E3 2012: What to expect from us

It's that time of year again. It's June 2nd, and a good chunk of team RPG Site is sitting in our Los Angeles accommodation looking bedraggled and jet-lagged and another chunk of the team is incoming - it can only be E3.

We're seeing a lot of things at the show, but it only seems pertinent to give you guys a little bit of a heads up for what to look out for both during the show and in the days after it. We have an E3 portal and E3 RSS Feed if you want to stay up to date more easily. 

Friends old and new return in Kingdom Hearts 3D.

First up, Square Enix fans can look forward to hands-on impressions with the English-language versions of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy from the show.

We'll also be grabbing some time to interview the production staff of both those titles to get a look at the thought process behind their creation.

We'll be catching up with Final Fantasy XIV's new Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida to see how he's getting on with the unenviable job of fixing the beleaguered game on Tuesday - so feel free to suggest us some questions for him and look out for that interview.

Bethesda are going big on the promotion for The Elder Scrolls Online at the show with some pretty impressive advertising, and we'll be catching the game to see what it's all about during the show - we'll have a full, comprehensive preview.

Those guys are also showing off Dawnguard, the first expansion pack for Skyrim. We'll be going hands on with that later in the show and will, of course, bring you our full impressions.

Ni No Kuni's just god damned pretty.

If you like the whimsical and cute we've got an interview scheduled with Namco's artistic new Japanese RPG bet, Ni No Kuni.

If you prefer your games masochistically difficult we'll be sitting down for an interview with some of the minds behind the brilliantly difficult Dark Souls to chat about the PC 'Prepare to Die' edition and console DLC.

It's not all about those big-budget titles from massive publishers, mind. We'll be seeing the folks behind Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 and taking a look at Runes of Magic: Chapter V.

We're also slotted in to see Telltale Games and grabbing Larian Studios to learn about the newly announced Divinity: Original Sin with a demo and the chance to grill some of its creators.

It wouldn't be E3 if we didn't go and see what's up at Nippon Ichi Software, and they're shacking up in the Atlus booth this year - so we'll try to bring you some Persona goodness, too.

On rails? We'll find out.

We should finally learn more about Fable: The Journey, Kinect's first major RPG - finally testing out if it really is on rails or not.

2K's Borderlands 2 will be a big game for us at the show, and we'll be going hands-on, seeing a presentation of a new level and grabbing some of the development team for an interview.

That's just the tip of the iceberg - we'll also be seeing Sony Online Entertainment's slate of MMOs as well as meeting up with Tecmo Koei, EA, SEGA, Warner Bros, Capcom, Konami, Ubisoft, Sony and of course Nintendo just in case they have any as-yet unannounced RPG goodness on offer.

We'll be attending all those press conferences and will bring you a slew of pictures, live tweets and other impressions live from them. You'll find non-RPG games covered in detail on our sister site, The Gaming Vault, so be sure to drop by there for more from us.

If you've got any questions for interviews, things you'd specifically like to see or anything other requests feel free to drop them in the comments below. 

You can also follow the RPG Site E3 team on twitter for updates as they happen - @RPGSite, @APZonerunner, @Nova_Crystallis, @zackreese and @kaisina. We also have an E3 portal and E3 RSS Feed if you want to stay up to date more easily. See you on the other side!