Monster Hunter World: Where to find the Hornetaur

In Monster Hunter: World you will find a variety of incredibly useful early game items. While some of these are returning items to the franchise, some are new and need to be found in different regions or locals on the World Map. One of the most sought after items is dropped by the Hornetaur, which is an enemy found in Monster Hunter: World's later areas. However, we can tell you where to find this prized insect below...

Before you actually go on this expedition, make sure your hunting strategies are sound with our guides:

Where to find a Hornetaur in Monster Hunter World

The Hornetaur is an insect type monster found in the Rotten Vale and the Hornetaur Shell and Hornetaur Wing it drops can be used to create a valuable piece of armor for the Odogaron set. The Rotten Vale can only be unlocked through story progression, so in order to obtain this item players will need to have progressed through the Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, and Coral Highlands. Complete exploration of the Rotten Vale is also locked behind story progression so make sure you finish the quest Into The Bowels of the Vale to unlock this feature.


The Hornetaur can be found either through taking Assigned Quests, Optional Quests, Expeditions or Investigations in the Rotten Vale. So long as you have access to location 3 and location 4, where the Hornetaur can be found, you won't be in short supply of these materials to craft the Odogaron armor or craft supplies out of these valuable items.


Using ranged weapons isn't required for taking out the Hornetaur, unlike the Noios in our previous guide for finding Wingdrake Hides, so feel free to use any weapon you want when hunting these insects. However, they might be a bit hard to spot as they are very close to the ground and blend into the floor of the Vale as our screenshot below shows.


If you're looking for the armor you can make with this specific crafting material you can find our list of low ranking armor sets here. And if you're feeling a little overwhelmed and aren't sure where to start, feel free to check out our Top 10 Tips for those just starting out on their journey in Monster Hunter: World.