Kingdom Hearts 3: Flame Core, Water Core & Chief Puff locations for Photos

Kingdom Hearts 3 is absolutely full of side-quest content for you to complete as you go on a journey through the Disney worlds on offer, and one major new feature of the game is the Gummi Phone - a new little gadget for Sora that, among other things can take photos.

This all ties into another feature of Kingdom Hearts 3, the Moogle Workshop. The workshop can be visited through menus, and is how you upgrade all keyblades in KH3 and even how you forge Ultima Weapon, the best weapon in the game. For that you need materials, and one great way to get materials, accessories and other rewards is via Photo Missions in the Moogle Shop.

These missions basically ask you to snap a photo of a certain thing, and KH3 is pretty good about hinting to you what they are in the mission name and the hhints and tips within the menus. If you want a full Photo Missions guide, we've got that too, but a couple of them ask you to snap enemies such as the Flame Core and Water Core which you might well know by name - but where they spawn is another question entirely. On this page, we'll help you to track them down. First, a picture of both so you know what to look for:


Water Core Location for Kingdom Hearts 3 Photo Missions

The Water Core can be found in a number of different areas, depending on where you're at in your adventures in Kingdom Hearts 3. Here they are, broken up world-by-world:

  • To snap a photo of a Water Core in Olympus, return to the world once you have the camera. Spawn into the first area of Olympus and head up the river, just as you did at the start of the game. The octopus-like Heartless spawn near a waterfall and along the river in general.
  • You can also nab a photo of a Water Core in Monstropolis, the world based off Mosnters, Inc. Near the Power Plant, you'll head up in an elevator and into the Factory Area, then through a series of blue-walled rooms with yellow pipes. In one of these rooms a bunch of Water Cores spawn.
  • Finally, a number of Water Cores spawn in various places throughout the water-focused Caribbean level based on Pirates of the Caribbean - but given this is one of the later levels in our recommended Kingdom Hearts 3 World Order, you're probably better off using one of the first two.

Take a few photos to be sure you get a good shot. Once you return to the Moogle Shop with your photo in hand, you'll get the Umbrella Rosette accessory as a reward.


Flame Core Location for Kingdom Hearts 3 Photo Missions

We've found the Flame Core nice and early on in the game - in Olympus, the very first world you visit. When you first visit Olympus you of course won't have access to the Gummi Phone, Camera or Workshop, but you'll get access to them in Twilight Town and then can return once KH3 opens up. It's well worth going back to Olympus anyway, as there's some sidequests like tracking down the Golden Hercules Dolls that are well worth undertaking. As such, you can kill a number of optional birds with one stone.

The area you'll want is Thebes Overlook, which can handily be recognized since it's one of the locations where there's a save point in this world. You can also spawn here after landing. 

Near the save point is a set of stairs. Head down the stairs and a heartless encounter will begin - and that fight is with a bunch of Flame Cores. Simply open up your Gummi Camera and take a nice clean shot. Take a few to be safe.

Several Flame Cores also show up in Monstropolis as part of a story fight in The Factory - and you can snap a photo there. We're not sure if these ones respawn after that story moment, however.

When you next visit the shop, you'll get a Firefighter Rosette accessory as a reward.


Chief Puff Location for Kingdom Hearts 3 Photo Missions

The final Heartless the Moogles ask you to snap for their missions is the Chief Puff, a cute-looking Heartless (as the description suggests) that has a sort of fluffy, sheep-like head of hair. Because of the huge tuft atop them, these guys are mercifully quite hard to miss! Just look at the picture of them above - they're easy to find.

Remember that they stack on top of each other sometimes, too, making a tower-like enemy. The Chief Puff are all over the Kingdom of Corona's Forest Area, at any rate - so snap a few photos until the game alerts you the mission is accomplished.

Taking this photo of the Chief Puff will net you the Mask Rosette accessory blueprint.