Mass Effect: Andromeda Guide - Modern Medicine Quest Walkthrough

Mass Effect Andromeda's Kadara is home to all sorts of villains every way you turn, and it's never quite clear who you're safe to trust - and that leads to lots of classic, juicy Bioware choices for you to wrestle with.

One such quest comes in the sidequest Modern Medicine - but we're here to help you not mistakenly become an enabler for Kadara's drug trade.

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Modern Medicine Side Quest - The Oblivion Formula

Down in the Karada slums just to the left of the large bar where you meet Reyes Vidal during the main story quest of Mass Effect Andromeda is Dr. Nakamoto. This young, enterprising Doctor is working out of a storage container of sorts.

Go speak to Nakamoto and he'll tell you about a medical formula that was stolen from him - the formula for a drug known as Oblivion. He explains that the formula was devised to be a medicine, but can also be used to create a potent new addictive drug of the less helpful kind for Andromeda. His assistant has been abusing the formula to make a drug - he wants you to get it back.

Head to Dr. Nakamoto's Old Lab

You'll find Nakamoto's old lab in the Haarfel area of Kadara, just to the east of the very central point of the main map - head east from the slums in the Nomad and then keep hooking a left on the main roads. Once you reach the outpost, you'll find a lot of guards. Take them down - this is definitely the right place.

Inside, you'll find Dr. Farenth, Dr. Nakamoto's partner in medicine. He says she's gone bad... but she claims it's the other way around.

Who to trust and give the oblivion formula - Farenth or Nakamoto?

It's up to you here - you can choose whose story you believe, and based on your decision you'll either wrestle the formula from Farenth to return to Dr. Nakamoto or let her be as she was. Which will it be? Here's the outcome:

  • If you let Farenth keep the drug, you've been duped - she is the one providing the drugs to Kadara and as a direct result the flow of drugs into Kadara port will continue uninterrupted. Farenth disappears, knowing you'll likely come after her.
  • If you take the drug from Farenth and give it to Dr. Nakamoto, he'll be grateful and the flow of drugs will stop. Better still, Nakamoto will join your Kadara outpost as a resident scientist once it's been founded.

If you go searching in Farenth's room and on her terminal, you'll discover hints as to her true nefarious purposes. Return to Kadara slums and deliver the news to Dr. Nakamoto whatever happens in order to finish the quest.