Star Ocean: The Second Story R - Unique Spot Locations

In Star Ocean 2 Second Story R, a new feature to look out for is the Unique Spots scattered throughout the game. These are special landmarks that offer experience bonuses and items when discovered. While you won't suffer any penalties for missing them, collecting these Unique Spots adds notes to your Unique Spot Encyclopedia page, which can be problematic for completionists out there.

Below we've included a list of all Unique Spots in the game, listed in the same order as they are found in the game's database. Note this is very likely *not* the order you will find them in.

It's worth noting up top here that two of the game's 36 Unique Spots are missable. There are #8 - Old Lighthouse (found in Kurik) and #30 - Space-Time Travel Relics (found in Symbological Weapons Laboratory). If you miss them, you can get them on your next playthrough, however.

#1 Rustic Waterwheel

  • Location: Center of Arila
  • Reward: 50 EXP, Resurrection Elixir x2

#2 Quietly Gleaming Minerals

  • Location: Found in the center of Salva Mines
  • Reward: EXP, Ruby x2, Silver x2

#3 Dawn-Lit Cascades

  • Location: Located just a short distance to the west of Kurik.
  • Reward: Benefaction Card
  • Note: Coming to this location will give you the Benefactor card as a reward. This item can generate almost any random item in the game including some of the strongest weapons in the game. If you want to break the game early, you should save before using this item. 

#4 A Strange Laboratory

  • Location: Found in Mountain Palace.
  • Reward: 500 EXP, Hermetic Philosophy x3

#5 Portrait of Prince Clauzer

  • Location: Found in the main stairway in Krosse Castle.
  • Reward: Portrait A

#6 The Monarch's Roost

  • Location: Found in Lasgus Mountains.
  • Reward: 500 EXP, The Beastiary x3

#7 Jade Green Columns

  • Location: Found at the end of Krosse Cave.
  • Reward: 500 EXP, Green Beryl x3

#8 Old Lighthouse

  • Location: Found in Kurik.
  • Reward: 500 EXP, Lunar Tailsman+
  • Note: This Unique Spot is MISSABLE, get it before departing Kurik.

#9 Monument of Truth

  • Location: Found in Marze.
  • Reward: 500 EXP, Witch Powder x3

#10 The Emperor of Fish

  • Location: Found in Harley.
  • Reward: 500 EXP, Fishy Fragrance x5

#11 Hilton's Open-Air Market

  • Location: Found in Hilton.
  • Reward: Cinderella Glass x3

#12 Statue of the 3 Warriors

  • Location: Found in Lacuer.
  • Reward: Scroll of Power x3

#13 Lacuer Academy

  • Location: Found in Linga.
  • Reward: All About Herbs x2, Pocket Encyclopedia x2, Secrets of the Earth x2, Life in Nature x2

#14 Gift from the Sky

  • Location: Found on the world's map.  Just directly north of Linga.
  • Reward: 2000 EXP, Meteor Ring+

#15 A Grand Burial Ground

  • Location: Sacred Grounds of Linga
  • Reward: 1000 EXP, Goddess Statuette x3

#16 The Glint of Hidden Power

  • Location: Found in Hoffman Ruins.
  • Reward: Light Cross+

#17 The Lacuer Hope

  • Location: Found in Lacuer Front Line Base. (At the rooftop)
  • Reward: 1000 EXP, X Clip

#18 The Claw Marks of Calamity

  • Location: Found on the world's map. Location is on the Ell Continent (Northwest part of the map).
  • Reward: Moonlight x1

#19 Where Monsters Rule

  • Location: Found in the Eluria Tower.
  • Reward: The Scream

#20 Sunlight on the Snow

  • Location: Found in the Field of Might.

#21 Pyramid amidst the Sands

  • Location: Found on the Expel World's Map near the Maze of Tribulation. 
  • Reward: EXP, BP, SP

#22 Ruins in the Desert

  • Location: Found on the Expel World's Map by the other side of Lasgus Mountains.
  • Reward: 1000 EXP, Twin Splicers

#23 A Coral Paradise

  • Location: Found on the Expel World's Map, south of Krosse Cave.
  • Reward: Blue Talisman+

#24 Otherworldly Garden

  • Location: Top of Centropolis City Hall, past the warp device.
  • Reward: Revival Card
  • Note: This location is easily overlooked, but is not missable. In fact, if you are on this page, I'm going to guess it's because of this one!

#25 A Relaxing Aquarium

  • Location: Found in L'Aqua.
  • Reward: Aqua Ring+

#26 The City of Weaponsmiths

  • Location: Found in Armlock.
  • Reward: Meteorite x2, Mithril x2

#27 Nedepedia

  • Location: Found in North City.
  • Reward: Operation Manual x3, Engineer's Handbook x3, The Bestiary x3, Hermetic Philosophy x3

#28 Crimson Prisms

  • Location: Found in Cave of Crimson Crystals.
  • Reward: Rainbow Diamond x5

#29 The Big White Neighbor

  • Location: Found in Princebridge.
  • Reward: Cream Stew x5

#30 Space-Time Travel Relics

  • Location: Found in Symbological Weapons Laboratory.
  • Reward: Re-creation Gem x5, Factor Energy x5
  • Note: This one is MISSABLE. Make sure to grab it while you are in this area for the story event.

#31 An Out-of-Place Artifact

  • Location: Found in Nede's World Map outside near the Field of Wisdom
  • Reward: Potion of Merlin x3, Holy Mist x3

#32 A Whimsical Fairground

  • Location: Found in Fun City.

#33 Faded City of the Future

  • Location: Found in Centropolis.
  • Reward: Amoeba Soup

#34 The Energy Field

  • Location: Found in Nede's World Map outside near Centropolis.
  • Reward: Mithril Coat+

#35 Serene Garden in the Sky

  • Location: Found in Nede's World Map outside near the Field of Love.
  • Reward: Aphrodisiac

#36 Islands Shrouded in Ice

  • Location: Found in Nede's World Map in the western ice lslands.
  • Reward: Resurrection Mist x3