Pokemon Let's Go Tier List: best Pokemon for attacking, defending and overall listed

Like any Pokemon adventure, Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let's Go Eevee features a whole lot of stats beneath the surface powering battle encounters, and that leads to some Pokemon being better than others. That can only mean one thing: a good old Tier List of the Best Pokemon in the game split into various categories. 

Pokemon have a range of stats in Pokemon Let's Go, as in other games: Attack, Special Attack, Defense, Special Defense, Speed and of course HP - their health stat. You could rank Pokemon by each individual stat, but it's actually probably better to break it down into a few categories: Attack (based on a combination of the attack stats, with a dash of speed), Defense (based on a combo of the defense stats) and Survivability (based on HP and defense), in turn creating handy Tier Lists for each battle approach: being a glass cannon, a tank or by turtling.

Remember that in Pokemon, even a streamlined experience like Let's Go, there's a lot more to battle than just having a Pokemon with the highest possible stats. You'll need to take into account things like Pokemon type strengths and weaknesses, and a weak hitter in your team might be bolstered significantly by something like learning new moves from TMs, hitting their evolution level or by using a mega stone for mega evolution. Keep your options open - and experiment!


Pokemon Let's Go Best Pokemon: the balanced stat tier list

Before we get into the really nitty-gritty of which Pokemon are the best in specific statistic areas, we should kick off with a more general Pokemon Tier List. This tier list takes into account all the stats of every creature in Pokemon Let's Go - and then it crunches those numbers to find out who, on balance, is the most powerful and useful Pokemon for battle.

Obviously there's a number of legendary Pokemon on this list - and to prevent this list from becoming a complete bore we've also excluded Mega Evolutions, as if they were in they'd make up the majority of this top fifteen. But besides that there are other Pokemon you might be surprised to see ranked as super-powerful.

Remember, a tier list like this is useful for zeroing in on who the best Pokemon are in general, but there really is no right or wrong answer when it comes to party composition. Come up with a party that works for you - but this list might help you to put a few powerhouses in it, this'll help you to pick one. Here's the tier list:

  1. Mewtwo (Legendary Psychic type)
  2. Dragonite (Dragon & Flying type)
  3. Mew (Legendary Psychic type, requires Pokeball Plus)
  4. Melmetal (Legendary steel type, requires Pokemon Go)
  5. Articuno, Zapdos & Moltres (Legendary Birds - Ice, Thunder & Fire types)
  6. Arcanine (Fire type)
  7. Gyarados (Water & Flying type)
  8. Snorlax (Normal type)
  9. Lapras (Water & Ice type)
  10. Charizard (Fire & Flying type)
  11. Blastoise (Water type)
  12. Exeggutor & Alolan Exeggutor (Grass & Psychic type)
  13. Venusaur (Grass & Poison type)
  14. Cloyster (Water & Ice type)
  15. Vaporeon, Jolteon & Flareon (Eevee Evolutions - Water, Thunder & Fire types)

With this general list noted, here's the top lists for each individual stat value - including Mega Evolved forms.


Pokemon Let's Go: Best Attack Pokemon Tier List

  1. Mewtwo (Legendary Psychic type): 190 ATK
  2. Mega Pinsir (Bug & Flying type): 155 ATK
  3. Mega Gyarados (Water & Dark type): 155 ATK
  4. Mega Mewtwo Y (Legendary Psychic type): 150 ATK
  5. Mega Beedrill (Bug & Poison type): 150 ATK
  6. Melmetal (Legendary Psychic type): 143 ATK
  7. Mega Aerodactyl (Rock & Flying type): 135 ATK
  8. Dragonite (Dragon & Flying type): 134 ATK
  9. Machamp (Fighting type): 130 ATK
  10. Kingler (Water type): 130 ATK
  11. Rhydon (Ground & Rock type): 130 ATK
  12. Flareon (Fire type): 130 ATK
  13. Mega Charizard X (Fire & Dragon type): 130 ATK
  14. Pinsir (Bug type): 125 ATK
  15. Gyarados (Water & Flying type): 125 ATK

