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Yakuza 6 Clan Codes and Clan Creator Characters Skill Guide

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life features an all new mini-game known as the Clan Creator. This functions as an RTS style mini-game for players to enjoy and rack up the cash with. It's a fun little diversion, allowing you to manage a clan and reap decent rewards for doing so.

To unlock the Clan Creator you'll need to progress the story, so don't worry if you feel like you might have missed it - just keep pressing on through the main story and eventually this feature will present itself in an obvious way. You might just need to progress through a few more of the first chapters order to unlock this mini-game. If you want to read a more in-depth explanation of the Clan Creator and the features available to it, you can check that out here. Clans are just one feature of Yakuza 6, and we've got help with others too, like our Trouble Mission guide.

One major factor in the Clan Creator System is Character Recruitment. There are a number of ways to do this, but one major way of getting a character to join your clan is by use of a special clan code. These Clan Creator Codes are meant to be tracked down, a time consuming process - but on this page we're going to cover all those codes for every important character, plus character skills. Characters come in different ranks and rarities and feature unique abilities that will directly impact their performance in the mini game. Anyway, let's get into it!

There's a lot more to do besides the clan creator, as you'll find in our other Yakuza 6 Guides. Go in prepared:

Yakuza 6 Clan Codes: how to get every character for the clan creator feature

As expected you'll be able to recruit more than a few familiar faces to your roster, along with some notable figures from the NJPW. To redeem these Clan Creator Codes you need to talk to Masao who is standing beside Joe. He is wearing a yellow jacket and isn't too hard to spot. Masao can be found at Le Pente in Onomichi or at M Side Cafe in Kamurocho (after enough progression). We've listed the codes to unlock these characters below:

  • T2OMQ7FM5KBJPOUR (Majima - Common Rank)
  • S66X7BAQN4ECAEE9 (Kiryu - Common Rank)
  • detectivemanDate (Date - Rare Rank)
  • the6thheadofTojo (Daigo - Rare Rank)
  • 7R30M9ZDUH0MJIA1 (Amon - Common Rank)
  • ELingobernable00 (Naito - Rare Rank)
  • RainmakerMrOkada (Okada - Rare Rank)
  • MisterTokyoDome0 (Tanahashi - Rare Rank)
  • 0Banshee0Muzzle0 (Evil - Rare Rank)
  • TheSuperNovaRana (Kushida - Rare Rank)
  • BinwanProducer00 (Toru Yano - Rare Rank)
  • BLACKPANTSKOUMEI (Koumei - Rare Rank)
  • MYSTRYMANSATSUKI (Satsuki - Rare Rank)
  • NagataLockNagata (Shibata - Rare Rank)
  • ShibataGotoSleep (Katsuyori Shibata - Rare Rank)
  • VRJR9A7SX9Z6MMTV (Saejima - Common Rank)
  • 3QXI6YIGSH03DETX (Ono Michio - Common Rank)
  • STRONGMACHINEDDT (Strong Machine - Rare Rank)
  • 0HERCULESCUTTER0 (Nakanashi - Rare Rank)
  • M5BXOKQRSIELV19D (Daigo - Common Rank)
  • UVHVD2H7WI95GHNL (Date - Common rank)
  • PURORESUNEWJAPAN (New Japan - Rare Rank)
  • NAPQWI7OTVM124HA (Koumei - Rare Rank)
  • ITSTHEGEDOCLUTCH (Gedo - Rare Rank)
  • PNJTEF9STVONK4U9 (Satsuki - Common Rank)
  • HeaintNoJoeShmoe (Joe - Rare Rank)
  • shouldertoleanon (Masao -Rare Rank)
  • AMasterbartender (Bartender Guy - Rare Rank)
  • BestCoachSodachi (Sodachi - Rare Rank)
  • MasterofDropkick (Taguchi - Rare Rank)
  • 00IshiiDriller00 (Ishii - Rare Rank)
  • FirebirdSplasher (Bushi - Rare Rank)
  • AdreamingAkiyama (Akiyama - Rare Rank)
  • OHNOONOMICHIOKUN (Ono Michio - Rare Rank)
  • 0INTHEREDAKIYAMA (Akiyama - Super Rare Rank)
  • THESECRETJOAMON (Amon - Super Rare Rank)

Yakuza 6 Clean Creator Character Skills: what each character's abilities are

Majima - (Rusher Type)

Majima is, for all intents and purposes, a purely offensive Rusher type character. His skill, Demonfire Slash, allows him to eliminate a handful of enemies within a limited radius while moving him around the map. It is particularly beneficial when there are loads of enemies blocking your path on narrow maps. This skill also inflicts major damage and stuns any enemies within range.

Kiryu - (Brawler Type)

As leader of the Kiryu Clan, Kiryu provides units with a buff. His skill, Dragon of Dojima, gives allies a 50% attack buff while making them immune to knockbacks. Similar to Majima, Kiryu is a melee ranged character but instead being a Rusher type character he is a Brawler type.

Date - Skills (Gunner Type)

Date is for all intents and purposes a support character with his Muscle Party skill. Muscle Party prevents allies from taking damage for 10 seconds and can be invaluable when participating in a long skirmish, or giving characters with restorative abilities time to rejuvenate any characters with low HP without suffering any more damage.

Daigo -  Skills (Gunner/Grenadier Type)

Daigo is by far one of the most useful characters in the Clan Creator mini-game. With his 6th Chariman's Dignity skill he can increase the deployment gauge by 150 upon activation. It is highly advised that Daigo either be the first or second character you deploy in order to bring out more units quickly or bring out a few more costly characters at the start of battle.

