Your Starfield Ship Inventory is a resource storage solution easily missed

You might choose a Long Hauler or other space piloting-related background in Starfield, but that doesn't mean you'll automatically learn how spaceships work in Bethesda's latest open-world RPG. That includes how to access your Starfield ship inventory. In case you're stumped as well, read our very quick guide on getting into your ship's storage bins and making the most of your space.

Accessing Your Ship Inventory in Starfield

Access to your ship inventory in Starfield is as simple as visiting the "Ship" option in your main character screen. Just open up the character screen, and hit "Ship" in the lower-left quadrant of the screen. That will bring up the Ship interface. From there, hit the X button on your gamepad (if you're using an Xbox controller, or Square if you've modded your in-game prompts to PlayStation buttons) or Q on your keyboard to bring up the Cargo Bay. Doing that will bring up an inventory menu for your ship. 

You can also access the inventory directly by using the terminal behind your Captain's Chair within the ship's cockpit. Note: This terminal is different from the "Captain's Locker", a small compartment with low storage capacity.

Once in the ship inventory menu, hit LB on your controller (or Q on your keyboard) to open up your own inventory. From there you can store any items in your inventory in your ship's cargo, including resources, spare gear, unneeded aid items, or junk.

It seems that Starfield's transporter technology is pretty advanced when it comes to your pockets. As long as you're reasonably close to the landing pad (or if your outpost Landing Pad has a Shipbuilder), you don't need to even be on board the ship itself to move items back and forth.

Take advantage of that to quickly teleport resources to your ship and out of your inventory. It pays to keep resources in your ship, as any items you need for experiments or crafting on board will be pulled automatically from your cargo bay when needed. You can even sell items direct from your hold using the Trade Authority Kiosk (perfect for offloading guns and gear taken from fallen enemies).

Where else can I store all this stuff?

Your ship inventory will be critical throughout the game, as it's your primary means of carting needed resources around the galaxy. Thus it behooves a space hero like yourself to have a ship with a good-sized cargo bay most days.

If you're early into the main campaign, your starter ship, the Frontier, has an inventory capacity of 450 units. That's as much as you, Vasco, and a companion can manage, so you can effectively triple your available carry space for your first few adventures. 

Your capacity will only go up as you unlock better ships, either through theft, gifts, or doing favors for the different factions.

On Planetary and Outpost Resource Storage

Beyond your ship, you can also build more capacious storage facilities in your planetary outposts. You unlock outpost-building early in the game, after visiting the Lodge on Jemison, or through conversation with Vasco.

When you find a planet you'd like to build an outpost on, you'll need to obtain the resources you'll need to build your desired outpost modules locally (through mining or vendors) or else transport them over via ship.

Once built you can store resources in cargo storage modules to hold your extracted resources. Use a Transfer Container to move resources and items to and from your ship, and use Cargo Links to transfer goods and resources between different outposts (once you start building more than one). 

To use a Cargo Link, make sure one is built on both outposts you want to transfer goods between. Then just deposit goods in the Red Container to send them out, then receive them at the destination outpost's Green Container.

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