Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age - How to change your Job in the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One versions of the game

One of the new features included in Nintendo Switch and Xbox One versions of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is something players have been craving upwards of ten years. Finally, you'll have the ability to switch your jobs at any instance within the game, once it is unlocked of course!

Thankfully getting to this feature is easy and almost entirely unavoidable. You no longer have to worry about potentially creating an unbalanced or frustrating team composition and have to either endure through it or start your entire game over. It's without question one of the most sought after features for this game in particular and it's no wonder why as Final Fantasy XII: TAZ has more than a handful of jobs to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Additionally, some characters might be suited for some jobs better than others due to their natural stats, but don't let this stop you from experimenting with any and all combinations now that you have the option to change them with minimal effort.

Unfortunately, if you are playing the PS4 and PC versions of the game, you are not able to change your job.

Update (April 24, 2020): The PS4 and PC version of the game have been updated, so now you can change your job on all versions of The Zodiac Age.

Unlocking the Job Change Feature and how to change your job

As mentioned earlier unlocking this feature is unavoidable. Going through the main story and completing The Hunt for the Rogue Tomato is the pre-requisite for unlocking how to change your job and doing this is mandatory. Once you've slain that villainous head of produce and a series of cutscenes after you've returned to Rabanastre proper head to the left side of the map and talk to the Bangaa standing outside of a door. They'll talk to you briefly about the Clan Hall before allowing you entrance. If this is confusing, don't worry we have a picture of where to find the location below. 


Inside head to the top of the stairs and talk to the wily Moogle in green. Once Montblanc has introduced himself to you speak to him again to access the option to change your job. Select "I want to change license boards" to switch jobs. It's really as easy as that! And you won't lose any LP you might have ground out prior either as all of your LP gets refunded for you to use on your newly selected license board. If you ever want to change your jobs you'll need to return to the Clan Hall to do so, but other than that you'll be able to switch your jobs at any given time.