Kingdom Hearts 3 Photo Mission guide: how to complete all Moogle Photo Missions

One major new addition to Sora's gear in Kingdom Hearts 3 is his new Gummiphone - a state-of-the-art little device that, well... it matches the capabilities of a real-world cell phone. That includes calling up allies for lengthy exposition drops but also access to a camera - and that camera leads to a whole new type of side quest, photo missions.

These missions are handed down by the Moogles at the Moogle Shop and are honestly pretty easy. All you need to do is take a photo of the thing that's described in the mission, and simply by doing so you'll rack up a handy reward. On this page, we're going to describe where to find each photo's subject, too, making it super easy to tick all of these off.

Photo missions will require you to hop around worlds you've already visited a bit, but that's worthwhile - as you unlock the worlds in order returning to them is worthwhile in order to pick up things like cooking recipes and synthesis materials. But we're not here to talk about that - let's get to photo mode.


Kingdom Hearts 3 Photo Missions guide: how to unlock all the blueprints through each Moogle Photo Mission

The KH3 moogle photo missions unlock once you have access to the Workshop at the Moogle Shop for item synthesis and upgrades. The workshop is a vital place for upgrading all keyblades in the game and forging the best weapon overall, but you can also gain access to high quality armor and accessories through the workshop.

Each photo mission carries a unique reward - for each photo you snap for the moogles, the helpful little creatures will add another item blueprint to the synthesis menu - and some of these items aren't found elsewhere and are decently powerful. Here's the full list of photo missions, their rewards and where and how to complete them: 

Photo Mission 1: "I need oven mitts to handle that hothead, kupo."

  • Get a picture of a Flame Core.
  • Can be completed in Olympus, as described in more detail in our guide to finding a Flame Core
  • Reward: Firefighter Rosette

Photo Mission 2: "That fiend keeps getting my pom-pom wet, kupo."

  • Get a picture of a Water Core.
  • Can be completed in Olympus, Monstropolis or the Caribbean, as described in our Water Core location guide.
  • Reward: Umbrella Rosette

Photo Mission 3: "Fluffy doesn’t always mean nice, kupo."

  • Get a picture of a Chief Puff.
  • You can snap this picture in the Kingdom of Corona, in the Forest area - just look for the fluff-covered Heartless out in the wild. If you're struggling to find one, we have a deeper guide on the Chief Puff location
  • Reward: Mask Rosette

Photo Mission 4: "I can’t get over those chiseled muscles, kupo."

  • Get a picture of the Statue of Hercules.
  • This one obviously requires a trip back to Olympus and Thebes, where statues of Herc's family are in mass supply. It has to be a statue - a photo of one of the Hercules Dolls won't do it. Easiest place to do this is in the very first area, as a statue of Herc is right near where you start.
  • Reward: Cosmic Ring

Photo Mission 5: "Mechasmasher’s busting through the wall, kupo."

  • Get a picture of the big Beasts & Bugs wall display.
  • Mechasmasher is one of the characters in some of the toy sets in the Toy Box. You'll find this display in Galaxy Toys, of course.
  • Reward: Soldier's Earring

Photo Mission 6: "Who built that tower in the forest, kupo?"

  • Get a picture of Rapunzel's Tower.
  • This one should be obvious - and if it isn't, well... god help you. Snap this in Kingdom of Corona's Forest Area.
  • Reward: Mage's Earring

Photo Mission 7: "Wish I could ditch work and see the festival, kupo."

  • Get a picture of the festival. 
  • This one should also be pretty obvious once you reach this area - The Thoroughfare area of the Kingdom of Corona.
  • Reward: Moon Amulet

Photo Mission 8: "It takes a hot fire to forge lightning bolts, kupo."

  • Get a picture of the fire in the secluded forge.
  • For this one, head back to Olympus once again - you'll be able to take a photo of the fire inside the forge and complete this mission in the Realm of the Gods area.
  • Reward: Fire Chain

Photo Mission 9: "'King of the gods' to some, 'Dad' to others, kupo."

  • Get a picture of Zeus.
  • Another nice obvious one - head back to Olympus once again to photo Herc's dad's good side. Head to the Apex of the Gods for this one.
  • Reward: Thunder Chain

Photo Mission 10: "I love watching the tram go by at twilight, kupo."

  • Get a picture of the tram.
  • The Tram Commons area of Twilight Town has a tram running around. Simply wait for it to pass by and take a picture to complete this photo mission. It's right near the Moogle shop, actually... couldn't they take this one themselves?
  • Reward: Draw Ring

Photo Mission 11: "Give that hard worker in yellow a raise, kupo."

  • Get a picture of the CDA agent.
  • There's only CDA agents in one world of KH3 - Monstropolis. You'll find these guys in The Power Plant - Tank Yard area. Just look for the yellow outfit.
  • Reward: Rubber Rosette

Photo Mission 12: "Somehow I doubt that palace has a fireplace, kupo."

  • Get a picture of the Ice Palace.
  • Head to Mountain Ridge in Arendelle - there you'll find the Ice Palace. A nice easy one, once again.
  • Reward: Blizzard Chain

Photo Mission 13: "I think I saw a walking, talking snowman, kupo!"

  • Get a picture of Olaf.
  • I mean, we all know exactly who this is (or I'd hope so). Take a picture of this guy in Arendelle at the Mountain Ridge or Ice Valley.
  • Reward: Snow Rosette

Photo Mission 14: "Wait, kupo... That green guy looks familiar, kupo!"

  • Take a picture of the big green Cactaur.
  • After you assemble the big cactuar in the Kid Korral area of Galaxy toys, remember to snap a picture of it.
  • Reward: Fencer's Earring

Photo Mission 15: "He helps keep the birds out of the fields, kupo."

Photo Mission 16: "There it is, kupo. My lucky star, kupo!"

  • Get a picture of the evening star.
  • You can take this picture in The City area of San Fransokyo, as long as it's nighttime, if you stop flying around for a second...
  • Reward: Star Charm

Photo Mission 17: "The fish are swimming through the air, kupo!"

  • Get a picture of the fish-shaped wind socks in broad daylight
  • Another little landmark of San Fransokyo, you can snap a photo of this and complete this photo mission in the main area during the day. They are the large floating features that you can quickstep to with your shotlock. 
  • Reward: Aero Brace

Photo Mission 18: "Stay by the falls to beat the tropical heat, kupo!"

  • Take of picture of the waterfall in Port Royal. 
  • Take a picture of the tall waterfall just outside the Settlement area in The Carribean world. You'll have to fight a few heartless that appear on the bridge over the river first.
  • Reward: Aqua Rosary

Photo Mission 19: "Show me a creepy, shadowy swarm, kupo!"

  • Take a picture of a Demon Tower.
  • The easiest Demon Tower to find is in Battlegate 8 in Monstropolis. Simply go to the Tank Yard, and then slide on the rail past the collapsed tunnel to reach the gate.
  • Reward: Dark Chain

Photo Mission 20: "I moogle-salute all your fierce friends, kupo!"

  • Take pictures of Sora's teammates. 
  • You simply need a picture of all of Sora's allies across the various worlds. Note that Rapunzel is found in the town square past the Thoroughfare, where you played the Festival dancing minigame.
  • Reward: Ribbon
  • You'll need to snap pictures of:
    • Donald
    • Goofy
    • Hercules
    • Woody
    • Buzz
    • Flynn Rider
    • Rapunzel
    • Mike
    • Sully
    • Marshmallow (the ice golem)
    • Jack Sparrow
    • Baymax