Mass Effect: Andromeda Guide - Romances, Romanceable Characters and Love Subplots

A fan favorite element of all Mass Effect games are the relationships with the characters that fill the Mass Effect universe - and Andromeda is no exception. Bioware's latest has its rocky elements but as noted in our review its cast of characters were on the list of the game's positives - and several of them are available for flings, relationships or both in the final game.

Occasionally you can find out just a little too late in Mass Effect which of the squadmates you're crushing on is available for a relationship, or which of the non-squad member NPCs in the game will pursue relationships with you. To save you some headache, we've listed each love interest below with information on if they'll romance male Ryder, female Ryder or both, plus some tips on the steps to get their relationship off the ground.

Mild spoilers, of course, in terms of the identities of the romance subplot characters.

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Scott Ryder / Male Ryder Romance Options

Scott Ryder can romance Cora, Peebee and Vetra from the playable squad, Gil from the additional Tempest crew and Avela, Reyes Vidal and Keri planetside. More info below.

Sara Ryder / Female Ryder Romance Options

Sara Ryder can romance Liam, Peebee, Vetra and Jaal from the playable squad, Suvi from the additional Tempest crew and Reyes Vidal and Keri planetside. More information on each is found below.


Cora Romance Plot

  • The Andromeda Initiative's Cora Harper is romanceable by Male Ryder only. 
  • In order to advance the Cora Romance subplot and make her fully romanceable you'll need to flirt with her consistently using the flirt mood icons, then complete her loyalty mission. Her loyalty mission involves following mission strands relating to the Asari Ark until Cora briefs you on her loyalty mission.
  • So long as you have flirted frequently, completed the loyalty mission and aren't exclusively involved with anyone else you will have the option to kiss Cora during a scene she and Ryder share. This will then lead to the full love scene aboard the Tempest after a few additional scenes along the way.

Peebee Romance Plot

  • Quirky Asari Peebee's is romanceable by both Male and Female Ryder. 
  • Peebee is a natural flirt, and will take well to your flirting right from the very start of the game. At every available opportunity you should flirt with her. You should also complete side missions she emails or asks you about, such as picking up Rem-Tech for her.
  • After a while, she will invite you into her airlock. This scene presents an opportunity for no-strings-attached sex, but if you accept you will be unable to advance a committed relationship with her. If you tell her you "want strings", this forgoes that scene but keeps her open for a 'full' romance.
  • After this you need to complete Peebee's loyalty mission. After the mission is completed, go down to a planet at least once from the Tempest. When you return, head to the airlock to seal this relationship. There's one additional scene in Ryder's quarters that unlocks after this.

Vetra Romance Plot

  • Level-headed Turian squadmate Vetra Nyx is romanceable by both Male and Female Ryder.
  • In order to make Vetra your full love interest all you need to do is consistently flirt with her throughout the game using the heart-shaped mood icon on the choice wheel. Her loyalty mission will trigger during the course of the main story - make sure you complete it.
  • Some time after you complete the loyalty mission she will invite you to Kadara - here, you will have the opportunity to kiss her and kick off a relationship. 

Liam Romance Plot

  • Human crisis response expert Liam Costa is romanceable by Female Ryder only.
  • Liam's romance subplot goes beyond friendship more quickly than the others - if you flirt with him often, he can be kissed fairly early on in the game aboard the Tempest. The kiss does not count as a full 'relationship', however.
  • To get the full romance subplot keep up your interest in him and also complete his loyalty mission - it unlocks after you've settled 3 or more outposts. Complete his loyalty mission and then later, after you return to Eos to deal with an enemy threat, talk to Liam. This will lead to the final two love scenes with him, plus a calmer meet-up on Eos.

Jaal Romance Plot

  • For those wanting untouched ground for humanity, Angaran Jaal is romanceable by Female Ryder.
  • The Angaran people wear their emotions openly and proudly, and so Jaal opens up more quickly than others, in a sense. Flirt with him often. His loyalty mission takes multiple steps to unlock, so that aspect takes longer. After you discuss gifts, you'll have to finish his loyalty quest to further this relationship.
  • Keep pursing the relationship with flirting and tenderness once loyalty is obtained and this will lead to a full romance with Jaal, which culminates towards the end of the game on Aya.

Non-Squadmate Romance Plots

There are several non-squadmate/party member characters you can also get into romance side stories with - but they're mostly more simple than the party romance plots, requiring less steps.

Gil Romance Plot

  • Poker-loving technician Gil is romanceable by Male Ryder only.
  • Keep flirting with Gil throughout the game - the options change as the story progresses. When he emails you, meet him on Prodromos - this allows you to commit to a full relationship.

Suvi Romance Plot

  • Scottish science officer Suvi Anwar is romanceable by Female Ryder only. Suvi's a bit of a quirky one, and as you'll learn female Ryder is sweetly awkward - a perfect match!
  • As the story progresses, keep flirting with Suvi on the Tempest Bridge. You'll eventually be able to commit and later recieve an email from Suvi that'll lead to a romance scene.

Avela Romance Plot

  • Female Angaran Avela Kjar can be found on Aya and is romanceable by Male Ryder only.
  • Avela is the historian found near the docks you can take on sidequests for. Later on when you have the keys to the city (so to speak) you'll find her in the museum. Complete her quests and each time you finish one flirt with her. Eventually this leads to a love plot.

Reyes Vidal Romance Plot

  • Slick outlaw-type Reyes Vidal is romanceable by Male or Female Ryder.
  • Reyes is found on Kadara. If you refuse to take Sloane Kelly up on her deal you'll meet him - and will do so repeatedly as you adventure through Kadara. Keep flirting with him and it will eventually lead to the option for a relationship.

Keri Romance Plot

  • Asari journalist Keri is found on the Nexus and is romanceable by Male or Female Ryder.
  • You'll be pointed Keri's way through the course of the main story, though her quest and objective is optional. After each interview choose to flirt with her, or interrupt interviews by asking about her or flirting with her. She tends to be available for all-new interviews after major story developments - and she'll either grab you as you arrive at the Nexus or email you. Each interview advances the plot.
  • At the end of the flirting and journalism storyline you can have a no-strings fling with Keri - even if you're already in an exclusive relationship with another character. She won't tell.

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