Even More RPGs to watch for this year

As I mentioned in my previous article, there are many games that I would not have been able to cover due to the fact that it would, 1) make the article way too long for consumption, 2) make me completely burn out by attempting at providing both the synopsis and words about each and every single game.

Regardless, I would like to make up for that by providing (most of) the rest of what is on offering for 2013. I will be giving basic information, such as the expected release date, platforms, and name of the developer like in the original piece, but will only be providing a short summary instead of a full rundown. If you are interested in any of these games below, chances are we will be covering them in the coming months!


Age of Decadence (PC)
Release Date: TBA 2013 
Developer: Iron Tower Studio

Synopsis: The Age of Decadence is a pseudo-isometric turn-based RPG by Iron Tower Studio. Set in a low-magic post-apocalyptic world inspired by the fall of the Roman Empire, The Age of Decadence wants to return to the roots of the grenre by focusing on the choices and consequences players make during their journey. Expect a depth of skills, branching quests, and a comprehensive dialogue tree to enjoy.


Akaneiro (PC)
Release Date: January 2013 
Developer: Spicy Horse

Synopsis: From American McGee (Alice, Grimm), Akaneiro is set in turn-of-the-century Japan, the game finds a battle-hardened "Red" fighting demons, wolves and mythical monsters. The Order of Akane is an elite and ancient group of demon hunters. Members of the Order are referred to as Red Hunters. Red Hunters undertake field missions combating the proliferation of demons. They are almost Knights Templar-like in devotion to duty and righteousness.


Black Rock Shooter: The Game (PSP)
Release Date: TBA 2013 
Developer: Imageepoch

Synopsis: A hybrid third-person shooter/RPG ased off of the hit manga series. The world has been invaded by aliens and it's up to the living ultimate weapon Black Rock Shooter to defend mankind and repel the enemy forces. The game reminds me a little bit like Parasite Eve, where when you encounter an enemy on the map, it changes over to a seperate field of battle that you can run around in. I personally am very interested in giving this game a try.


Bless (PC)
Release Date: Summer 2013 
Developer: Neowiz Games

Synopsis: Bless is a large-scale MMORPG will have 10 different races that are divided into two opposing realms – Hierapolis and Cosmopolis. The developers are promising a very rich, heavily detailed world that allows players plenty of freedom to enjoy the game on their own terms.


Bound By Flame (PC)
Release Date: Late 2013 
Developer: Spiders Studip

Synopsis: An action RPG where the main character is possessed by demonic forces and must decide whether to embrace their powers or oppose them and instead gain heroic abilities instead. Their body will morph as a result of going one way or the other, and their choices in the many different quests in the games will have an impact on the overall story and providing a completely different experience every time.


Chaos Chronicles (PC)
Release Date: TBA 2013 
Developer: Coreplay

Synopsis: Looking a little bit like 'Temple of Elemental Evil' with a state-of-the-art graphic engine, Chaos Chronicles flourishes in its ode to the traditional turn-based RPG with a story centered around dwarves, elves, orcs, goblins, and plenty of maaaaaagic. Coreplay previously worked on the recently-released Jagged Alliance: Back in Action.


Dark (PC, 360)
Release Date: Summer 2013 
Developer: Realmforge Studios

Synopsis: It was as if someone decided to make another Vampire: The Masquerade game but set it in the future. The protagonist, Eric Bane, is a vampire with a quench for blood cocktails. There will be plenty of both urban and rural environments for players to sink their teeth into (GET IT?) all the while improving their vampiric abilities and crafting a unique play style suited to their tastes.


Dead Island: Riptide (PC)
Release Date: April 2013 
Developer: Techland

Synopsis: Set immediately after the events of the original game, and is so totally not Dead Island 2, Riptide takes place on an island surrounded by other islands all completely overrun by the man-made creatures known only as The Zombie. I remember reading about them once. Expect plenty of the same gameplay as the previous entry.


Dead State (PC)
Release Date: Summer 2013 
Developer: DoubleBear Productions

Synopsis: From a studio made up of ex-Troika and Obsidian developers, Dead State has players organizing groups of survivors, hunt for food and supplies, and build their own upgradeable shelters to protect against the dreaded Zombie Apocalypse. The developers are promising a very dynamic game that is first and foremost about the dangers of trying to survive in that type of destitute environment rather than just the zombies themselves The lead designer, Brian Mitsuda, wrote the story to Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines. They are working in tandem with Iron Tower Studio whom are working on the aforementioned 'Age of Decadence'.


Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers (3DS)
Release Date: April 2013 
Developer: Atlus

Synopsis: Previously released on the Sega Saturn and Playstation 1 only in Japan, Soul Hackers has been remastered for the Nintendo 3DS with additions including more monsters, a new opening video and theme song, faster load times, and a fully-voiced narrative. Gameplay takes place in first-person where there will be many chances  to encounter and either defeat or recruit many different kinds of demons throughout the game.


