Monster Hunter World Wingdrake Hide Locations: Where to find the Wingdrake Hide

In Monster Hunter: World you will find a variety of incredibly useful early game items. While some of these are returning items to the franchise, some are new and need to be found in different regions or locals on the World Map. One of the most sought after items is the elusive Wingdrake Hide, which is much easier to acquire than you might initially think...

Before you actually go on this expedition, make sure your hunting strategies are sound with our guides:

Where to find Wingdrake Hide in Monster Hunter World

The Wingdrake Hide is an item essential to craft the Kadachi Mail which can be crafted after players fell the fearsome Toda Kadachi in the Ancient Forest region at Hunter Rank 4.


As said before this material is virtually right under the player's nose as these enemies can be found reasonably early on. This item can be acquired by slaying Noios at the Ancient Forest in location 5 or in the Wildspire Waste in location 8.

It is highly advised that players pick up the Light Bowgun, Heavy Bowgun, or Bow to fell these winged beasts. You can choose to try and hit them with melee weapons, but it might take a bit longer if you don't have any Flash Pods handy to knock them from the air.


So before you head out upgrade any of these ranged weapons to their Bone variants (the Hunter's Rifle, the Bone Shooter, and the Hunter's Bow) before heading out to farm this crafting material. These weapons are more than enough to take on these small monsters so farming them for materials shouldn't be difficulty at all, even for the earliest of aspiring hunters. Using basic ammunition will be enough if you decide to go the ranged route.

If you're looking for the armor you can make with this specific crafting material you can find our list of low ranking armor sets here. And if you're feeling a little overwhelmed and aren't sure where to start, feel free to check out our Top 10 Tips for those just starting out on their journey in Monster Hunter: World.