Final Fantasy XV Royal Arms Locations Guide: where to find all the Royal Arms in side dungeons

During the course of Final Fantasy XV's main story you'll be introduced to a set of powerful weapons called the Royal Arms - and you'll definitely want to grab them all as part of your quest, though that isn't straightforward. On this page, we detail the Royal Arms Locations, letting you know exactly where to find each. But why gather them?

Well, these hugely powerful weapons constantly drain your health when in use and so should be used sparingly. These weapons are also those that Noctis summons when he activates his powerful Armiger move, however. The more you collect, the more powerful armiger becomes, and Armiger can really help in those late-game battles and post-game quests. Basically, they're some of the best weapons in the game and are well worth collecting, but that doesn't mean you should neglect Cid's Weapon Upgrades, upgrading Noctis' Engine Blade to Ultima Weapon or our picks for the best end-game weapons.

New for FF15 Royal Edition and FF15 Windows Edition on PC is Armiger Unleashed Mode, too, a super powerful mode only available once you've gathered all of the Royal Arms, which we'll help you to do here.

During your trip to the Tomb of the Wise as part of the main story, Cor will see that you get your hands on the Sword of the Wise and set you along a quest to collect the remaining 12 Royal Arm weapons. Some of these weapons are encountered in the story but a good number of them are optional, hidden away in side dungeons you might not necessarily visit. Collecting all of the Arms will earn you the Trophy Fateful Heir. Anyway, we're here to tell you where to find all the Royal Tombs and locate the weapons inside. Here goes nothing...

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Final Fantasy XV Royal Arms Location Guide

Sword of the Wise 

  • Attack Power: 194
  • HP: +100
  • Vitality: +30
  • Magic: +30
  • Spirit: +30

Location: Tomb of the Wise. You will journey here as part of the main story in Chapter 2 during the quest Legacy. Cor Leonis will help point you towards this tomb. (Story compulsory.)

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Axe of the Conqueror

  • Attack Power: 483
  • Strength: +60
  • Vitality: +80

Location: Speak to Cor again and he will lead you to Keycatrich Trench during the story quest Power of Kings. The Tomb of the Conqueror is found at the end of that dungeon with the Axe found inside. (Story compulsory.)

Swords of the Wanderer

  • Attack Power: 153
  • Vitality: +50
  • Spirit: +50

Location: During the Chapter 3 quest "The Sword in the Waterfall", you will be able to visit the Tomb of the Wanderer. Inside of the Greyshire Glacial Grotto, you'll find this weapon. (Story compulsory.)

Blade of the Mystic

  • Attack Power: 396
  • HP: +150
  • Vitality: +30
  • Dark Resistance: +20%

Location: Tomb of the Mystic. You will discover the Tomb of the Mystic when you encounter the Archaean Titan during Chapter 4's quest The Archaean. (Story compulsory.)?

Katana of the Warrior

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  • Attack Power: 361
  • Spirit: +100
  • Fire Resistance: +25%
  • Ice Resistance: +25%
  • Lightning Resistance: +25%
  • Dark Resistance: -50%

Location: During Chapter 10's Hand of the King you will have to fight the Malboro. Completing that quest will reward you with the Katana. (Story compulsory.)

Trident of the Oracle

  • Attack Power: 388
  • MP: +60

Location: During Chapter 12's Breath of the Glacian quest, you will be set to defeat Deathclaw. Completing this quest will earn you the Trident. (Story compulsory.)

Sword of the Father

  • Attack Power: 144
  • Strength: +100
  • Magic: +100

Location: The Chapter 13 quest A King's Struggle will have you visit Zegnautus Keep, near the end of the main game. This weapon will be awarded near the end of the dungeon. (Story compulsory.)

Greatsword of the Tall

  • Attack Power: 518
  • HP: +200
  • Spirit: -30
  • Fire Resistance: -40%
  • Ice Resistance: -40%
  • Lightning Resistance: -40%
  • Dark Resistance: -40%
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Location: This sword is meant to be in the Tomb of the Tall, which is found in south-east Duscae, south of the right hand edge of the Disc of Cauthess. When you arrive you'll learn the sword has been looted and you'll be pointed to Costlemark Tower dungeon. This place is between Kettier Highland and The Fallgrove.

This is a high-end dungeon - you'll likely want to return here after finishing the main game. Upon defeating the Jabberwock (it's weak to pole weapons, machinery and ice) at that location, you'll finally track down this greatsword. 

Mace of the Fierce

  • Attack Power: 334
  • HP: +300
  • Shot Resistance: -50%

Location: To find the Tomb of the Fierce, you'll have to reach the summit of The Rock of Ravatogh dungeon. This dungeon is along the path of the volcano that's at the far south western corner of the map.

Once you get to an area with a nest with a large open area after it, you're in the right place. Hug the right wall to find a narrow pathway that leads to a tomb. Nab the sword. This can be done at reasonably low levels. 

Star of the Rogue

  • Attack Power: 177
  • Fire Resistance: +20%
  • Ice Resistance: +20%
  • Lightning Resistance: +20%

Location: The Tomb of the Rogue is found southwest of Vesperpool, at the Myrlwood Dungeon. That dungeon is basically as far North and West as you can get on the map, to the immediate left of a large body of water.

This dungeon is relatively easy - you should be able to tackle it from around level 30 and up. Its boss creature, the Treant, is weak to Greatswords, Machinery and fire.

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Shield of the Just

  • Attack Power: 251
  • HP: +500
  • MP: +50
  • Strength: -100
  • Vitality: +100
  • Spirit: +30
  • Fire Resistance: +10%
  • Ice Resistance: +10%
  • Lightning Resistance: +10%
  • Dark Resistance: +10%
  • Shot Resistance: +10%

Location: Just west of The Disc inside of Thommel's Glade, you'll find the Tomb of the Just with the Shield inside. No hard fights. No nasty dungeon. Nice and easy!

Scepter of the Pious

  • Attack Power: 237
  • Magic: +150
  • Dark Resistance: +50%

Location: If you head west of Maidenwater you'll find the Malmalam Thicket Dungeon. This is really far to the south and right, but is a little east of the volcano mentioned earlier.

This dungeon is quite linear, but follow it through and you'll eventually find the Tomb of the Pious. The Scepter is inside, guarded by Bandersnatch - it's weak to pole weapons, machinery and lightning. Kill it. 

Bow of the Clever

  • Attack Power: 203
  • Magic: +80
  • Shot Resistance: +50%

Location: The Tomb of the Clever in found within the Balouve Mines in Leide. This is basically to the far south of the first area of the game, right along the border to Duscae. The dungeon hugs the stony edge of the map to the East. It's between Saulhend Pass and The Callenegh Steps.

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This dungeon is a bit maze-like, but muddle your way through it and be wary of mine carts. At the end of the dungeon you'll fight Aramusha. It's level 50, but we took it down at level 40 ourselves - just be ready to parry. Once you defeat Aramusha you'll be able to acquire the Bow.

Unlocking Armiger Unleashed once you have all of the Royal Arms

Once you have all of the Royal Arms, you can unlock the Armiger Unleashed mode, a new, super-powerful combat mode that turns Noctis into an absolute beast. This requires one more step and a revisit to a location you visited earlier on in your Royal Arms quest - hit up our Armiger Unleashed Guide for more information on that.

Need more FF15 help? Check out our full guide homepage, which features many more pages like this on several aspects of the game.

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