Unlocking the Final Fantasy XVI Onion Sword DLC is as simple as starting the game

The latest update for Final Fantasy XVI brought a few new features, including new costumes, and the ability to change the appearance of Clive's sword. It also added a brand-new weapon, the fabled Onion Sword. And it's a simple task to get it on Clive's shoulder.

Obtaining the Final Fantasy XVI Onion Sword

You obtain the Onion Sword the same way players who pre-ordered the game obtained Braveheart, the free weapon included as a pre-order bonus: Through the in-game "Redeemable Items" menu. 

Make sure Final Fantasy XVI is updated to version 1.10, and just open up your System menu in-game. If you're just starting a fresh game, you'll have to clear the game's prologue up to "A Chance Encounter", a very early Main Scenario Quest.

Once in the System menu, scroll past the options to an icon that looks like a treasure chest. That's the Redeemable Items menu.

In it you'll see any DLC items you've unlocked, including the Onion Sword, Braveheart, and if you've unlocked them, the Scholar's Spectacles and Cait Sith Charm accessories.

After that, the Onion Sword is Clive's for the equipping. Its appearance is also unlocked at the Arete Stone, so you can make any equipped weapon look like it.

Is the Onion Sword Worth It?

Well, nothing beats free, and the item is available to all players. It's also a bit of a fan service for folks who love Final Fantasy III, just as Braveheart, the pre-order weapon, is now considered the weapon of choice for the original Warrior of Light.

That said, the Onion Sword has excellent stats for its placement in the very early game. With 160 in both Attack and Stagger ratings, it far outclasses any other weapon from the shops or the forge available from the beginning of the game up to the point where Clive earns Invictus, the "iconic" FFXVI weapon

With it in your hands, you'll be set for gear for multiple hours. It also means you can save your crafting materials for other gear pieces and your Gil for buying those fabulously expensive Orchestrion Rolls

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