Mass Effect: Andromeda Guide - The Lost Scout Quest Walkthrough

Voeld is one of Mass Effect Andromeda's most cruel and uninhabitable planets - the snow makes it a bit of a pain to traverse, even if it is incredibly pretty to drive through in the comfort of the Nomad. A lot of quests here tend to involve missing Angara - life on this planet is rough.

One such quest is 'The Lost Scout', a significant secondary op quest that taks you with tracking down and rescuing a lost Angaran. All isn't as it seems, however... as is so often the case with these side quests.

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How to start The Lost Scout Sidequest

To get the Lost Scout as an active side quest you'll have to first complete 'Meet the Resistance'. You should do this naturally as part of the main quest line mission 'A Trail of Hope' - when you land on Voerl with Jaal, be sure to chat to all the Resistance people and complete that quest.

To get the quest started, talk to Haana in the entrance to the Angara Resistance military base - she's hanging around the sort of cargo bay area with ships and shuttles. A friend is missing, but she's sure that they're just lost, and not dead. She tasks you with tracking the lost scout down.

Saving The Lost Scout

In order to complete this quest, head towards the Hjara Forward Station - you can either do this via fast travel or by walking through the resistance base. Hop into your Nomad and head towards the waypoint - the waypoint is difficult to miss, since there are easy-to-spot ruins disappearing into the mountains. 

There are a lot of dead Kett. Find the entrance to the bunker by walking around and looking for a raised entrance - the bodies will help lead you there. Don't forget to scan the various abandoned tech to pick up some research points.

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Inside the bunker you'll find two doors. The interfaces and generators you can see either short out or spew flames at you - not good!

If you whip out your scanner you'll see the door is linked by one long wire that sits under the flood and snakes through the ruined building. Follow the wiring and you'll find it goes through a doorway with some collapsed rubble. Take out your shotgun - blast the rubble to smithereens. Behind it you'll find a terminal you can use to restore power.

Return to the lockeed door to find the survivor - Mashal is alive and well, though she's torturing a captive.

  • If you kill the Kett, Marshal will return home and so Haana will be relieved.
  • If you leave her to continue torturing her Kett victim Marshal will remain where she is and Haana will be upset she hasn't returned, even if she's relieved that her friend is alive.

Want more Mass Effect: Andromeda help? Be sure to check out our hub - it's full of quest walkthroughs, tips, tricks, system explanations and more.

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