Disgaea Dimension 2: A Brighter Darkness (PS3)
Release Date: Fall 2013 
Developer: Nippon Ichi

Synopsis: A direct sequel to the original Disgaea that brings back popular series stalwarts Laharl, Etna, and Flonne. Taking place 10 years following the events of the game, Laharl is basking in the glory of becoming the Overlord of the Netherworld. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be getting the recognition that he deserves with that role, so he heads out on a journey to make sure his peons will respect him. While on his adventure, Laharl will meet a girl who claims to be his sister. Players should expect many of the same tried-and-true elements featured in previous titles, while enjoying plenty of enhancements over the original game, including the most in-depth character customization ever seen in Disgaea.


Driftmoon (PC)
Release Date: February 2013 
Developer: Instant Kingdom

Synopsis: An RPG that has been receiving a lot of buzz for putting its focus dead center on story and character development, the main party in Driftmoon is made up of a firefly, a panther queen, and a young man determined  to take down the forces of evil gathering in the darkness (sounds like one hell of a sitcom). It is worth mentioning that the title has been in development for over seven years (!!!).


Dragon Fantasy Book II (PC, PS3, Vita, iOS)
Release Date: TBA 2013
Developer: Muteki Corporation

Synopsis: The sequel to what is essentially a love letter to the great RPGs of the 1980's, Dragon Fantasy Book II looks to continue the nostalgia trip by moving up to the 16-bit age with promises of a large overworld for players to explore, ship battles to partake in, and battles that combine elements of both turn-based and real-time action with monsters outside of battle being able to jump in at any time should they get too close. There will also be cooperative and competitive multiplayer to be had, giving friends the ability to join the same party or fight against one another inside an arena. However, instead of taking any sense of control away, each player will be able to move around freely and engage in battles all by themselves, though others can join in should the going get tough.


DungeonLand (PC)
Release Date: Summer 2013 
Developer: Critical Studio

Synopsis: Based around a dark and demented medieval theme park setting, DungeonLand is inspired by the great Dungeon Keeper series and features cooperative play and a completely randomized world. Players will be able to choose between a customizable hero or the Dungeon Master who organizes and unleashes the monster hordes against the other players. Everything is presented in a cartoony, completely over-the-top fashion.


EverQuest Next (PC)
Release Date: TBA 2013 
Developer: Sony Online Entertainment

Synopsis: The third iteration of the MMO pioneer may finally be coming this year. The plot events taken from the original two games set in a parallel version of Norrath. The game will also feature player-created dungeons that they will able to enjoy with their friends or share with the public where it can be rated. With a visual focus on realism and gameplay harkening back to the first title, SOE is promising the largest game world yet in an MMO with EverQuest Next. 


Generations of Chaos: Pandora's Reflection (PSP)
Release Date: February 2013 
Developer: Sting Entertainment

Synopsis: Can you believe that there have been six Generations of Chaos games? Pandora's Reflection takes place in HELL, or as its known in the game, Hades, with the story revolving around a boy trying to find a cure to save his sister who is ailing from a deadly disease. This new entry switches up the gameplay by offering real-time control over units running over the field of battle where encounters with enemies can take place. Combat is rhythm-based where adept users will be able to deal bonus damage and group attacks through well-timed use of button prompts.


Grim Dawn (PC)
Release Date: Summer 2013 
Developer: Crate Entertainment

Synopsis: Some of the key members of the development team behind the excellent Titan Quest series have been working on this Action RPG over the past few years shortly after Iron Lore were shut down. Grim Dawn is set in the Victorian era where the human race is at the edge of exctinction. Taking on the role of one of the denizens of this new reality, the world can no longer be saved, but players must instead learn to adapt in order to survive. The end result is to take back the world that has been overrun with demons and other nasties.


Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX (PS3)
Release Date: Fall 2013 
Developer: Square Enix

Synopsis: An HD collection that includes Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix (featuring bonus content to the original game that was before exclusive to Japan), Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, and HD remastered cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.


Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (3DS)
Release Date: Summer 2013 
Developer: Nintendo

Synopsis: Another entry into the Mario & Luigi RPG series. The game this time takes place inside of Luigi's dreams. When he falls asleep, Mario is able to enter his dream world to explore and fight in battles. While Mario is traveling inside his head, Luigi's sleeping face is on the bottom screen of the 3DS which players will poke and prod with in order to trigger certain events in the dream world.


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (WiiU, 3DS)
Release Date: Summer 2013 
Developer: Larian Studios

Synopsis: The key difference between this game and the Wii-exclusive Monster Hunter Tri is that it has improved HD graphics, local multiplayer, and the ability to transfer your saved game between the Nintendo WiiU and the 3DS to continue the game. Additional content also comes in the way of the games' 'G' mode that will provide more difficult monsters to fight and rarer items to obtain.


