Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: A Beginner's Guide for Beta Players

Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT's closed beta is finally here, and that means at long last a lot more Final Fantasy fans are going to be experiencing Dissidia's unique real-time take on classic Final Fantasy characters mashed up with fighting games is - and the truth is, it can be pretty daunting early on.

Dissidia's combat is very different to both fighting games and Final Fantasy tradition, and yet it works out as a pretty fantastic combination of the two - a wonderful explosion of RPG fan friendly numbers flashing out of characters when you hit them combined with some of the best of fighting games including a focus on understanding character match-ups and moves plus an excellent focus on positioning, dodging and blocking. Dissidia is no button-masher, but is an incredibly rich and complicated three-on-three fighter.

We've actually prepared a video tutorial that takes players over the basics of the game. We visited Square Enix and spent several hours playing the game and mastering its systems, the end result a comprehensive explanation of how just about every system in the game works. If you want a Dissidia primer, this is it.

In this video we cover all the major basics of the game and break down its often confusing user interface, including:

  • Character roles, classes and types - the Marksman, Vanguard, Assassin and Specialist
  • HP Attacks, Bravery Attacks and how to reliably kill enemies
  • Additional character skills such as EX Skills
  • Summon monsters including how to summon and what they do
  • Match win conditions and beyond.

We've also got some more tips and tricks for the game here on the site including detailed pages on:

Summons and their abilities

Character move lists and tier considerations

A full breakdown of Dissidia NT's UI

A rundown of the controls

Be sure to check those out - and stick with us for much more on Dissidia Final Fantasy NT as it exits beta and presses on towards its final release in January.

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