of force will suffice.”

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Facing off with a Behemoth King is a classic Final Fantasy scenario, and in FF16 it comes as part of The Masterless Marauder Hunt - if you can figure out its location.

The Masterless Marauder Hunt Location

We can draw a lot of information on The Masterless Marauder hunt location from the in-game description of the hunt - but it’s not as plain and obvious as other hunts.

From FF16’s story, we know that only one nation in the land of Valisthea has tried to train Behemoths and had much of its nation turn Akashic - and that’s Waloed. Beyond that, however, there isn’t much of a clue to the Behemoth King’s location - almost like the game expects you to trek across the entire nation to find it.

However, we make it easy - the area you want is Vidargaes, which is in the far north of Waloed. The nearest fast travel point is the Vidargaes obelisk. 

The Masterless Marauder hunt location is right in the middle of one of the largest areas of the Kingdom of Waloed, FF16's final area.

This makes sense, as this is the nearest travel point to Waloed’s capital - which presumably is where the escaped trained Behemoth King would have escaped from. The Behemoth King is just a little south and slightly west of that fast travel obelisk, as is depicted in the screenshot above.

When you defeat the Behemoth, you’ll net 55 Renown, 20,000 Gil, plus one each of the Behemoth Shackle and Orichalcum crafting materials.