Mass Effect: Andromeda Guide Hub - Tips, Tricks, Choices and other vital help for pathfinding

It's been five years since Mass Effect 3, and so yes, we've been chomping at the bit for more Mass Effect for a while now. Mass Effect Andromeda thankfully has a whole lot of Mass Effect - the game is enormous. It's also pretty good, if flawed, as discussed in detail in our lengthy review

As with any RPG, there's quite a lot of choice and a lot of consequence. That doesn't just go for the classic Bioware story-based choices, but also for things like your choice of gear and skills, which will drastically adjust your approach to combat and change how your version of Ryder approaches any given situation.

Here we go in-depth of aspects of Andromeda we think matter the most. Rather than a walkthrough, we have specific, detailed guide pages for aspects of the game we think people will need the most help with. Hopefully you find it helpful. As Ryder would say, we've got this. Let's do it.


Mass Effect Andromeda: Tips & Tricks for getting started

Mass Effect Andromeda throws you right into your life as a pathfinder, and it can be a little overwhelming. Let us help you find your space feet.

Dialogue Options and Conversation Symbols Explained

The paragon and renegade system is gone, replaced by a more contextual 'tone' system. It's deliberately a bit less black-and-white than Paragon and Renegade, saint or sinner, but as a result it can also be a little confusing. Let us take the edge off.

Understanding Profiles and Classes to pick the best one for you

Classes are dead. Long live profiles! Here, we go into detail about the new profile system, how it relates to classic Mass Effect classes, and which might work best for you.

How to Respec Your Character to Reset Your Skills

Mass Effect Andromeda's new skill system is more open than ever, but that makes it more easy than ever to make a mistake with how you invest your skill points, too. Here, we explain how to respec.

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Mass Effect Andromeda: Choices & Consequences Explained

Mass Effect is all about choice - and some of them aren't easy. We've dug in and looked at all the outcomes so that if you don't want to you don't have to. Spoilers!

Romances, Romanceable Characters and Love Subplots explained

Every romance and love side plot explained in detail - how to woo them, who wants commitment versus who just wants a fling, and how to have more than one relationship in a single play-through. Get your rocks off. In space!

Choices, Decisions and Consequences - what to do to get the best ending

Mass Effect: Andromeda has many difficult choices - as the series is known for. These tough decisions can be fun and stressful, but if you want a helping hand with your decision, here we outline many of the game's major choices and their consequences in detail.

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Mass Effect Andromeda: Guides to help with Gear & Skills

Mass Effect is still an RPG, and so of course skills, weapons and gear are a massive part of it. In these pages we talk about crafting, weapons, armor, and skills.

The Best Skills you should grab to make the Best Build

Mass Effect: Andromeda has a huge variety of skills that you can dedicate your skill points to. The amount of skills, choices, and freedom in how you shape your Pathfinder's combat style can be initially overwhelming - but we've been digging deep into Andromeda's systems to figure out what works the best. Here are our findings. Science!

Best Weapons for every type of build

The weapons you choose will greatly influence your play style, and you'll want to pick weapons in synergy with your class and profile. Here, we go into detail about some of our top picks.

Best Armor, How to Change Your Gear

Your armor -- and your gear in general -- is extremely important in Mass Effect: Andromeda. It's not the easiest game on even the Normal difficulty, so here we detail how to swap armor and some of our picks for the best sets in the game.

How to get Your Own Remnant VI in Battle

One of the most useful tech skills in the game is the Remnant VI, a cute little drone that can follow you around in battle and defeat or bug enemies with ease. Here, we describe the steps you need to take to unlock this skill.


Mass Effect Andromeda Quest Guides & Walkthroughs

Not all quests are created equal, but some of Mass Effect Andromeda's side quests are worthy of walkthroughs. Here are the ones we've gotten around to so far:

First Murderer Sidequest how-to and outcomes

Mass Effect: Andromeda might take place in a different galaxy, but that doesn't mean it's free of some of the basic, baser instincts of sentient beings - and that means that you're in Andromeda for barely an hour before somebody is accused of murder. The question is... did they do it?

Sleeping Dragons Quest: dealing with the protesters

One of the first major decisions you make as the pathfinder has some nasty unforseen circumstances. Here, we guide you through handling this delicate political situation.

Making an Impression Sidequest & Architect Boss Battle

The 'Making an Impression' sidequest is a series of short objectives on Eos that leads to one of Mass Effect Andromeda's most impressive boss battles. Trust us, this is a quest you want to do.

How to get Your Own Space Hamster

Would it be a Mass Effect game without a cute little pet aboard your ship? The sidequest 'The Visitor' lets you get a space hamster. Who can argue with that?

The Lost Scout Quest Walkthrough

An Angara scout is missing on the harsh snow habitat of Voeld, and it's up to you to find them. Not everything is as it seems, though...

Uncovering the Past Quest: should you kill the AI?

We all know about how AIs go in the Mass Effect universe. But do you really want to kill one? Especially an ancient one with untold knowledge?

Modern Medicine Quest Walkthrough

Kadara has enough problems to begin with - drugs showing up isn't exactly the ideal addition. Put a stop to dangerous new drug Oblivion before it gets started.

Movie Night Quest Walkthrough

Liam has a request, but you'll need to go on a string of missions to put his plan into action. The pay-off is one of the best moments in the game.


Mass Effect Andromeda: Multiplayer Guides

After the enormously successful Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer, it was a no-brainer that the wave-based survival multiplayer twist on the Mass Effect universe would continue on in Andromeda. It has been changed some, however, but we've got some tips and tricks to help you out, plus information on classes.

Multiplayer Characters and Classes

Mass Effect Andromeda's multiplayer features a plethora of characters you can deploy on strike missions, each with a unique class and unique abilities. Here's our guide to every class in the game at launch.

Top Multiplayer Tips & Tricks

Even though it's similar to Mass Effect 3's multiplayer, there are gameplay differences that make Andromeda's multiplayer to still feel fresh and pose a variety of challenges. Our tips will help you to weather the storm