Monster Hunter World: Where to find the Aqua Sac, Electro Sac, Flame Sac, Frost Sac, Poison Sac, Paralysis Sac & Sleep Sac

Monster Hunter World is absolutely full of loot materials that are vital in crafting and upgrading your weapons and armor - and some of them can be quite difficult to track down, either hidden out in Monster Hunter World's open-ended zones or left as drops to be harvested by the various beasts you tackle as part of your mission to tame the New World. 

One particular type of drop that's useful for grinding out for weapon and armor upgrades are elemental sac materials in order to upgrade their equipment... but finding them can be a pain unless you're keeping a real close track of all the drops you're getting. Thankfully, remembering where to find these sacs is fairly simple: each type can be found by hunting a specific monster - and we've got the full list for you. So, let's get into it...

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Where to find Elemental Sacs - Flame Sac, Poison Sac, Paralysis Sac, Sleep Sac, Aqua Sac, Frost Sac & Electro Sac

Each of these hugely useful materials drops from a particular type of monster, as we say above. Simply go on a hunt to tackle the following monster or find it while out on an expedition in order to grab them... Keep in mind that while the locations are correct, there's still a random aspect to the drop chance of these key items.

As a side note, both the low and high rank variants of these drops are dropped by the same monsters - just make sure that you hunt the rank of the monster you need the item for. High Rank monsters will drop high rank sacs, and low rank monsters will do the reverse. Happy hunting!

Below the image, you'll find out exactly how to get the Poison Sac, Paralysis Sac, Sleep Sac, Flame Sac, Aqua Sac, Frost Sac and last but not least the Electro Sac in Monster Hunter World:


Poison Sac Location

You can get your hands on a Poison Sac by hunting a Pukei-Pukei - appropriate, given how much that monster loves its poison attacks...

Paralysis Sac Location

The Paralysis Sac material can be found by hunting a Great Girros - if you're lucky it'll drop from the beast when you hunt it. Just watch out for the paralysis status effect during this hunt, as that'd be rather ironic.

Sleep Sac Location

To get the Sleep Sac material for your ongoing hunting adventures you'll want to track down and defeat Radobaan. As with the other sac materials, there's a chance it'll drop from this monster when you hunt it.

Flame Sac Location

Unlike most of the sac upgrade materials, the Flame Sac can actually drop from a range of monsters - though they're all huge, deadly fire-breathers, as you'd expect. Go hunting for an Anjanath or alternatively for Rathalos or Rathian for a chance at this drop.

Aqua Sac Loaction

The water-elemental Aqua Sac can be grabbed via a hunt once more, and gives you the power of water. Hunt a Jyuratodus and hope for the drop!

Frost Sac Location

The Frost Sac drop has a chance of appearing when you take down a Legiana, so gear up for a battle with a flying beast and take one down for a chance to get one in your inventory.

Electro Sac Location

The Electro Sac will imbue you with the power of electricity when used in crafting and improvements, and it's a random-chance drop from a Tobi-Kadachi monster.