Final Fantasy XV Weapon Upgrades: where to find the weapon upgrade materials for Cid

Final Fantasy XV is a pretty fully-fledged RPG despite what some online discourse dragging the game might have you believe - and while it has its problems, generally speaking gameplay systems and mechanics are not among them. Alongside its systems is a pretty decent weapon upgrade mechanic.

Beginning from Chapter 2 on, you can speak to Cid outside the gas station at Hammerhead and initiate the 'Cid Sophiar, Master Mechanic' side quest.

There's a handful of weapons Cid can upgrade in the game, though each requires you to find certain items out in the world without a waypoint or any other assistance. Below we've listed all the upgrade materials needed for each weapon, plus where to find them. We've also got a separate page on upgrading Noctis' Engine Blade to the Ultima Blade, his ultimate weapon.

Keep in mind each time you turn a quest into Cid he'll take a while to hand over the improved weapon - and this isn't based on in-game time or real time, but rather activities. Get out there and complete some quests or hunts - even if they're repeated hunts - and that'll make him get a move on.

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Metal Scrap - A Better Drain Lance

This one is easy - Metal Scrap is just a standard-issue common collectable out there in FF15's world. Look around or fight in Leide - you'll pick some up. You use this to upgrade the Drain Lance weapon.

Coeurl Whiskers - A Better Drain Lance II

Required for the second phase of the Drain Lance upgrade in the A Better Drain Lance II quest, Coeurl Whiskers are dropped by the Coeurl and Elder Coeurl. You can find some Coeurl in Duscae to the South, though they don't always drop them.

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Elder Coeurl are more deadly but always drop the whiskers - they're found in a hunt that you can pick up from the Taelpar Rest Area titled 'Old Denizens of the Woods'.

Cactuar Needle - A Better Auto Crossbow

The Auto Crossbow is found inside the Keycatrich Trench dungeon - in the early segment of the dungeon, before the locked door.

To upgrade it you'll need a Cactuar Needle. These drop, predictably, from Cactuar and Slactaur enemies. These monsters are rare and only spawn in the early hours of the in-game morning. They can be found North-west of Hammerhead, East of Steyliff Grove, and South of Perpetouss Keep. Good luck, and when it spawns kill it fast - it'll try to run.

Dynamo - A Better Bioblaster

The Bioblaster can be picked up in the wide open area outside Keycatrich Trench during chapter 2 - there's enemy soldiers in this area.

Once you have it, you can upgrade it to the Bioblaster Plus through Cid. For that you need a Dynamo. You can pick one up in the wild at the area called Callatein's Plunge - that's just outside the Glacial Grotto area. They can also be dropped by a variety of the empire mechs which you'll find when taking on Formouth Garrison as a sidequest.

Sky Gemstone - A Better Circular Saw

You'll get the Circular Saw naturally through story progression, and it can be upgraded via Cid once you have it and his upgrade stuff opens up. For that you'll need a Sky Gemstone item.

This item is unique and is found via the 'A Feline Feast' sidequest. To get this quest, complete 'Kitty Catering' at Galdin Quay - you'll then find the same cat behind the tower at Cape Caem. This will be another fishing quest unless you want to shell out for expensive cat food, but the gemstone is the reward.

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It can also be found in Tenebrae - it's located on the same island as the woman who is from House Fleuret. This one is a missable drop, of course, since you can't return to this area.

Magitek Core - A Better Drillbreaker

The Drillbreaker can be found in the Formouth Garrison dungeon. This is already pretty solid, but gets upgraded pretty heftily by Cid with a Magitek Core. 

To get your hands on a Magitek Core you'll want to take down the MA-X Dux enemy - these are most easily found in Foumouth Garrison as part of the side quest to infiltrate that enemy base. You'll also find one of these exploring Gralea.

Magnetron - A Better Noiseblaster

The Noiseblaster weapon can be found as a basic collectable while exploring the Fort Vaullery dungeon. As with others, this is one of the few weapons that can be upgraded by Cid throughout the game.

To do the upgrade you'll need a Magnetron. Much like the Drillbreaker and Bioblaster, you'll best be able to get this upgrade component off enemy mech units in the Formouth Garrison base. The enemy that drops the Magnetron is the MA-Hoplomachus, though the drop rate is rather pitiful. You'll also find one of these exploring Gralea.

Hydraulic Cylinder - A Better Gravity Well

The Gravity Well is another dungeon-bound machinery-type weapon that you don't want to miss - it's found inside the Aracheole Stronghold dungeon. Get it!

Once you have it, Cid will want to do his work. For that you need the Hydraulic Cylinder, and you'll find that once again being dropped by enemy mechs such the MA-X Patria, which in turn is found in enemy bases. You can also find one of these in general just north of Fort Vaullerey, waiting to be picked up.

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Rusted Bit, Glass Gemstone & Sturdy Helixhorn - A Better Engine Blade

  • The Engine Blade is your starting weapon. To kick off its upgrade tree you'll need a Rusted Bit, which is a pretty common drop.
  • The Glass Gemstone can be found in a variety of places and is used to upgrade the Engine Blade for the second time. There's one at the top of the Rock of Ravatogh Dungeon - plus in some other places.
  • To get a Sturdy Helixhorn for the final stage of the upgrade, lop the horns off Duplicorns in the Old LEstallum hunt 'The Last Spiracorns'. 
  • More on this is on our specific and detailed Engine Blade upgrade page!

Upgrading Tony's Caem Carrot trade weapons to get some of the best weapons in the game

As part of the Iris quest 'Living off the Land' you have the opportunity to grow some carrots. This all sounds very boring, but wait! Growing carrots actually is a gateway to four of the best weapons in the game.

You can trade your carrots with the NPC Tony for the Weapons Force Stealer, Plunderers, Valiant and Absorb Shield. These weapons can in turn be upgraded. They're some of the best weapons going, and the only outlay to get them is time to grow the carrots.

Spiked Armor - A Better Absorb Shield

If you don't already have it, you can grab the Spiked Armor from Cape Caem - trade Caem Carrots with Tony to get it.

For the A Better Absorb Shield quest to upgrade the titular item you'll need to get a Spiked Armor. These can be dropped by the Skarnbulette enemy. This enemy is reliably found in a hunt you grab from the Cauthess Rest Area titled 'Hammer the Cannibals. There's a solid chance this will drop if you break the Skarnbulette's limbs, but if it fails simply repeat the quest.

Barbed Scythe - A Better Pair of Plunderers

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As with the rest of this category, the Plunderers weapon can be found in Cape Caem by trading with Tony.

Once you've got these daggers, you'll need a Barbed Scythe to upgrade them. Luckily this is a farily common drop from the Killer Wasp enemies - you'll find them hanging out in force in the Malmalam Thicket area. A nice easy one!

Monster Claw - A Better Force Stealer

The Force Stealer shares its name with some of the most iconic FF weapons of old and is another weapon grabbed from Tony in an illicit carrot trade-off.

The Force Stealer needs a Monster Claw to be upgraded. This claw actually is a guaranteed drop from the Bandersnatch enemy that you'll find in Malmalam Thicket - just take the claw back to Cid and he'll do the rest.

Eartn Gemstone - A Better Valiant

The Valiant is also available via Tony in a carrot swap. I know, I know... weapons for veg. I dunno. To upgrade it you just need the Earth Gemstone... which, remarkably, is a fairly common drop. You'll want to fight around Cleigne - that's where it's most common and most likely to drop.

Need more FF15 help? Check out our full guide homepage, which features many more pages like this on several aspects of the game.


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