Star Ocean: The Second Story R - Assault Action Guide

Assault Action is a new feature introduced in the Remake of Star Ocean 2. In this system, any characters not a part front-line 4-person battle party can be assigned to the D-Pad to perform an assist attack instead. This works similarly to the assist mechanic seen in several fighting games, where you call in a partner to perform an Assault Action.

What's particularly cool about this feature in the remake is that you can also have guest characters from other Star Ocean games make cameo appearances as assist attacks. In fact, generally speaking, these cameo assists are much better than assists offered by actual SO2 characters, so you might as well make use of them, once you unlock them.

There are six cameo assist characters in Star Ocean: The Second Story R, one for each of the main protagonists in the other Star Ocean titles. You don't start with these characters automatically though, they must be found or earned during the game.

We have a quick guide here to point out where you can find all six.

  • Raymond
    • Original Appearance: Star Ocean: The Divine Force
    • Unlock Condition:  Fishing, catch 22 different types of fish. 
  • Laeticia
    • Original Appearance: Star Ocean: The Divine Force
    • Unlock Condition:  Found at the end of Krosse Cave from the story quest with Celine. 
  • Fayt
    • Original Appearance: Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
    • Unlock Condition:  Use Assault Actions 50 times
  • Roddick
    • Original Appearance: Star Ocean: First Departure
    • Unlock Condition:  Complete 30 Guild Missions
  • Fidel
    • Original Appearance: Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness
    • Unlock Condition:  Defeat 1 Raid Enemy. (Raid enemies are super strong bosses that appear on the world map. They're usually covered in a red mist and their inflated stats require end-game levels to defeat.)
  • Edge
    • Original Appearance: Star Ocean: The Last Hope
    • Unlock Condition:  Fishing - Trade in a Harbor Amago, Divine Char, or Spring Child to Reel