Darksiders III Human Locations: all human rescue locations listed

Early on in Darksiders III, Ulthane will task Fury with returning any lost humans she finds back to the Maker's Forge. He'll hand you the Rider's Mercy, an artifact that will automatically teleport anyone she finds back to the safe location in Haven.

There are 20 humans in total to find throughout the game, and you'll earn some very nice passive buffs if you seek them out, so it's definitely prudent to keep an eye out for them. On this page, we're going to run down all the human locations to make finding them nice and easy.

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Darksiders III - Where to find every human to rescue

For sake of organization, we've got this listed by region, but will try to clearly mark which abilities you need in order to reach each human. Some are very hard to miss and can be picked up the first time through a location, while others require revisiting with more abilities in tow.

  • Haven - On the path dropping from Crossroads location of Haven into the Nether. You can’t miss this one.
  • Haven - Once you have the Fire Hollow, head into the holed-out building above the Maker’s Forge, past the web. He’s near the top.
  • Haven - Once you have the Thunder Hollow, take the tornado visible on the path in front of the Maker’s forge, and keep following that new route until you glide between two buildings. 
  • Haven - Go straight south from the North End Vulgrim point, and jump into the pit, into the crawl space.
  • Haven - Past the North End Vulgrim point, on the main road behind a purple wall. Either use the Force Hollow or throw a bug from the nearby building.
  • Haven - In the back wall of Crossroads, near an ogre, up behind a Force Wall you'll have to smash with your hammer.
  • Nether - Once you use the friendly beetle and red goo combination to burn the web down, kill the red-eyed enemy behind you and crawl in the hole to find this human.
  • Nether - Once you reach the Cistern Vulgrim point, head up the stairs.
  • Nether - Go into a crawl space up a slanted train in the Tangled Grotto area, later in the Nether. This is after encountering Wrath.
  • Nether - Once you have the Force Hollow, return to the Tangled Grotto area, smash the purple wall up the stairs. Follow the path by Fire Jumping up to the right, and go into a crawl space to reach the upper level of the Grotto. Don’t fall down any holes, and keep following the path upwards, and you’ll eventually find her.
  • Nether - Nearish the one above, when you get to the second floor of the Tangled Grotto area, look around to the right for a path you can jump down to (not underneath a handing web spike) and follow this path for an older human to rescue.
  • Bonelands - After exiting the warehouse in the area with the beetle and purple goo, jump over the shipping crates to your left.
  • Bonelands - In warehouse after Drowned District, after burning down the grapple points, look to the right of the second one, and jump into it. There will be a web in the opening to burn away.
  • Bonelands - On the main path after the Mangled Freeway point.
  • Bonelands - Upper level of the flooded generator room, which you can reach by using the Thunder Hollow to glide across the acid river, visible from where you make Gluttony fall into the Depths. Follow the path, push out the platform enemy Mansk that you can reach using the purple pillar, and then use it to reach the upper entrance.
  • Depths - After doing the puzzle involving the two purple pillars, jump over the wall when your hear them cry out. Near the Eroded Pipeline Vulgrim Point.
  • Depths - Return to the Depths once you have the Statis Hollow. From the Sunken Tracks Vulgrim point, use the nearby Stasis Wall, then turn around to see the hookshot point, and swing and use the magnetic wall right after. Roll across to the other side and enter the doorway.
  • Depths - Go up the Stasis Wall right next to the Sewage Egris point, right near where you start the fight with Gluttony.
  • Scar - After the Drilling Annex Vulgrim Point, spin the tower using Salvation + Force Hollow, and then jump up two sets of Stasis Walls.
  • Scar - After riding the second moving platform leading to an area with several ranged enemies, freeze the two spiked rollers using Stasis, and rescue the human from underneath them.

Rider's Mercy 

After every 5 humans rescued and returned to the Maker's Forge, Ulthane will reward you with an upgrade to your Rider's Mercy. The additional health from rescuing 15 humans is definitely a nice bonus. Simply return to Ulthane and he'll automatically update the relic before you access his normal weapon upgrade menu. You'll earn the following bonuses:

  • 1 Human Rescued: Helping Hand Achievement.
  • 5 Humans Rescued:  +10% Souls dropped from enemies and the Five's a Crowd Achievement.
  • 10 Humans Rescued: +20% wrath gained from wrath lurchers and the CrowdSource Achievement.
  • 15 Humans Rescued: +30% Health and the Community Outreach Achievement.
  • 20 Humans Rescued: +10% Physical and Arcane Damage and the Humanitarian Achievement.
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