Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Sinistcha: Where to find Poltchageist and evolve into Sinistcha

Much like with the basegame, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero comes loaded with brand new Pokemon that remind the player of existing ones. Sinistea - a Ghost Type from Pokemon Sword and Shield - in particular was the inspiration for a new Green-Tea themed Pokemon exclusive to Kitakami; Poltchageist and Sinistcha. But where do you find your own, and how do you evolve it?

Where to find Poltchageist

Poltchageist - the base form of the evolutionary line - can be found living in bamboo groves lining the Southeastern section of Kitakami; they're fairly small, so they can be perhaps a bit trickier to spot, but their spawn rate is fairly common and you can even find a Terastylized one that loves to respawn if you're having some trouble. So, finding Poltchageist shouldn't be much of a challenge; but how about evolving it?

How to evolve Poltchageist into Sinistcha

Evolving your Poltchageist is the real challenge, here. Technically, there are two different methods of evolving one; you can either find an Unremarkable Teacup, which dots some of the small caves in the most Northwestern corner of the map... or you can find a Masterpiece Teacup, nestled within a specific cave in the Timeless Woods in the Northeastern corner of the map.

Masterpiece Teacup Location

To find the Masterpiece Teacup, enter the Timeless Woods and find the location listed in the screenshots above; you'll know you're on the right track, as the cave that the Teacup can be found in will have a Snorlax asleep right outside of it. Deal with the Snorlax however way you want - whether that be KO'ing it, capturing it, or simplying walking past it - and you'll find the Teacup within the cave; it's impossible to miss it lying on the ground.

Once you have the Teacup in tow, simply open up your inventory with a Poltchageist in your current party to use it like any other Evolutionary Item. Congrats, and enjoy your new friend! Matcha Gotcha is a crazy strong signature move, and ensures it's well worth the effort to catch a Sinistcha of your own.