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Darksiders III: Luminous Visage Locations Guide

While most consumable items in Darksiders III are used from the quick select menu by using the D-Pad, there are two that can only be used from the Inventory menu: Lurcher Caches/Clusters and Luminous Visages. 

Luminous Visage's are basically free attribute points that can be used just like the ones given on leveling up, and can be used to increase Fury's health pool, physical attack strength, or arcane damage. While many of these are rewarded as part of the story after defeating bosses, there are also several found tucked away like other treasure items. Considering later level up can cost up to several thousand souls, finding a free point in a secret nook can go a long way, so we've got a list of all the ones we've found. 

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Darksiders III - Luminous Visage Locations

It's important to note that using up your Luminous Visage locations is effectively the same thing as storing souls with Vulgrim for attribute points. In other words, it's the same as leveling up. So if you want to be efficient with your Visage usage, considering holding onto them until normal level ups become expensive.  Otherwise, you'll just end up making normal level ups more costly.

  • Haven - From the North End Vulgrim point, follow the road to the left, go up the root, and then follow the series of hookshots branches. From the last one, then use Fire Jump at the very end to reach it on the metal scaffolding.
  • Nether - After getting the Fire Hollow, go to Splintered Station Vulgrim point, burn the web there, and follow the path. Eventually you’ll drop down into a deep chamber with a waterfall, tornado, and several cocoons before the Cistern. Dive underwater and go into the tunnel that’s not glowing red.
  • Nether - In the chamber after defeating Sloth.
  • Nether - In the Atrium of Greed after defeating Avarice. 
  • Bonelands - After the Drowned District Vulgrim point, flip the power switch in the first building and use the friendly bug to eat purple goo. Then, throw it at the wall on other side of the cave.
  • Bonelands - Guarded by a red-eyed enemy to left of the main path behind a crawl space after the Mangled Highway Vulgrim point.
  • Bonelands - In Lust's boss arena.
  • Depths - At the bottom of the water after the Forgotten Lake Vulgrim point, look for a temple type area, has eels. This area is difficult to navigate so be sure to be thorough when scooping up treasures.
  • Depths - In Gluttony's boss arena.
  • Depths - From the Sunken Tracks point, use the Stasis Wall immediately nearby, then turn around to see the hookshot point, and swing while in Force Hollow to use the magnetic ceiling right after.
  • Hollows - In the foyer area with the large statue past the Catacombs Vulgrim point, It's the room with three sword statues. It's on the ground guarded by the large fire golem type enemy.
  • Scar - When you see the first tornado in the area, use it to get to the ledge behind you, and take the elevator up. This is where you meet Abraxis. If you wait until later in the game, the arena will be empty, but you can still grab the Visage.
  • Scar - In between the two subway tunnels, to your left when darting between them. You can also wait until clearing the Tempest to make it easier.
  • Scar - Out In the open after clearing the Tempest.
  • Scar - Obtained automatically after defeating Wrath.
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