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Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: Every objective and wardrobe gear unlock in KH 0.2

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is an interesting little package, and most of it isn't exactly new to the hardcore Kingdom Hearts fan - the largest chunk of the content, Dream Drop Distance, was released on 3DS back in 2012. One part is all-new, however: Kingdom Hearts 0.2: A Fragmentary Passage. 

This mini-story serves to offer some background as to Aqua's whereabouts and also leads right into the opening of Kingdom Hearts III - and it also features a few new features on top.

One such new feature is the wardrobe mechanic, a simple little thing that lets you customize Aqua's look with things like new headdresses and the like. Here's how all that works, and how to make the most of it.

Kingdom Hearts 0.2 -a fragmentary passage-: how the wardrobe and objective system works

This system is pretty simple in truth: each wardrobe item unlock is tied directly to a particular objective you must complete in-game. Below we'll explain all the objectives and what they unlock.

The key point we want to get across, however, is that this stuff carries over when you head into a New Game+ save. In fact, we actively advise you don't try to pursue many of these in your first playthrough - they're meant to provide replay value, an ideal thing considering 0.2's story is a mere couple of hours long. There are 51 unlocks in total, so you'll be busy for a while putting together your ideal Aqua.

Some objectives and one-time chances in any given save file, while others are tied to boss encounters - so plan ahead before tackling them.

Without any further ado... if you want to accessorize to the maximum, here's how:

Kingdom Hearts 0.2 -a fragmentary passage-: How to complete all objectives and unlock every wardrobe accessory

  1. Figaro Headgear // Objective: Defeat 30 Shadows
  2. Coil Pink // Objective: Defeat 45 Flutterings
  3. Cyber Antennae // Objective: Defeat 40 Flame Cores
  4. Antennae Headgear // Objective: Defeat 30 Neoshadows
  5. Mecha Blue // Objective: Defeat 20 Water Cores
  6. Classy Yellow // Objective: Defeat 20 Earth Cores)
  7. Royal Pauldron shoulder guard // Objective: Reach level 60
  8. Astral Ornament wings // Objective: Reach level 70 
  9. Venus Tiara headgear // Objective: Reach level 80
  10. Flawless Wings // Objective: Guard and counter Heartless five times 
  11. Cyber Blades (wings) // Objective: Use fire magic on 30 Heartless
  12. Blades (wings) // Objective: Use ice magic on 30 Heartless
  13. Mystic Pauldron shoulder guard // Objective: Use thunder magic on 30 Heartless
  14. Flawless Arm Guards // Objective: Use ice magic to create a rail then ride a long distance 
  15. Grace Purple // Objective: Freeze and destroy five Heartless 
  16. Voltaic Arm Plate // Objective: Defeat one Heartless using its magic elemental weakness 
  17. Radiant Ornament // Objective: Defeat five Heartless in mid-air ?
  18. Diamond White // Objective: Get excellent rating six times in Shotlock mini-game
  19. Diamond Green // Objective: Defeat 50 Heartless with style change
  20. Classy Blue // Objective: Activate Spellweaver finishing move
  21. Ribbons // Objective: Activate Spellweaver finishing move after putting customization items in all slots 
  22. Mecha Pink // Objective: Equip one wardrobe item
  23. Grace Blue // Objective: Hit 20 streetlamps 
  24. Wings // Objective: Reach the highest point in Castle Town 
  25. Arm Guards // Objective: Watch for the meteor shower in Castle Town 
  26. Mecha Yellow // Objective: Defeat all Heartless in the Secret Room in World Within
  27. Stitching // Objective: Win the encounter within the Secret Room in World Within
  28. Arm Plate // Objective: Get the item that unlocks the Secret Room in World Within
  29. Marie headgear // Objective: Collect the seven white gems
  30. Lace Crystal // Objective: Examine the small rock with strange patterns as you interact with the mirror in World Within
  31. Royal Tiara // Objective: Perform a spin move during the Phantom Aqua fight 
  32. Phantom Blue // Objective: Defeat three Darksides
  33. Coil White // Objective: Destroy 50 ivy branches 
  34. Blue Bow Minnie Ears // Objective: Find flowers that represent Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather
  35. Red Bow Minnie Ears // Objective: Link with Mickey five times
  36. Cheshire Cat headgear // Objective: Defeat Demon Tower with Spellweaver 
  37. Yellow Coil // Objective: Collect all treasure chests in Castle Town 
  38. Pulse Blades (wings) // Objective: Find all Lingering Memories in Castle Town
  39. White Bow Minnie Ears // Objective: Collect all treasure chests in World Within 
  40. Warrior's Arm Plate // Objective: Find all Lingering Memories in World Within 
  41. Lustrous Wings // Objective: Defeat Phantom Aqua’s third form taking no damage
  42. Tiara headgear // Objective: Complete the secret boss rush in World Within 
  43. Pauldron shoulder guard // Objective: Find all Zodiac Relics in World Within 
  44. Classy White // Objective: Collect all treasure chests in the Forest of Thorns 
  45. Pulse Antennae // Objective: Find all Lingering Memories in the Forest of Thorns 
  46. Lustrous Arm Guards // Objective: Avoid attacks while riding the rail
  47. Floral Lace // Objective: Defeat Darkside without taking any damage
  48. Pink Grace // Objective: Collect all treasure chests in the Forest of Thorns 
  49. Iron Ornament // Objective: Find all Lingering Memories in the Depths of Darkness
  50. Polka Dots // Objective: Link with Mickey to defeat the Demon Tower in the Depths of Darkness
  51. Crisscross // Objective: Defeat the Devil’s Wave in Critical Mode in Destiny Islands
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