Neverwinter (PC)
Release Date: TBA  2013 
Developer: Cryptic Studios

Synopsis: It's the Neverwinter you know and love with those great adveture building tools, only this time online-only and free-to-play. Anyone will be able to create their own stories, quests, and worlds. The developers of Cryptic worked on this one, the makers of Champions Online and City of Heroes.


Nuclear Union (PC)
Release Date: TBA 2013 
Developer: Best Way

Synopsis: Nuclear Union is a post-apocalyptic RPG (if you couldn't already tell) set in an alternate reality where the Cuban Missile Crisis wasn't avoided and the event led to an all-out atomic world war, with the story taking place in a modern-day Soviet Union. The developer, Best Way, also created 'Men of War' and 'Soldiers: Heroes of WWII', two strong titles.


Otherland (PC)
Release Date: Summer 2013 
Developer: Real U

Synopsis: A Cyberpunk MMORPG based on the novels by Tad Williams. The development studio, Real U, was formed around ex-Melbourne House key members who worked on games such as The Hobbit, The Way of the Exploding Fist, and Shadowrun.


Pathfinder Online (PC)
Release Date: Summer 2013 
Developer: Neowiz Games

Synopsis: A free-to-play (with subscriptions available) MMORPG that is part sandobx, part Theme Park-style design, Pathfinder Online allows players complete control over the game's economy allowing a deep trading system and the ability to craft and sell items. Players will also be able to create their own settlements and fortifications that can grow into enormous kingdoms. It is how these kingdoms grow that will determine what randomly generated encounteres and resources that will appear in the surrounding wilderness.


Rune Factory 4 (3DS)
Release Date: July 2013 
Developer: Neverland Co.

Synopsis: Taking control of a hero who falls from the sky and is mistaken for a prince or a princess (depending on the gender you choose at the beginning), the game will feature elements of romance, combat, monster taming, and of course, a lot of farming - think an Action RPG version of Harvest Moon and you have a good idea.


Shadowrun Returns (PC)
Release Date: Summer 2013 
Developer: Harebrained Schemes

Synopsis: With a heavy emphasis on character interaction and development along with highly-contextual combat, Shadowrun Returns brings all that dystopian goodness from the books to life. Multiple authors who had written their own stories over the years are contibuting to this project along with inspirations from the original video game from the early 90's. A level editor will also be included to allow players the chance to build their own stories to share with friends or the entire community. The developers also have plans to develop Shadowrun Online using the same elements of the universe.


Valhalla Knights 3 (Vita)
Release Date: Fall 2013 
Developer: Marvelous AQL

Synopsis: Featuring a heavy character customization feature akin to earlier entries, players will be able to choose from a wide assortment of physical features, and will also be able to select their race and class. There are 7 races and 21 different classes to choose from. Races include Human, Elf, Hobbit, Dwarf, Beast, Nightmare, and Machine. Classes include Prisoner, Mage, Fighter, Archer, Priest, Thief, and more. The game randomly chooses a personality for that character to ensure that no two people are ever the same. Up to 7-member parties can be created to fight 7-member clusters of the hordes of evil, and features ad-hoc multiplayer for local combat.


Warrior's Lair (PS3, Vita)
Release Date: TBA 2013 
Developer: Idol Minds

Synopsis: Remember that overhead RPG that Sony featured a couple years back at E3 promoting the cross-play function between the Playstation 3 and the Playstation Vita that you may have forgotten about? Yeah, that one.


Wizardry Online (PC)
Release Date: January 2013 
Developer: Gamepot

Synopsis: Spun off from the classic PC series, Wizardry Online is yet another hardcore Roguelike where permanent death is very much a feature and everything is randomized. Players also face the threat of an Open PvP system where one can be attacked in town or in a dungeon at any time.


Young Justice: Legacy (PC, PS3, 360, WiiU, 3DS)
Release Date: September 2013
Developer: Little Orbit

Synopsis: An action RPG in the same vein as X-Men Legacy (on the nose there a bit) and Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Young Justice: Legacy is based on the Cartoon Network TV show that takes place inside the Justice League universe with players being able to create their own squad of characters to intermingle with famous DC Comics heroes. There's a lot of strong voice talent in this game, including Nolan North, Yuri Lowenthal, Danny Trejo, and Jesse McCartney.


Ys I & II Chronicles Plus (PC)
Release Date: February 2013 
Developer: Nihon Falcom

Synopsis: An enhanced remake of the first two games in the series, memory-deprived Adol Christin sets out to destroy the evil plaguing Esteria seeks to learn more about the mysteries surrounding the lost land of Ys.


Ys: Memories in Celceta (Vita)
Release Date: Fall 2013 
Developer: Nihon Falcom

Synopsis: Ys: Memories of Celceta stars series' regular Adol Christin as he battles his amnesia trope as he explores the lands of Celceta. The game makes full use of the Vita platform by allowing players to perform actions such as using the rear touchpanel to issue commands to party members, and using the screen to move the camera and solve puzzles. and the more powerful hardware allowed developers Nihon Falcom to produce a far more refined and much high quality experience.