Octopath Traveler Job Shrines: Secondary Job & Subclass Unlock Locations

Octopath Traveler has deep character progression that is largely built around character jobs and classes. Each of the eight characters comes with its own unique job - but if you know where you look you can unlock a secret secondary job class. These additional jobs can also lead to advanced classes - but to get to them, you'll need to find all shrines.

The initial choice of job class can make choosing the best starting character a challenge - but the larger challenge is after you've started, when you then need to find job shrines to imbue you with the power to equip extra job classes. Visiting each of the job shrines to unlock all the different possible subclasses in Octopath Traveler is an absolutely key part of the game, and thanks to the open-ended structure of the game you'll find yourself able to head out to these shrines and gather their power very early on if you so wish. 

This guide will help you to find all job shrine locations, and in turn unlock all classes:

Unlocking secondary and advanced jobs will blow Octopath's combat wide open.

Octopath Traveler Job Shrines: All Shrine Locations Listed

Figuring out the job shrine locations isn't all that easy - they're not revealed on your world map until you've found and entered them, so exploration is the only way. They do show up on your mini-map, however, represented with a shrine-like icon of pillars (though i've also heard some people describe this icon as looking like a harp, too). Keep an eye out on your mini map for this icon and make a bee-line for it when you see it - that'll be a job shrine. Alternatively, you can look below, where we're going to show you an image of Octopath Traveler's world map, annotated with the location of both the advanced job classes and the secondary subclass shrines. Class/Job spoilers on the map, obviously.

A map showing the locations of all Job Shrines in Octopath Traveler.

Keep in mind that the Advanced Job Classes are late-game content - unlike the subclass shrines you can't just enter and grab your reward. There's a difficult boss encounter at the end of a short dungeon for each advanced job class, and the areas you find these shrines in have a danger level of 50 and up. The other secondary class / subclass shrines are easy, however - if you can reach them (and for this the Scholar class skill that reduces random encounters can be handy) you can grab their rewards without a fight.

If you want to know more about each of the jobs, hit up our Octopath Traveler Job Classes guide, which is complete with skill lists, stat bonuses and other tips. You can also take a look at some of our job combination suggestions and our list of passive skills in order to plan ahead. Anyway - here's our lovely map with the full list of Octopath Traveler shrine locations - advanced classes are noted specifically, while everything not denoted that way is a subclass.

And if the image above isn't good enough for you, let's just quickly run down the locations in a written format to make sure that you're not misunderstanding or misreading our beautiful little map that you'll find below. You can use these area names and instructions listed below in tandem with the map to cross-reference your location in the game and make sure you're looking in the right place for each shrine. You'll have found every shrine in no time. Remember to keep an eye out for that shrine icon on your mini map, too!

Octopath Traveler Secondary Job Unlocks

Each shrine will unlock a new secondary job, unlocking more Octopath Traveler combat options.

So, here's where to find the subclass secondary jobs, and then after that we'll also list the locations of those advanced classes - just remember you'll have to fight a nasty boss to get them. Here's our more detailed directions...

Shrine of the Thunderblade - Warrior:

The Shrine of the Thunderblade is actually quite close to a town - it's in the area North Stonegard Pass, which, you guessed it, is found near the town of Northgard. It's actually a little to the West - just follow the path along the edge of the cliff to the western-most end of the area. The cave itself is difficult to miss.

This will unlock the Warrior job as a subclass for a member of your team.

Shrine of the Sage - Scholar:

The Scholar is Octopath Traveler's Black Magic expert, and given the weakness system in the game this makes it one of the more desirable shrines to get earlier on. It's found just off the beaten path, really close to the main locations, right near the town of Noblecourt. The area is th Western Noblecourt Flats. Head west and then south from the town to eventually find the cave nestled near some cliffs.

This will unlock the scholar class, including its fire, thunder and ice element magic, for you to use again.

Shrine of the Flamebearer - Cleric:

Also very important is healing thanks to how hefty Octopath Traveler's difficulty curve can be, so this is another desirable shrine early on. The Shrine of the Flamebearer is found in the Western Stillsnow Wilds area - from the save point and signpost in that area head south and then kepe east until you circle the hill - the cave will soon come into sight.

This shrine unlocks the Cleric class, complete with light ability offensive magic and powerful healing spells.

Shrine of the Huntress - Hunter:

The Shrine of the Huntress is found near the town Victor's Hollow - and the area it's in is actually known as East Victor's Hollow Trail. This one is pretty easy based on the named locations - once you exit Victor's Hollow to the north, head horth until you reach the signpost, then head... East, yep. Just like the name suggests. In the following area you'll find the cave.

