Final Fantasy XVI: Atlas, Breaker of Worlds Hunt Location

Final Fantasy XVI features a lot of side content, but some of the most satisfying are the Hunts, especially those that require you to actually track and puzzle out the target’s location. One such example is The Breaker of Worlds, a high level hunt to defeat an Atlas.

The Atlas is a powerful Fallen Remnant enemy, and is the first S-Rank hunt that unlocks in FF16. 

You’ll first see this crop up on the Hunts board after obtaining the Desert Rose during the main quest - but you might not be able to beat this powerful Level 45 beast right away, depending on your combat skills. 

To test your skills, you’ll have to find the Atlas Hunt Location, however - as in the game’s menus it’s marked with a ???. 

The Breaker of Worlds is the first S-Rank hunt in FF16, and pits you against an Atlas.

The hunt board reads:

“Urgent notice to all Cursebreakers: due to the discovery of a fallen giant in the Rosarian ruins we have lately been investigating, all work in the region is to be halted with immediate effect, and all members are to proceed no further than the village gate, lest the echo should be awakened by our presence. No further action may be taken without Cid’s express permission.”

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FF16 The Breaker of Worlds Hunt Location - Atlas

We know this is in Rosaria because the description says so, and we also know the largest active town open to Clive and company in Rosaria is Martha’s Rest - so that must be the ‘village gate’ the description talks of. Head there.

To find the Atlas for the Breaker of Worlds Hunt, you need to head to Cressidia, east of Martha's Rest.

From Martha’s Rest, head immediately north out of the village, to the ‘Greensheaves’ area. Far east of here, there’s an area called ‘Cressida’ - and at the end of Cressida, there’s a narrow pathway to an obviously circular arena. Sure looks like a boss arena to me! 

You can see it all marked on the map below. The enemy won’t be 100% obvious when you enter the area - it’s not active - but once you get close, Atlas, The Breaker of Worlds will awaken - and your hunt begins. 

For completing the hunt, your reward is 50 Renown, 1x Fallen Iron, 1x Orichalcum, and 20,000 Gil.