Dissidia Final Fantasy NT season pass characters: who is likely to be included as this year's DLC?

While Square Enix is yet to actually reveal who the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT season pass characters who'll be released as downloadable content for the game later this year, the company has offered some hints on who might be showing up for the game.

Dissidia already has a sizable character roster featuring heroes and villains from the first ten FF titles plus single representatives from a range of other FF games, but with Final Fantasy featuring so many iconic characters the company is spoiled for choice in picking their DLC. We're lucky, however: they've given us some hints as to who their six DLC characters are. Let's see if we can figure out who it might be through the process of elimination and some wild speculation, shall we?


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT DLC Roster: some hints from the developers (and wild speculation)

We know that in 2017 there'll be six DLC characters added to the game, and we know the following hints from the developers of the game, dropped in a Japanese live stream. This will really help to narrow down who the season pass characters could be:

  1. New Male Character from the latter half of the numbed FFs
  2. New Male Character from the first half of numbered FFs
  3. New Female Character from the newer half
  4. New Male Character from the newer half
  5. Returning Female Character from the newer half
  6. New Male Character from the new half of the numbered FFs

Our picks for the season pass characters: notes to keep in mind

  • There are fifteen FF games, of course, and so the 'newer half' and 'older half' definitions are a bit shaky - FF1-6 are definitely older and 8-14 are definitely newer, but FF7 falls slap bang in the middle. We think that FF7 will count as the first half, though it could go either way...
  • It's important to remember that FF11, FF12, FF13, FF14 and FF15 all have heroes on the roster, but no villains. It'd be smart to expect some of these games to get a villain character, we think. 
  • The vast majority of the DLC characters are newcomers: only one of the characters from Dissidia 012 not featured in this game already is going to make it - and it's a woman. This rules out FF12's Gabranth and leaves Tifa (FF7), Yuna (FF10) and Prishe (FF11) as potentials.

Based on this criteria, we have a few ideas of who might appear... 

  • Three of the six characters are male characters from the newer half of the featured FF games which we take to be FF8-15 - though this definition is a little shaky since half of 15 is 7.5, of course. They've also never featured in Dissidia before. These guys could fit this bill and feel like they'd be interesting for Dissidia:
    • Zell (Final Fantasy VIII - side note, Dissidia NT currently lacks a monk-style character)
    • Vivi (Final Fantasy IX)
    • Auron (Final Fantasy X)
    • Seymour (Final Fantasy X)
    • Balthier (Final Fantasy XII - Dissidia NT lacks a firearm user)
    • Vayne (Final Fantasy XII - see Zell note)
    • Snow (Final Fantasy XIII - see Zell note)
    • Caius (Final Fantasy XIII)
    • Ardyn (Final Fantasy XV)
  • One of the six characters is a male character from the earlier half of the featured FF games, which we take to be FF1-7. They're also new to Dissidia. We feel like there's a few obvious choices here:
    • Locke (Final Fantasy VI - a voice actor appeared on a Dissidia live stage show in Japan as Locke - which is suspicious, as he's never had a voice actor before. We'd consider this one a lock.)
    • Zack (Final Fantasy VII - he was considered for and ultimately cut from Dissidia 012)
    • Barret (Final Fantasy VII - as with Balthier, Dissidia NT doesn't have a gun user.)
    • Vincent (Final Fantasy VII - see above)
  • One more of the six is a female character from the newer half of the featured games, FF8-15. She's also new to the series. We have more theories here:
    • Rinoa (Final Fantasy VIII - in the Dissidia stage show in Japan we previously mentioned, Squall remembers who Rinoa is. He didn't remember her in original Dissidia - so his remembering her may be for a future story purpose...)
    • Beatrix (Final Fantasy IX - a fan favorite, never playable before)
    • Lulu (Final Fantasy X)
    • Rikku (Final Fantasy X)
    • Ashe (Final Fantasy XII - in many ways the de-facto lead of that game, Vaan be damned)
    • Aranea Highwind (Final Fantasy XV)
  • Finally, one of the characters is a returning female character from the newer half of the featured FF games. Again, if we assume 7 is the first half - which arguably it should be - this eliminates Tifa. This leaves two options from the Dissidia 012 cast:
    • Yuna (Final Fantasy X - but would she appear again as a Summoner, or perhaps as a Gunner in a FFX-2 tribute?)
    • Prishe (Final Fantasy XI - and as mentioned earlier, Dissidia NT lacks a true monk currently)

Only time will tell... we'll update this page when the true DLC roster is announced! Who do you think will make it? Let us know in the comments below...