Final Fantasy XVI: Svarog, Ruin Reawakened Hunt Location

One of the hardest Hunts in Final Fantasy XVI is Ruin Awakened, which tasks you with tackling a deadly dragon known as Svarog. In order to undertake this challenge, you’ll need the dragon’s hunt location, however.

Svarog is a variant of the same sort of dragon you can face a few times throughout FF16, including in some story sequences. But this S-Rank hunt variation of the beast is very difficult, particularly when it first unlocks. 

At level 50, when it unlocked for us this hunt was almost a full 20 levels higher than us - so you might not want to tackle it right away. If you choose to, however, it is possible to beat it early on - we’ve done it.

However, the hunt’s location is left a mystery, simply marked with ???. This page is here to help you to find it. 

Svarog is an all-conquering dragon - and you'll need to defeat it to complete the Ruin Reawakened Hunt.

The in-game hunt description says:

“Sanbrequois legend tells of a dread dragon who set near half the realm alight with us torrid breath, before being sealed away behind a magical mist - by Greagor Herself, some sources claim. Though it has long been forgotten which parts of the tale are true and which are mere myth, recent reports of a great dragon’s roar reverberating around the woodland passes of the empire are real enough.”

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FF16 Ruin Reawakened Hunt Location - Svarog

This one is quite simple. Open up your map and look at the part of Valisthea that makes up the Holy Empire of Sanbreque. From there, find the Caer Norvent Glorieuse Gate, which is in the eastern-side of the map, on the bottom-left of the medium-sized area marked as ‘Glorieuse’.

From the Caer Norvent area, you'll want to head east and through Mornebrume in order to find Svarog, the powerful dragon that's the target of th Ruin Reawakened hunt.

On the eastern side of Glorieuse is a narrow pathway that leads through a wooded area called ‘Mornebrume’. At the bottom of this area is a tell-tale oval-shaped area - and this is the boss arena where the Svarog Hunt spawns.

See the exact area marked on the clipped map above.

For defeating this powerful dragon, You’ll be able to net yourself 60 Renown, 1x Orichalcum, 1x Fallen Enigma, 1x Amber, and 1x Empty Shard - plus 30,000 Gil.