Amon -  Skills (Gunner Type)

As to be expected Amon is a damage dealing character. With his Ultimate Rocket Launcher he can inflict major damage on all combatants within range. He's an ideal pick for a ranged damage dealing character.

Naito -   Skills (Gunner Type)

Another ranged type, Naito's Tranquilo skill inflicts tremendous damage and restricts the movement of enemies within range.

Okada -  Skills (Rusher Type)

Okada's Rainmaker skill inflicts tremendous damage and stuns all enemies in range. He's an ideal melee fighter for those looking to utilize crowd control in tough situations.

Tanahashi -  Skills (Heavy Type)

Another one of the most valuable characters in the Clan Creator mini-game. Tanahashi's Warrior of Love skill resurrects ally leaders and recovers a percentage of health for all allies. If you're having a tough time it's highly recommended that you add Tanahashi to your roster.

EVIL -  Skills (Grenadier Type)

Tanahashi's Ultimate Lariat inflicts medium damage to enemies in range. Being a grenadier type he's able to clear out groups of enemies at a distance, making his Ultimate Lariat fairly useful.

Kushida -  Skills (Heavy Type)

Kushida's Ultimate Diving Head does major damage to enemies in range. Kushida makes for a great damage sponge while simultaneously doing a fair amount of damage to enemies with his Ultimate Diving Head Skills.

Toru Yano -  Skills (Grenadier Type)

Toru Yano's YTR skill throws grenades that inflict major damage to enemies in range. He's a great character to use if you want to take out groups of enemies from a distance.

Koumei -   Skills (Gunner/Grenadier/Rusher Type)

Koumei's Essence of Surprise makes him another incredibly valuable character as it stuns all enemies and restricts their movement. This is great when taking on encounters that have bosses surrounded by large groups of enemies, as those few moments can easily give you the upperhand.

Satsuki -  Skills (Heavy/Brawler Type)

Satsuki shares Date's Muscle Party skill, making allies immune to damage for ten seconds. However, unlike Date he is a combination type fighter and excels in melee combat with his high health pool and well balanced stats.

Akiyama -  Skills (Heavy/Brawler Type)

Akiyama's Essence of Stability allows for allies to enter a state of frenzied attack for 10 seconds. Use of the Essence of Stability in the right situation can lead to an early victory or turn the tide greatly in your favor.

Sodachi -  Skills (Heavy/Grenade Type)

Sodachi shares Kushida's Ultimate Diving Head which does major damage to enemies in range. Sodachi makes for a great damage sponge while simultaneously doing a fair amount of damage to enemies with his Ultimate Diving Head Skills and ability to lob grenades from range.

Shibata -  Skills (Heavy Type)

Shibata's Ultimate Dropkick does major damage to enemies in range. Shibata can deal heavy damage while working as another sponge for your team. 

Bartender -  Skills (Grenade Type)

The Bartender's Essence of Grenade does major damage to enemies in range. The Bartender is a grenade type and can be very useful for those looking for another ranged addition to their roster. 

Ishii -  Skills (Brawler/Heavy Type)

Tomohiro Ishii's Spinning Lariant inflicts small damage to enemies in range. As a Brawler and Heavy hybrid type he benefits from having a balanced attack and larger pool of health from normal Brawler type allies.

BUSHI -  Skills (Heavy/Rusher Type)

BUSHI's Essence of Surprise works just like Koumei's. This skill stuns all enemies and restricts their movements. Not only that but BUSHI is another invaluable hybrid type that benefits from being able to move quickly over the field and take more damage than usual due to his Heavy and Rusher type attributes.

Taguchi -  Skills (Brawler/Gunner Type)

Ryusuke Taguchi's Dropkick inflicts medium damage to enmies in range. While his special skill requires him to be close to nearby enemies, he still can function as another ranged unit due to his Gunner sub-type.

Nakanishi -  Skills (Brawler Type)

Nakanishi's True Essence of Healing recovers medium health for all allies. If your team is in need of someone to restore the health of your units, look no further than Nakanishi.

Saejima -  Skills (Heavy Type)

Saejima's Woodsman Chop inflicts major damage and stuns enemies in range. Despite Saejima's low rank, he's still capable of doing a substanial amount of damage.

Ono Michio -  Skills (Brawler/Rusher Type)

Ono Michio's True Essence of Healing recovers medium health for all allies. If your team is in need of someone to restore the health of your units, look no further than to the colorful mascot of Onomichi.

Gedo -  Skills (Grenade/Rusher/Gunner Type)

Gedo's Essence of Grenade does major damage to enemies in range. Sharing a similar skill to The Bartender, Gedo serves as a more superior version of this character as he shares three different character types.

Super Strong Machine -  Skills (Heavy/Rusher Type)

Super Strong Machine's Diving Head inflicts medium damage to enemies in range.

Captain New Japan -  Skills (Heavy/Grenade Type)

Captain New Japan's Essence of Recovery fully recovers the health of this unit. This does not include allies so if you bring Captain New Japan into a turf war, it is highly advised you take another unit capable of healing with you.

If you have any questions about the Clan Creator mini-game in Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, feel free to leave a comment below. You can find our review of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life here. Looking for more coverage on the Yakuza franchise? Don't worry, we have you covered. And thank you to reader afclubpub for providing some of the character codes in the comment section below!

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