Final Fantasy XVI: Full Chronolith Trial Locations List

The Chronolith Trials are arguably one of the most pure and satisfying pieces of Final Fantasy XVI - stripping back the game's excellent action-based combat to its raw core, providing a unique and satisfying challenge. Each Chronolith Trial also offers some lovely rewards when completed.

The concept behind the trials is pretty simple - tasking you with using a pre-set slate of abilities and skills from a single Eikon in an enclosed, timed combat challenge. Fighting enemies and the clock, each trial tests your knowlege of the abilities of each of the equippable Eikons in FF16 - and your combat skills.

To tackle all of the Chronolith challenges, however, you'll need to find them. This here guide helps you with that - listing all of the FF16 Chronolith Trial stone locations, which when interacted with let you undertake each unique four-round combat challenge. 

Each of the FF16 Chronolith Trial stones unlocks a unique challenge which is well worth undertaking them - if you can find the location of each.

FF16 Chronolith Locations: Where to find every Trial Stone

Each of the Chronolith Trials is accessed by interacting with a unique glowing stone out in the world of Final Fantasy XVI. You'll be familiar with this 'Chronolith' stone, as it features the same design as the stone you can use in the hideaway to access past stages, arcade mode, and other challenges. In fact, once each Chronolith Trial has been found and completed, you can actually replay them via that stone in the Hideaway.

Each stone sends you into another realm where you'll fight four stages, each featuring a set wave of enemies and set abilities for Clive - though your equipment and level carry over. 

Like FF16's Hunt Locations and Orchestrion Rolls, the Chronolith Trials are spread out across the four larger open-world zones that make up Valisthea - which means none of them are missable.

Each Chronolith Stone is available as soon as you have access to the area where it's located and the Eikon it covers. If you discover one early, it simply won't be possible to activate it.

Chronolith Location #1: Phoenix ~ Trial by Fire

The Fire-based Phoenix Chronolith Trial location in FF16.

As you'd expect given the Eikon's strong association with Rosaria, the Phoenix Trial is found in the Rosaria area of FF15 - specifically in the area of Greensheaves. This is North of Martha's Rest, onm the path to Eastpool. 

Simply head out of Martha's Rest from the northern exit from its fast travel Obelisk, then head east through Greensheaves to find The Hand of the Hyperion Chronolith Trial stone waiting for you. Do note, there is no Chronolith Trial for Ifrit - this is the only Fire trial in FF16.

As with all of the trials, it takes its name, the Hyperion, from Greek Mythology. 

Chronolith Location #2: Garuda - Trial by Wind

Garuda's well-hidden Chronolith Trial in FF16, marked on the map.

The Garuda Chronolith Trial is tucked away in the desert lands of Dhalmekia - and it's not exactly in an obvious spot. While it is near to The Krozjit Echoes fast travel point, it's actually on a lower level and isn't easily reached from there.

For the fastest way to reach the Garuda Chronolith Trial, which is called The Hand of Dione, you'll want to head south-west from Laetny's Cleft fast travel - south to the Abandoned Fishing Village, then West to Drakos Deep, where the Chronolith is tucked away

Despite sharing a name with an FF16 character - almost - Dione, for which this trial is named, is a moon of Saturn - and a Titaness in Greek Mythology.

Alternatively, you can head out of the eastern exit of The Dalimil In  town, into the Southen Velkroy Desert, and then take the north-eastern exit from the desert and follow these pathways north to reach the same area. 

Chronolith Location #3: Ramuh ~ Trial by Thunder

The location of Ramuh's Chronolith Trial in Final Fantasy XVI.

Ramuh's Chronolith Trial is actually one of the easiest to outright miss, as it's located at the dead end of an area you don't actually have to see when you're playing the main story. This is Norvent Valley in Sanbreque, as you can see in the map above.

The nearest fast travel Obelisk is the Caer Norvent River Gate, just south of the Ramuh Chronolith which is labeled as The Hand of Iapetus. However, it's totally possible to complete FF16 without even activating this Obelisk - trust us, we've done it! In Homere's The Iliad, Iapetus was one of the Titans, and was said to be most deceitful.

Alternatively, start at the town of Lostwing, and take the long path straight south out of the town, through Cutter's Gate. Follow this path around to find the Chronolith Trial stone at the very end, at a dead end. 

Chronlith Location #4: Titan ~ Trial by Earth

A map showing the location of the Titan Chronolith in Dhalmekia's Desert.

As you'd expect, Titan's Chronolith Trial, which is simply called The Hand of Titan, is found in the deserts of Dhalmekia - exactly where Hugo Kupka himself hails from.

The quickest route to this one is simple. Head to The Velkroy Desert fast travel Obelisk, which is in the north-west of the area of the same name. From there, head north directly to reach The Northern Velkroy Desert. This area is overcome with sandstorms, and your NPC allies may even suggest turning back - but forge through to eventually find the Chronolith Stone at the very back of this area.

Chronolith Location #5: Bahamut ~ Trial by Light

Bahamut's Chronolith Trial is appropriately found in the holy land of Sanbreque.

The Mighty Bahamut is closely associated with Sanbreque in the world of FF16, and so perhaps unsurprisingly Bahamut's Chronolith, The Hand of Mimas, is found in the open plains of Sanbreque. 

In Greek Mythology, Mimas was a Giant that was killed in a legendary battle with the Olympian gods. 

North of the town of Northreach is the Royal Meadows - and this stretches east all the way up to the pathway to Sanbreque's Royal Capital, which you can't visit properly in FF16. However, head to the Western side of the Royal Meadows and to the very, very far West, as the explorable area narrows, you'll find Bahamut's Chronolith Trial stone, waiting for Clive.

Chronolith Location #6: Shiva ~ Trial by Ice

A map showing where to find The Hand of Rhea, the Shiva Chronolith Trial stone in FF16.

We don't really know much about Shiva's association with a specific mothercrystal or area in FF16, though we perhaps might have a clue in the placement of her Chronolith Trial - one of only two on the continent of Ash and the Kingdom of Waloed, accessed only extremely late in FF16.

The Chronolith Stone is called The Hand of Rhea. In Greek Mythology, Rhea was the Mother Goddess, and one of the Titans, befitting Shiva's role among the Eikons. 

Found just south of the area called The Angry Gap, you can reach Shiva's Chronolith either by heading East from Eistla's fast travel Obelisk or by following the path north and then east from the Shadow Coast obelisk. Once in The Angry Gap, look for a small inlet on the western side of that area.

Chronolith Location #7: Odin ~ Trial by Darkness

Odin is the final Chronolith Trial, and it's appropriately found in the final area.

The last of the Chronoliths belongs to Odin, who also happens to be the last of the Eikons you unlock. To access The Hand of Enceladus Chronolith Stone for Odin is found right towards the end of the open-ended area that makes up Waloed - in the south-east of the area called Vidargraes.

Enceladus, which this trial is named for, is a Moon of Saturn - and in Greek Mythology was a giant that was often depcited fighting Athena. 

From the Vidargraes fast travel obelisk, hug the eastern edge of the map and head south. You'll pass through the Beldam Boughs, and bear the Badbach Conservatory, there's a small offshoot area with the Chronolith - guarded by a relatively powerful enemy.