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Kingdom Come Deliverance: How to Clean Swords, Clothing and other gear when they get dirty

The world of Kingdom Come: Deliverance is all about realism, with this new role playing adventure basically themed as a realistic take on the open-world epic. That means you've still got a huge world to roam, but everything in it is down-to-earth - no magic, no superpowers, and even having to worry about getting blood and dirt on your nice clean weapons and clothing.

On this page, we're going to briefly explain how to clean your clothes and clean your weapons, so that after you've had a fight you don't have to walk around with a blood-soaked blade but rather can have a nice clean sword, good as new. 

Keeping a clean weapon is useful for a number of reasons - it's not just potentially more aesthetically pleasing (but hey, if you like the blood, no judgement) but it can also impact your in-game reputation in the same sort of way that stealing to get a horse or the like might. If you're rolling around the world soaked in blood, it's going to have an impact on your reputation for obvious reasons.

How to Clean Swords and other Weapons in Kingdom Come Deliverance

When you find yourself in a scrap in Kingdom Come Deliverance its focus on realism really comes into sharp focus. For one the combat is methodical, slower-paced and easy to be defeated in, but you'll also notice the slavish dedication to realism in another sense: your weapons and gear are going to end up covered in blood.

In order to clean your sword, shield or any other weapon in Kingdom Come Deliverance you just need to head to the town blacksmith in a town of your choice. You'll know these guys well, having used them for sharpening weapons - and your weapon can also be cleaned in the same way.

You can use the grindstone at the blacksmith to clean your weapon as well as sharpen it. There's a mini-game attached, of course, and it takes a little time. Alternatively you can pay the blacksmith to do this for you, but the cost will certainly add up over time, so beware.

How to Launder Clothes to Clean Blood & Dirt off them

As well as your weapons, if you're unlucky in combat you might find your clothes also end up covered in blood. The troughs around towns that can be used to wash yourself are sadly no use for your clothes - while they'll stop you from smelling and thus stop your charisma stat from dropping, they won't actually clean your duds. For that, you'll need to take another step.

In order to wash your clothes, head to a bathhouse. There you'll have the option to clean your clothes properly, making them as good as new.

As an aside, it's a wise idea to carry a change of clothes with you if you can - that way after combat you can change out of the bloodied, dirtied clothes so they don't impact your reputation, charisma and interactions with NPCs immediately after combat but before you get a chance to visit a bathhouse.

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