Final Fantasy XVI: Gorgimera, The Tricephalic Terror Hunt Location

The third of the S-Rank hunts you’ll come across in Final Fantasy XVI, The Tricephalic Terror pits you against a powerful multi-headed beast known as the Gorgimera. But to fight it, you’ll have to figure out the exact hunt location first.

While the Chimera is a classic RPG enemy across the genre, the Gorgimera is actually something of a Final Fantasy staple, having first appeared in FF2 and appeared a number of times since - and its latest appearance is in FF16, as a hunt.

Weighing in as an S-Rank hunt with a Level 45 enemy, this hunt will first crop up on the Hunt Board during the ‘Across the Narrow’ main scenario quest. After that, you can tackle the Tricephalic Terror hunt quest at your leisure. 

To get the rewards, you’ll need to find and defeat Gorgimera - which this page will help you to do.

Gorgimera is the return of a classic Final Fantasy enemy, back as a challenging S-Rank hunt in FF16.

Here’s what the Hunt board says of this beast:

“A caravan of traders traversing the Velkroy told me of a colossal beast they had encountered on their journey. To hear them tell it, it had the aspect of a dragon, a lion, and a scorpion all at once. I contested that it might be naught but a mirage - a phantasm brought about by the desert heat - but the sweat which ran down their foreheads was cold, and the fear in their eyes, real.”

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The Tricephalic Terror Hunt Location - Gorgimera

The Tricephalic Terror is one of the few S-Rank hunts that doesn’t take place in a slightly-secluded boss arena at the fringes of a map - instead, this takes place in a corner of a wide open area of FF16’s open zones.

The Tricephalic Terror hunt target is located here, in the Velkroy Desert.

Specifically, travel to the Dhalmekian Republic. The nearest fast travel obelisks are The Veklroy Desert or the Dalimil Inn - both are roughly equidistant from the beast.

You’ll want to hunt for The Tricephalic Terror, Gorgimera, in the Velkroy Desert. Ultimately, this is West of the landmark that sits in the middle of this desert.

  • If you’re going from The Velkroy Desert, head south from the waypoint down the Western side of the desert.
  • If you’re going from the Dalimil Inn, head north out of town and then west and then slightly north.

The Gorgimera will be sitting out in the open waiting for you to come for it. Beat this S-Rank hunt and you’ll receive 50 Renown, 20,000 Gold, 1x Orichalcum, plus EXP, AP, and Gil.