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Epic Seven x Guilty Gear Collaboration Guide

If you have been playing the mobile game Epic Seven, you might know that a popular collaboration is ongoing with the Guilty Gear franchise. If you have never played Epic Seven before and wanted to play the game cause of this collaboration, be sure to check out our beginners guide to get started.

Characters that are featured from the Guilty Gear Event is Sol-Badguy, Baiken, Dizzy, and I-no. As of the moment, only Sol and Baiken are available. Dizzy will be available starting next week. 

All of the Guilty Gear characters are limited, so be sure to get them as soon as possible. Sol-Badguy is given for free for any players that have finished the Guilty Gear side story. You can get multiple Sol-Badguy from the event from grinding the event currency, this will let you easily promote him or upgrade his memory imprint. Due to the sheer strength of Sol-Badguy, it is highly recommended that you earn him as soon as possible. 

Baiken is a limited summoning character. The rate of summoning her is only 1%, but you still can get her through the pity system if you have managed to use 121 summoning Rolls  Because Dizzy is also available next week, you might want to save your rolls for Dizzy if you're not interested Baiken.

Playing the Event

The Guilty Gear event is separated with three side stories, the first for Sol, the second for Baiken and the last one for Dizzy. Each mission cleared will give you the event currency to exchange for the prizes from the event. The maximize the amount of event currency you earn, unlocking the final mission of each side story and playing on their harder difficulties is ideal.  If you happen to have a Guilty Gear Artifact, equipping them will also give you additional currency per battle. 

The second event currency (Token for the Chosen) found from Baiken's side story, lets you participate in the tournament.  Defeating the opponents here will give you the prize listed, with the grand prize being Sol-Badguy. Each opponent is fairly mid-level and should be easily defeated with some decent gear.

Using Collaboration Characters


Sol is one of the strongest characters you can get in the game. He can dispel buffs along with massive damage from his counterattacks. Due to his sheer power, Sol can easily clear some high level content without the investment needed for some characters. If you're planning on gearing him, his skill set lets you build him in plenty of ways, you can go for sheer attack power and crit, a speed built or even a full counter set.


Baiken is one of the limited characters from the summoning pool. Baiken isn't like Sol and requires heavy investment for her to work. Baiken's main specialty is her skill lets you stack the Bleed Ailment and denotate them for massive damage. This playstyle is intended for more veteran players where Baiken can perform a setup to 1 shot bosses with the Bleed Ailment stacks. Gearing Baiken is also quite difficult, as you will need to find gear that puts her in all-around balance of stats, from having high effectiveness and high critical chance. This is very hard to do without sacrificing attack power. 


Dizzy is an ice mage that specializes in debuffing enemies, she is excellent for both PVE and PVP content, making her the most desirable unit out of this collaboration. Every skill from Dizzy will land a debuff, her first skill has a 25% chance to stun, meanwhile, her second skill reduces enemy combat readiness by 50%. Dizzy's last skill, emotional Gamma Ray can also cause slow, attack and hit rate down, and will extend the debuff duration. With these powerful abilities, you might get the edge over bosses you were struggling with, such as the bosses from the Abyss. The best way of building Dizzy is to get a Speed and Effectiveness set. You want her Effectiveness to be very high so that her debuffs will land on enemies, and you also want her to be fast so that you can get these debuffs on enemies before they start to take action. 

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