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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Companions Guide: locations, classes, race and background of every companion and sidekick in Deadfire

Any good RPG worth its salt is all about recruiting and putting together an awesome party of adventurers. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is no different, taking cues in its party composition from some of the all-time genre classics.

There's a strong list of seven Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Companions, plus a few sidekicks that can also join your party. On this page we're going to run down the seven different companions you'll find in Deadfire, plus their character class options and where you can recruit them out in the world of POE2. 

Once your Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire party good to go, here's tips for other aspects of the game:

Pillars of Eternity 2 Companions: every party member and their character class choices

There's seven total party members in Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire, some treading very familiar RPG companion ground and others doing things a little different. Each is recruited in a different place, has a different background and race and of course has a different choice of character class. Remember that while you can respec and retrain in Pillars of Eternity 2, you can't change character class - so when you have the option to choose, choose wisely!

The party members are below, and pictured above in the same order (LR, top row first).


  • Classes: Wizard, Battlemage (Wizard/Fighter), Spellblade (Wizard/Rogue)
  • Race: Wood Elf
  • Background: Aedyre, Gentry
  • Found: at the Engwithan Digsite, east of Port Maje


  • Classes: Fighter, Rogue, Swashbuckler (Fighter/Rogue)
  • Race: Meadow Human
  • Background: Dyrwoodan, Farmer
  • Found: Available from the start of the game

Maia Rua

  • Classes: Ranger, Scout (Ranger/Rogue), Geomancer (Ranger/Wizard)
  • Race: Island Aumaua
  • Background: Marksman, Rauatai
  • Found: Kahanga Palace - found in the Serpent's Crown area of Neketaka


  • Classes: Paladin, Crusader (Paladin/Fighter), Herald (Paladin/Chanter)
  • Race: Avian Godlike
  • Background: Soldier, Vallian Republics
  • Found: Two possible methods, depending on how her quest went in the original Pillars of Eternity:
    • If she suceeded in her original mission in POE, she'll be found in Kahanga Palace in the Serpent's Crown area of Neketaka, or in front of the docks at the Queen's Birth
    • If she failed in her mission in POE, she'll be found in the Valian Trading Company Headquarters, but only after the main quest takes you to Kahanga Palace


  • Classes: Barbarian, Cipher, Witch (Barbarian/Cipher)
  • Race: Wild Orlan
  • Background: Principi Cen Patrena, Raider
  • Found: during a ship encounter after you fix the Defiant


  • Classes: Druid, Chanter, Theurge (Druid/Chanter)
  • Race: Marine Godlike
  • Background: Artist, Deadfire Archipelago
  • Found: at the Watershaper's Guild in the Periki's Outlook part of Neketaka


  • Classes: Priest, Monk, Contemplative (Priest/Monk)
  • Race: Savannah Human
  • Background: Farmer, Readceras
  • Found: at Port Maje

Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire Sidekicks: the additional party members

Party members of a sort, sidekicks can join your party in Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire, though they're not as fleshed out as the characters that you recruit as full-blown companions. There's five to choose from, pictured above and listed below...


  • Class: Wizard
  • Race: Human Ocean Folk
  • Background: Apprentice, Vailian Republics
  • Found: Nekenata, inside The Dark Cupboard at Periki's Outlook


  • Class: Chanter
  • Race: Mountain Dwarf
  • Background: Drywood, Drifter
  • Found: the 2nd floor of The Wild Mare


  • Class: Fighter
  • Race: Storm Human
  • Found: Easten Edge of the World Map - Flotsam Event


  • Class: Monk
  • Race: Hearth Orlan
  • Background: Principi Sen Patrena, Raider
  • Found: Fort Deadlight - Deadlight Court


  • Class: Cipher
  • Race: Pale Elf
  • Background: Scientist, The White that Wends
  • Found: Spire of the Soul Seers - The Sacred Stair, Neketaka
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