Pokemon Let's Go Fossils: the Dome Fossil, Helix Fossil, Old Amber and how to turn them into Pokemon

Given that Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let's Go Eevee is a re-imagining of Pokemon Yellow, it brings back some of the classic choices from that game and Pokemon Red, Blue and Green - including the difficult choice between the Dome Fossil and Helix Fossil. On this page we're going to run down the differences between the two fossils so you can decide which you might prefer to take and turn into a Pokemon for your team - plus explain exactly how you go about doing that.

The Dome Fossil and Helix Fossil aren't the only ancient Pokemon in the game, however - if you know where to go, you can also head and pick up an Old Amber, another fossil-style item that can be turned into arguably the coolest prehistoric style Pokemon of all. Plus, new to Let's Go, ther'es the ability to find some additional fossils in the late game.

Short of the legendary Pokemon like Zapdos, these are some of the rarest Pokemon in Let's Go. Anyway - let's get down to it, starting with the difference between the Dome Fossil and Helix Fossil in Pokemon Let's Go...

Dome Fossil or Helix Fossil: which should you choose in Pokemon Let's Go?

As if choosing between the exclusive move learning partner Pikachu and Eevee in your version of the game and choosing between Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan in the fighting dojo isn't enough, Pokemon Let's Go has another major choice for you when you explore Mt. Moon: the Dome Fossil or the Helix Fossil? In real terms this is just like the fighting dojo - it boils down to a choice between two similar but ultimately quite different Pokemon - Kabuto or Omanyte.

Kabuto is inside the Dome Fossil, while Omanyte is inside the Helix Fossil. Kabuto looks a little like a bug, while Omanyte is sort of like an underwater snail type Pokemon. Both are Rock and Water-type, but how do they break down one against the other? Well, here's how the choice manifests...

  • Kabuto (Dome Fossil) evolves into Kabutops at level 40. If we look at the stats of Kabutops, here's how it fares at a base stats level and beyond:
    • 60 HP, 115 Attack, 105 Defense, 65 Sp. Attack, 70 Sp. Defense, 80 Speed
    • While Kabuto & Kabutops are Water & Rock type, they can naturally learn a decent range of moves including a couple of Grass-type moves (Absorb, Mega Drain), a Steel-type move (Metal Sound), a Dark-type move (Night Slash) and a range of Normal, Ground, Rock and Water moves.
    • From TMs, Kabutops can even expand its repitoire to include some Ice, Poison and Bug-type moves.
  • Omanyte (Helix Fossil) evolves into Omastar at level 40. If we assume you evolve, here's what you need to know about Omastar and how it stacks up:
    • 70 HP, 60 Attack, 125 Defense, 115 Sp. Attack, 70 Sp. Defense, 55 Speed
    • Omanyte & Omastar are again Water & Rock type, and it's much more focused on its raw-type, only having a range of Normal moves, 1 Ground-type move (Mud Shot) ane one Dark-type move (Bite) to its move list.
    • From TMs Omanyte can gain a similar range of moves to Kabutops, however, learning Ice, Poison and Steel-type moves in addition to a range of new Water and Rock moves.

For those keeping score, here's how it breaks down in the simplest terms: Kabuto (Dome Fossil) will result in a faster, stronger physical fighter, but Omanyte (Helix Fossil) is much more of a tanky Pokemon, featuring high Defense and HP plus a hefty Special Attack stat that'll make special moves land very hard indeed.

There is no right or wrong answer to this question - it really just depends on what kind of Pokemon team you're building and what kind of gap there is in that team.


Old Amber: how to get Aerodactyl in Pokemon Let's Go

The two fossils aren't the only remnants of an age long passed in Pokemon Let's Go. If you know where to look you can also grab the Old Amber - another key fossil item that'll give you access to the prehistoric flying and rock type Pokemon Aerodactyl. And, listen - riding Pokemon is cool, but how about riding a prehistoric dragon? That's what you can do with Aerodactyl.  It's cool

Anyway, you can get the item you need to resurrect Aerodactyl any time after you've picked up the Chop Down Secret Technique, AKA Cut. The item is found in Pewter City, and it's in the back room of the museum. You'll need to use Chop Down out in the city proper in order to reach the secret back door of the museum. Once inside, chat to the scientist - they'll hand over the Old Amber free of charge. Neat!

Aerodactyl is a strong Pokemon, and its combination of flying-type and rock-type is an interesting one. Furthermore, Aerodactyl actually has a Mega Evolution, so if you grab the relevant Mega Stone you can turn it into an even more powerful beast. Thus, the Old Amber is a must-have.


How to exchange Fossils to get Omanyte, Kabuto and Aerodactyl

Once you've got your hands on these fossils, there's some bad news - you're in for a bit of a wait. When you first pick up either the Helix or Dome fossil as part of the story progression, you're a long way from being able to use it. The same is true of the Old Amber - if you grab it as soon as you're able, you'll be waiting a while - and that's because the exchange takes place on Cinnabar Island, a later stop in your journey.

Once on Cinnabar Island, head to the Cinnabar Lab. In the back right of this building you'll see a man in a lab coat next to a Poke Ball machine, like the one in Oak's lab. This scientist is able to resurrect your fossils into a Pokemon just for you - simple enough! Isn't science great?

Just to recap, the Helix Fossil becomes Omanyte, the Dome Fossil becomes Kabuto and the Old Amber becomes Aerodactyl.


How to get unlimited extra Fossils later on

In the late-late game of Pokemon Let's Go, you'll be challenged to head to an area called the Cerulean Cave, near Cerulean City. Veteran trainers will know this place well - it's the cave where Mewtwo is hanging out, and in Pokemon Let's Go you'll be tasked with catching the genetically engineered Pokemon again. It's not the only loot in here, however...

On the Cerulean Cave's top floor (2F) you can actually grab another Helix Fossil, Dome Fossil and Old Amber, as first reported on reddit. That means more Pokemon, since you can exchange them at the Cinnabar Lab once again. These items are hidden in front of the large crystals in the middle of the floor. You can only pick one up at a time, but one of these three randomly spawns into this spot once a day. 

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