This shrine gives you the Hunter Skills, but not the innate class ability to capture monsters.

Shrine of the Trader - Merchant:

Head to Northgard for this one - that town is your starting point, but the area you actually want is the Moonstruck Coast. This shrine is found on a really obvious area that's sort of an outcropping that's pressing out to sea - just keep your eyes open for the cave hidden away to the east once you hit a dead end.

By finding this shrine, you can equip Merchant and its abilities as a secondary job.

Shrine of the Healer - Apothecary:

If magic isn't your style, this is your other method of healing - and you'll be able to get your hands on these useful abilities at the Shrine of the Healer. Head to the town of Saintsbridge. The actual area you want is East Saintsbridge Traverse, which is - as you might guess - just outside Saintsbridge to the east. The cave is hidden away, nestled against the edge of the cliffs that flank Saintsbridge to the south.

This will give you Apothecary abilities.

Shrine of the Lady of Grace - Dancer:

The Shrine of the Lady of Grace is found out in the desert, near the town of Wellspring. It's just east of Wellspring, in fact - head out of the town into the area known as Northern Wellspring Sands. Keep north and then West, passing red flags and dealing with reduced visibility - the cave is actually pretty hard to miss, since its dark entrance will show up starkly against the bright desert backdrop.

This shrine gives you the abilities of the Dancer, including the amazing Bewildering Dance skill.

Shrine of the Prince of Thieves - Thief:

One of the closest shrines to civilization, the Shrine of the Prince of Thieves is found just South of Quarrycrest, a nice little town up in the mountains. The area name you should be looking out for is South Quarrycrest pass. Head South from Quarrycrest and then at the signpost head west, down a ramp, then south. There's a bridge - from down here you'll be able to walk under it, and beyond there the entrance to the shrine is hidden.

This gives you the thief class abilities for a subclass, but sadly the brilliant Thief Path Ability remains unique to Octopath Traveler's native thief.

Advanced Job Class Shrine Locations

The Advanced Classes are Octopath Traveler's ultimate skills - but they're very difficult to obtain.

As well as the eight basic jobs, in later areas of Octopath Traveler you'll find four additional 'secret' or 'advanced' job classes. These too are hidden away in shrines, and each shrine unlocks one of the four advanced jobs. These shrines are really, properly hidden in the furthest reaches of Octopath's world - though in broad strokes these shrines are basically at the North-East, South-East, North-West and South-Western most corners of the map.

Each of these shrines is a little different - it's guarded by a super high-end, high level boss who you'll want to be at least level 50 to tackle. These are super hard late-game bosses, but the rewards are significant - these advanced jobs are amazing - but their shrines will truly test you.

Shrine of the Warbringer - Warmaster:

The Shrine of the Warbringer is found in the bottom-left corner of COtopath Traveler's map in an area known as the North Riverford Traverse. That means - you guessed it - that the closest town is Riverford. You'll want to follow the trail west from the town and then head south and then west - but beware this area carries level 45 monsters. It's serious stuff.

Once you beat the boss, you'll be able to equip the super powerful, jack-of-all-trades physical attack monster that is the Warmaster as a subclass.

Shrine of the Runeblade - Runelord:

The Shrine of the Runeblade is just south of Everhold - that's in the area of West Everhold Pass. This is the South-Easternmost of the shrines in Octopath Traveler, and again has you slogging through a super-hard area with hard-hitting level 45 enemies. Start from the entrance to Everhold and follow the flags. At the save point near the bridge, head south-east down the smaller path and keep walking - eventually you'll find the entrance to the shrine.

The runeblade allows you to imbue powers with an elemental twist, allowing the user to attack with any element or even buff others to do the same. It's powerful, but it's a powerful support.

Shrine of the Archmagus - Sorcerer:

The Shrine of the Sorcerer is the north-western most shrine in the game, found right up in the top left of the map in the forests. It too is in a dangerous, high-level area. The closest towns are Victors Hollow and Duskbarrow, and in fact, the shrine is sort of nestled between the two in the area known as East Duskbarrow Trail. The shrine entrance is marked, handily, by broken stone columns, as if a greater, grander monument to the archmagus was once here.

This is the ultimate mage class in Octopath, and equipping it to a magically-minded character turns them into a true powerhouse.

Shrine of the Starseer - Starseer:

The Starsteer's shrine is found in the north-eastern most toppright area of Octopath Traveler's map, the shrine is actually quite well hidden. The closest town is Wispermill, but the shrine is in the Wispermill Flats area. Keep an eye out for a cart and tree - when you see it, turn West and keep going to find the shrine.

The Starseer is a great support. It can heal and buff as the ultimate combination of a white mage and a support character - but it even has decent defensive capabilities.

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