Pokemon Let's Go: Special Attack Pokemon Tier List

  1. Mega Mewtwo Y (Legendary Psychic type): 194 SP ATK
  2. Mega Alakazam (Psychic type): 175 SP ATK
  3. Mega Gengar (Ghost & Poison type): 170 ATK
  4. Mega Charizard Y (Fire & Flying type): 159 SP ATK
  5. Mewtwo & Mega Mewtwo X (Legendary Psychic type): 154 SP ATK
  6. Alakazam (Psychic type): 135 SP ATK
  7. Mega Blastoise (Water type): 135 SP ATK
  8. Mega Pidgeot (Normal & Flying type): 135 SP ATK
  9. Gengar (Ghost & Poison type): 130 SP ATK
  10. Mega Charizard X (Fire & Flying type): 130 SP ATK
  11. Mega Slowbro (Water & Psychic type): 130 SP ATK
  12. Exeggutor (Grass & Psychic type): 125 SP ATK
  13. Zapdos (Electric type): 125 SP ATK
  14. Moltres (Fire type): 125 SP ATK
  15. Venusaur (Grass & Poison type): 122 SP ATK

Pokemon Let's Go: Best Defense Pokemon Tier List

  1. Cloyster (Water & Ice type): 180 DEF
  2. Mega Slowbro (Water & Psychic type): 180 DEF
  3. Onix (Rock & Ground type): 160 DEF
  4. Melmetal (Legendary Steel type): 143 DEF
  5. Golem & Alolan Golem (Rock & Ground type): 130 DEF
  6. Omastar (Rock & Water type): 125 DEF
  7. Venusaur (Grass & Poison type): 123 DEF
  8. Weezing (Poison type): 120 DEF
  9. Rhydon (Ground & Rock type): 120 DEF
  10. Mega Pinsir (Bug & Flying type): 120 DEF
  11. Mega Blastoise (Water type): 120 DEF
  12. Alolan Sandslash (Ice & Steel type): 120 DEF
  13. Graveler (Rock & Ground type): 115 DEF
  14. Kingler (Water type): 115 DEF
  15. Tangela (Grass type): 115 DEF

Pokemon Let's Go: Best Special Defense Pokemon Tier List

  1. Mega Gyarados (Water & Flying type): 130 SP DEF
  2. Articuno (Ice & Flying type): 125 SP DEF
  3. Tentacruel (Water & Poison type): 120 SP DEF
  4. Mr. Mime (Psychic & Fairy type): 120 SP DEF
  5. Mega Venusaur (Grass & Poison type): 120 SP DEF
  6. Mega Mewtwo Y (Psychic type): 120 SP DEF
  7. Hypno (Psychic type): 115 SP DEF
  8. Mega Charizard Y (Fire & Flying type): 115 SP DEF
  9. Mega Blastoise (Water type): 115 SP DEF
  10. Hitmonlee (Fighting type): 110 SP DEF
  11. Hitmonchan (Fighting type): 110 SP DEF
  12. Flareon (Fire type): 110 SP DEF
  13. Snorlax (Normal type): 110 SP DEF
  14. Blastoise (Water type): 105 SP DEF
  15. Chansey (Normal type): 105 SP DEF

Pokemon Let's Go: Best HP Pokemon Tier List

  1. Chansey (Normal type): 250 HP
  2. Snorlax (Normal type): 160 HP
  3. Wigglytuff (Normal & Fairy type): 140 HP
  4. Melmetal (Legendary Steel type): 135 HP
  5. Lapras (Water & Ice type): 130 HP
  6. Vaporeon (Water type): 130 HP
  7. Jigglypuff (Normal & Fairy type): 115 HP
  8. Mewtwo (Legendary Psychic type, including Mega Mewtwo X & Y): 106 HP
  9. Muk (Poison type): 105 HP
  10. Rhydon (Ground & Rock type): 105 HP
  11. Kangaskhan (Normal type): 105 HP
  12. Mew (Legendary Psychic type): 100 HP
  13. Clefable (Fairy type): 95 HP
  14. Slowbro (Water & Psychic type): 95 HP
  15. Gyarados (Water & Flying type): 95 HP