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Middle-earth: Shadow of War - How To Destroy Monuments

There aren't only fortresses to contend with in Middle-earth: Shadow of War, as, in addition to them, the Uruk-hai tribes have also created Outposts in each region in Mordor.

These are on a far smaller scale and can only be conquered solo as Talion, but are a further opportunity to recruit more Captains to your side to strengthen your army. An Outpost has a large concentration of Uruk-hai that are led by a Captain, and, if the player is spotted, they will scramble to sound an alarm to rally more reinforcements in response to the threat that you present them with.

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As can be expected, your main objective with any Outpost is to disable it. This is as simple as identifying the Captain that leads it and defeating them, and, once achieved, the Outpost will be permanently removed from play. It's worth considering, then, as it will disperse the concentration of Uruk-hai to make your traversal across Mordor easier - even though the drake remains the best way to get around.

How To Destroy Monuments

There are also Tribal Monuments that have been erected to honour the enemy Overlord that holds the fortress in the region. These can be smashed to pieces, and, if you were ever left wondering how to destroy such monuments, well, it's a fairly easy task. You simply need to climb these crude structures and, once perched on top, shuffle around as necessary until the Destroy prompt appears, and then push the RB (or R1) button to trigger an animation that sees you leap up and slam Celebrimbor's hammer into them.

The Monuments are usually situated in the red areas that designate the Outposts, and will reward players with another chance to earn experience and a random Gem. 

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