Pokemon Let's Go: how to get past the big ghost in Pokemon Tower

As you travel across the land of Kanto on an adventure in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let's Go Eevee, you're eventually going to encounter one large, rather scary roadblock - a big ghost in Lavender Town's Pokemon Tower. At this point the action seems to grind to a halt and you can't move forward - and those not familiar with Pokemon Red, Green, Blue or Yellow might not be so sure as to their next steps.

If you're worrying, that's what we're here for. On this page we're going to explain how to get past the big ghost in the Pokemon Tower. Before we actually get into the actual explanation of how it's all done, it's worth noting that the big ghost is part of standard story progression in Pokemon Let's Go. What we mean by that is that you're supposed to hit this road block, then go away and find a solution to the problem. If you want to discover that for yourself, now you know - go explore. If you want to know what that solution is, however, read on...

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How to get past the Big Ghost in Pokemon Let's Go's Lavender Town

When you first enter the Pokemon Tower, it's a spooky place already. There are ghosts where if they catch you out on the overworld you're warped back to the base level of the tower, plus there's channeller trainers you'll have to engage in battle and, of course, that creepy music. As you fight your way up to the top of the tower it feels like any other dungeon, however, albeit with a slight twist.

When you reach the higher levels, you'll quickly encounter a huge ghost that you can't dodge like its smaller counterparts. This big ghost warns you to leave (Begone... intruders...) and you're unable to continue any further no matter what you do. 

Here's the rub: This is actually it for now in terms of business in Lavender Town. You now need to leave Lavender Town and the Pokemon Tower and head away - and you'll be able to return here later with a new key item that'll help you to get past the big ghost problem. Here's how that plays out in a handy, easy-to-digest list:

  • Once you've encountered the big ghost, exit Pokemon Tower. On the leftmost side of Lavender Town you'll find Jessie and James from Team Rocket scheming away, and then they had West towards their hidden base. They've abducted a Pokemon, and it's up to you to rescue it.
  • To the West you'll find the larger city of Celadon. Here, Team Rocket has a hidden base inside the Game Corner - basically an arcade. Eavesdrop on Jessie and James to gain entry, then storm the base, battling Rocket grunts to find the abducted Cubone.
  • Once you beat the Team Rocket Base dungeon and face off against some extremely high-ranking Team Rocket members, you'll get your hands on a new key item - the Silph Scope. This item allows you to reveal the true form of ghosts... which will prove vital in calming the restless spirit that is Lavender Town's big ghost. As a bonus, you've also ruined Team Rocket's day. Nice!
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