Dragon Quest XI S Letter Quests Guide: A Lovely Letter & An Even Lovelier Letter quests explained

Quests in Dragon Quest XI can offer you a whole myriad of rewards, but they are not always easy to complete. Sometimes you're taking to Dragon Quest XI's casinos in search of rewards, while other side quests see you completing combat challenges. Two quests are leaving players a little stumped more than most, however: A Lovely Letter and An Even Lovelier Letter. If the letters are leaving you perplexed, this is the page for you.

The quests that involve scouring areas for unmarked items or people, which can become a bit difficult. The ‘A Lovely Letter’ and ‘An Even Lovelier Letter’ quests task you with finding people, and it’s tougher than it seems. Of course, we’re here to help by pointing out the locations of these elusive letter receivers for you, and you can knock 2 more quests off the catalogue!

A Lovely Letter quest: how to deliver the first letter

You’ll get ‘A Lovely Letter’ quest early on in Dragon Quest 11. A guard at the gate between the Gallopolis and Gondolia regions will ask you to deliver a letter to his sister in Gondolia. The man says she’s training to be a baker, giving you a hint on where to look when you make it to the seaside city.

However, this is easier said than done. The bakery itself is unmarked, but when you find it you’ll find out that the guard’s sister has quit the baking gig, so you’ll be back at square one. Instead, you’ll find the woman on the east side of town, right near the locked door and Doge's House. The arrow on the map here will give you the right location:


Give her the letter to complete the quest, but you’re not done yet.

An Even Lovelier Letter: how to deliver the second letter

See, there’s a reason that Akia quit her job as a baker, but you won’t find out why until you take on ‘An Even Lovelier Letter’ quest. This quest may not pop up right away, however; if the quest bubble doesn’t appear right away, exit and re-enter Gondolia. If it’s still not available, check back after you visit Puerto Valor for the first time.

For this quest, you’ll get another letter, this time to deliver to Valentino in Puerto Valor. The only description we get this time is that “he’ll be sure to stand out”, which isn’t the most helpful. In fact, the man is rather hard to find. He’s at the barside beach, hidden behind the beefy bartender. He's really hidden away in a corner of the map:


Give him the letter and he’ll have a letter of his own to take to Akia. Return to Gondolia and give Akia the letter to complete this quest.