Final Fantasy XV Comrades Birthplaces Guide: how your birthplace impacts your starting stats

Now that Final Fantasy XV's Comrades multiplayer expansion DLC has arrived, players are jumping online into the dark world of Eos to take down monsters and attempt to protect the world as members of the Kingsglaive. Unlike Noctis in the main story mode of FF15, with Comrades you're creating a character of your very own to take into the world and build in true RPG fashion. Part of the character creation process involves choosing a birthplace.

Your Birthplace of course determines which part of the wide world of FF15 you're from, and that has character lore implcations for you if you're inclined to care about that stuff - but more importantly, each birthplace carries statistics with it that act as your character's base statistics. 

For instance, the city of Lestallum tends to produce the warriors who have the strongest health stat, but they also tend to be less skilled at magic. The Crown City of Insomnia produces characters who are an absolute marvel with magic, however.

You might be struggling on which birthplace to pick - but we're here to help. Here's what each Birthplace does for you:

Update: Comrades 1.2 added two new birthplaces: Tenebrae and Gralea. But you have to beat some very tough level 99 superbosses in order to unlock them.

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FF15 Comrades Multiplayer DLC: Birthplaces and Birthplace Stats

Altissia - the attacking all-rounder birthplace

"Birthplace of many resilient folks, blessed with high vitality, spirit and max HP."

For our money, Altissia is the best all-round birthplace, with decent numbers in all stats but no one stat specifically compromised to a high degree. They also have the highest defense stats against both Magic and Physical attacks.

  • 504 HP (Health)
  • 55 MP (Magic points)
  • 22 STR (Strength / Physical Attack)
  • 24 VIT (Vitality / Physical Defense)
  • 47 MAG (Magic / Magical Attack)
  • 44 SPI (Spirit / Magical Defense)

Galahd - high magic all-rounder birthplace

"Birthplace of many offensive specialists, blessed with high power and magic."

The Galahd stats are very similar to those for Altissia, but the key difference is that this birthplace features a much higher magic stat and more MP for magical attacks - but as part of the trade off it has lower health and worse physical attacks.

  • 480 HP (Health)
  • 55 MP (Magic points)
  • 24 STR (Strength / Physical Attack)
  • 22 VIT (Vitality / Physical Defense)
  • 53 MAG (Magic / Magical Attack)
  • 40 SPI (Spirit / Magical Defense)

Insomnia - the mage marvel birthplace

"Birthplace of many spellcasting specialists, blessed with high magic and max MP."

Characters from Insomnia have the lowest overall health but also have high stats related to magic usage, including MP and the magical offense stat. They have by far the weakest Strength stat.

  • 432 HP (Health)
  • 60 MP (Magic points)
  • 19 STR (Strength / Physical Attack)
  • 22 VIT (Vitality / Physical Defense)
  • 57 MAG (Magic / Magical Attack)
  • 40 SPI (Spirit / Magical Defense)

Lestallum - the tank birthplace

"Birthplace of many all-out attackers, blessed with high power and max HP."

As typical RPG stats and classes go, Kingsglaive from Lestallum fit most into the tank category, featuring powerful physical strength and high health but weakness when it comes to magic compared to other birthplaces.

  • 528 HP (Health)
  • 49 MP (Magic points)
  • 26 STR (Strength / Physical Attack)
  • 22 VIT (Vitality / Physical Defense)
  • 38 MAG (Magic / Magical Attack)
  • 40 SPI (Spirit / Magical Defense)

Tenebrae - the magic specialist birthplace

(Requires clearing 'Rematch: The Pyreburner's Trial').

"Birthplace of many blessed with high magic, spirit, and max MP, but deficient in other areas."

Tenebrae is similar to Galahd in that it's focused on MP and magic but weaker in physical attributes, only further focused or specialized. Characters created with this birthplace selection will be focused on purely magic and little else.

  • 336 HP (Health)
  • 63 MP (Magic points)
  • 15 STR (Strength / Physical Attack)
  • 15 VIT (Vitality / Physical Defense)
  • 55 MAG (Magic / Magical Attack)
  • 52 SPI (Spirit / Magical Defense)

Gralea - the offensive specialist birthplace

(Requires clearing 'Final Round: The Bladekeeper's Trial'). 

If Tenebrae is essentially a more focused Galahd in being magic focused, then Gralea is a specialized variant of the Lestallum birth: a character focused on physical attributes without much magic capability at all.

"Birthplace of many blessed with high Power, Vitality, and max HP, but deficient in other areas."

  • 600 HP (Health)
  • 38 MP (Magic points)
  • 30 STR (Strength / Physical Attack)
  • 30 VIT (Vitality / Physical Defense)
  • 28 MAG (Magic / Magical Attack)
  • 24 SPI (Spirit / Magical Defense)