Kingdom Come Deliverance: Selling Stolen Goods: how to sell stolen items, plus finding a spade for The Good Thief quest

In the world of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, money is absolutely vital. There's a variety of ways to get your hands on the cash you need to buy your way into better circumstances - and one of the best ways, bluntly, is to steal. Once you've stolen items you'll need to sell them for Groschen, of course, and doing so will swell your coin purse. 

Given the focus on a high level of realism in this game, stealing can be incredibly risky in Kingdom Come Deliverance and carry some nasty punishments - but it also carries great rewards, since the cash you earn will enable you to buy better armor and weapons as well as powerful horses. Here's how to sell your stolen goods without getting caught - otherwise known as fencing. There's a few diferent methods to offload your stolen goods:


How to sell Stolen Goods & Items in Kingdom Come Deliverance

First off, before we talk about exactly how to sell your stolen goods, let's just quickly define stolen items, if it wasn't entirely obvious already. Anything that's stolen from a house counts, as does anything taken from a body that isn't that of a bandit or a criminal. 

If you're unsure, check your inventory: stolen gear will feature a little icon that denotes their stolen status. Other than the icon they function in exactly the same manner as the real versions.

What's absolutely key to remember is that you need to handle these goods carefully. You can actually try to sell stolen goods to most vendors, but there's a risk involved: some vendors will only offer you a cut-down price for stolen goods, while others will report your crime to the guards on sight.

It seems that the further you travel from the site of the theft the more likely you'll be to get away with it - if you try to sell an item in the town where you stole it, you're sure to be caught. Basically, be careful! There's an alternative, however: a way to sell your stolen items without the risk...

Selling your Stolen Items the safe way via the Good Thief Quest - plus finding the spade

You'll be able to start towards the goal of selling your stolen items in Kingdom Come Deliverance as soon as you've finished the game's prologue. Once you find yourself in Miller Peshek’s farm, chat to the owner and he'll give you a quest - 'The Good Thief'. This is a sidequest, though it's one of the earliest ones you'll be able to grab. The overall task of the quest is to rob a grave to steal a ring for Miller Peshek.

This is a pretty simple the quest - just follow the instructions, digging up the grave, heading to the executioner's house, using lockpicks to break in, sneaking around and eventually stealing the ring from the chest. When you're done, return to the farm and the miller, then on from there to finish off the quest. If you get stuck, it's going to be on this obvious little item... that damned spade. This is such a big one it deserves it's own subheader. Thus...

Finding the Spade in Kingdom Come Deliverance for The Good Thief Quest

Yeah. If you're going to go digging up a grave, you're going to need a spade. Miller Peshek acts like a bit of an idiot, just vaguely telling you the spade is "around here somwhere" - not very helpful, considering you've offered to rob a grave for him. Anyway, the spade can be found leaning against the cart in front of Miller Pershek's house. It's on your immediate right as you walk out of the house, and when you see where it is and how close it is to where you have the conversation you'll be kicking yourself. Once you have the spade Peshek becomes a little more helpful, and if you chat to him he'll give you some lockpicks and give you a bit of a lockpicking primer if you need it.

Follow the rest of the quest then - digging up the corpse, then after a twist in the tale head to get the ring from where it really is. Once the quest is done, Peshek will be happy with you, and as a result will now be more than happy to purchase stolen items from you. They'll still be purchased at a reduced cost, but given that you have dirt on Peshek and he has dirt on you, it's a mutual criminal relationship with no chance of him reporting you to the authorities. 

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