God Eater 3 Materials Guide: How to maximize your grind for upgrade materials

In God Eater 3, crafting and upgrading gear is key to becoming a more powerful warrior so that you can face any Aragami the game throws at you. Your three main pieces of gear are your God Arc, your shield and your ranged gun. You can also craft new costumes, though these are purely cosmetic and have no effect on gameplay.

Almost all of the materials you need you’ll get by defeating Aragami and devouring them, or by simply completing a mission. However, while the game is often generous in handing out materials, you might still find yourself short or sometimes you might wish you could get everything you need in one go.

If you are a God Eater who wants to craft lots of equipment or you are just missing that one material, we have some techniques for you to maximize your chances of getting what you need.


Identify the materials you want

The first thing you should do when you want to upgrade or craft a piece of equipment is to figure out what materials you need. You can do so by accessing any terminal and going into the Upgrade/Craft menu.

From here you can check if you can upgrade any equipment you currently own, if you can craft a piece of equipment from scratch or you can even check all the blueprints you have unlocked to see the different variations a weapon can have. From this screen you can even check the materials you will need for future upgrades as long as you have unlocked their blueprints, which you get by clearing new missions.


Search for a mission that drops what you need

The next thing you’ll want to do is to figure out which mission will get you the materials you need. When you highlight any mission, you can press a button that lets you know all of the possible drops in the mission.

Said list also includes the drop percentage, though that can be raised by achieving a better rank upon completing the mission. The higher your rank (which is based on how fast you beat the mission and how many times you die), the higher the percentages. Some materials even have special conditions like completing the mission under a certain time or breaking an Aragami’s parts.


Study your enemy to break its bonds

Once you know what kind of Aragami you will be up against, you should learn which of its parts you can break. Breaking bonds not only makes fights easier, but they also reward you with extra materials.

You can access the Database at any terminal and from there you can read about any of the Aragami you have found. The game tells you exactly which of its parts you can break and to make things even more manageable, you can go to the options menu and change your lock-on controls so that instead of focusing on an Aragami as a whole you can lock onto their parts.


Make use of your Install Skills

If you want to increase the chances to get the materials you’re looking for, you will also need to pay attention to your Install Skills. These come in the form of Abandoned God Arcs, which are also rewards for completing missions.

Here are some skills that will help your grinding for materials: Bottomless, which increases materials gained when devouring; and Beast’s Nose, which increases materials gained as bond break rewards. Both of these skills are only active from level 5, so if you don’t have one install skill at level 5, you can stack multiple skills of lower levels in order to get to 5.


Don't forget to check on the field

Lastly, if the materials you need don’t come from Aragami themselves, then you should always be on the lookout for items scattered around the map during missions.

These also show up in the list of materials you can see before starting, since they are rewarded to you at the end of the mission, but if you come across a material on the floor of a level do not hesitate to pick it up. It might just be the one material you were looking for!

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