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Yakuza 6 Trouble Mission Guide: Troublr and trouble missions explained - how to start, what to expect & rewards

Like any good action-adventure game with a dash of role playing action, Yakuza 6: The Song of Life includes a wide variety of side activites for you to get involved with - some of them whacky, some of them serious and most of them well worth your time in terms of the fun you have and the in-game reward you'll get. One particular type of side activity you'll have to get used to are Trouble Missions, special missions accessed through a phone app called Troublr

Troublr is essentially a phone app used to report low-level trouble-makers around town. You're not going to get serious Yakuza types reported on the app, but thugs, drunks, pickpockets and the like will all be reported through Troublr. Things can even get as serious as a bomb threat... and information on all of this is delivered to Kiryu's phone. You know where this is going, right? EachTroublr message becomes its own Trouble Mission, and completing it grants you experience points. Alongside the clan creator and clan codes feature it's a great way to pass some extra time and earn some extra experience in Yakuza 6.

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Yakuza 6 Trouble Missions: how to start a trouble mission, plus what rewards you'll get

The first thing you'll need in order to take on the a trouble mission is the Troublr app for Kiryu's phone - but don't worry about this if you don't have it. At a point during the main progression of the game quite early on you'll find yourself with the app installed through natural game progression, and once you have the app you'll be able to use it any time you like.

Once you have the Troublr app all you need to do is walk around town. Both in Kamurocho and later on Onomichi Troublr will buzz off in your pocket with notifications about nearby troublr events. These notifications can be handled or ignored at your leisure, and you might not even be interested in every mission - that's up to you. They are thankfully optional. Picking up the mission with a tap of the Cross button will get it started though, adding that trouble mission to your task list.

Once you've done this and picked a trouble mission, they'll in most cases be represented on the map  by little violet dots. All you need to do once you've accepted the quest is head to the indicated location and do as you've been asked - that might be partaking in some combat to teach some goons a lesson, talking to someone, or making a fast delivery. 

If you fail a trouble mission, don't panic: that same mission will later pop up again, though due to the nature of Troublr you'll simply have to wait for the notification to pop up on your phone as you're exploring Yakuza 6's world. Each trouble mission successfully completed will net you some experience points towards your character progression. It's a small reward for how much effort some of these missions require, and these missions pale compared to regular side stories, but they're there if you need them.

An Explosive Game Trouble Mission: where to find the bomb in Yakuza 6's hardest troublr quest

One particular Trouble Mission is notably more difficult than the others: An Explosive Game, one of the trouble missions that gives you the unenviable task to find the bomb planted by a maniac who then taunts you through the Troublr app. Kiryu may be a criminal, but he's not one about to let a bomb go off and take out innocents, and so when you pick up this quest the pressure is on: a timer begins to count down.

The exact location of the bomb in the An Explosive Game trouble mission is left a mystery to you, and we know this can be frustrating, especially given that the mission runs on a strict time limit.

If you want to know where the bomb is, read the paragraph below. SPOILERS!

  • The bomb for the An Explosive Game trouble mission can be found at the top of Millenium Tower. Use the elevator to travel to the top of the building and disarm the bomb before it does serious damage.



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