Nioh Guide: Kodama Locations for "Isle of Demons"


The kodama are these cute green creatures found scattered around the world of Nioh. By collecting them, you’re able to earn their blessing. These blessings come in the form of increasing the amount of Amrita acquired, a higher amount of weapon and item drops, and so on.

Basically, you’re definitely going to need to focus on getting these little guys if you want to reap the most benefits and turn Nioh into a cakewalk. In this guide, we'll show you how you can find all of these adorable things in the first level of the game (after the prologue) in the Isle of Demons! Follow these steps and you won't struggle to find a single one of these little guys.

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Nioh Kodama Locations Guide: Isle of Demons


From the opening area, run right into the path and take the first right up the ramp to find a small shed. On the far end, you’ll see a little cart blocking the first kodama.


Head back down the ramp and continue up the hill, sticking to the path you’re on as you keep climbing upwards. As soon as you reach the top, go up a little bit further into the forest until you can turn left and go downhill. Drop down the ledge and proceed to hug the right wall, around the statues. Keep doing this until you see a large tree near a ledge. To the left of that tree, you’ll find another kodama standing precariously close to the ledge.


Turn around and go down the hill a little bit then take a right. Follow the path a ways, past the small shed with the torches in front of it and through a path on the left hand side. You’ll come across another shrine, but continue on up the hill. Watch out for the enemy lying in wait on the right side, then follow that same path on the right until you drop down both ledges. Move forward and up the small hill in front of you, and behind the big tree in the middle is another kodama.


Run back to the spot where you were ambushed. Instead of turning right, go forward on to the stone ledge and run off the very end of it. This will allow you to take the least amount of damage from the drop. Once you get to the bottom, run around the house on the left side and through the opening in the fence. Take a sharp left, and against the fence is another cute kodama!


Go through the giant back door, and after moving a little bit down the ramp, turn left and look down. There should be a little ledge, along with another kodama.


Below the kodama and to the left, you should see a soldier crouched over near the ground (if you’ve killed him already, it’s a little path normally blocked by the environment behind a house). Drop down to this area, run around the outside of the house, and turn right to a ladder. Climb the ladder and proceed across the roofs. Watch out for holes in the roofs. Once you get to the very far end of where you’re able to run, you should see a kodama hiding underneath the platform on the roof where a ladder is.


Continue further into the level until you see two giant outpost towers (facing the boat in the distance). You’ll have to climb up on the right side and run across to the left one. If you’ve already kicked down the ladder, climb up to that outpost. Drop off the tower on to the roof below. Run forward, and right in front of the house you fell on should be another small roof with another kodama!


Drop back down and run out into the beach area where the boat is. To the left is a dilapidated boat. Move around in front of it and look left along the coast. There’s another kodama! Stay very close to the rock wall to avoid falling into the water and dying.


Run to the far left, up the slope, and near the big wooden door where the shrine of this area is (remove the piece of wood blockading the door if you haven’t already). If you look to the right, you should see another kodama. There you go - all 9 kodama for this level have been found!

More Kodama Locations: Deep in the Shadows, The Spirit Stone Slumbers

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