Final Fantasy X Al Bhed Primers | FFX & FFX-2 Al Bhed primer locations

Al Bhed Primers are a vital piece of the puzzle that is Spira, the world of Final Fantasy X. You won't always find it easy to understand what everybody is saying - unless you're fluent in the language of Al Bhed. It's a neat touch that this game has its own made-up language that's fully functional - and the in-game method of translation is, you guessed it, via the Al Bhed Primers - your very own Spira translation tool.

The Primers are is a unique collectable for FF10 and its sequel, with your collection of Al Bhed Primers determining exactly how much you understand of the Al Bhed language. Collecting them all will not only get you some rewards (just chat to Rin abroad the Farenheit to get an extra reward), but will also handily fill in the subtitles whenever characters are speaking in Al Bhed. This can seriously change your understanding of the story, if you have all or most of the Primers - and that's where we come in.

On this page, we feature all Al Bhed Primer locations for FFX and FFX-2. This list is compatible with every version of the games - from the PS2 originals, to the International director's cut, to the HD Remasters. This guide also notes and warns which of the Al Bhed Primers are missable - as FFX has a few missable items and skills like the Jecht Shot and even some of the Celestial Weapons. Let's get to it:

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Al Bhed Primer Locations in FFX

Al Bhed Primer locations are scattered right across the world of FF10 - and some of them are missable. So - here it is - a full list of where to find every Al Bhed Primer in FF10.

There are 26 in total - one for each letter of the alphabet, with each corresponding to explain what each letter of the English alphabet is in Al Bhed. You can even use this knowledge to translate and speak Al Bhed yourself in the real world.


Al Bhed Primer Volume I:

  • Found on the deck of the Al Bhed salvage ship early on, after you first meet Rikku and her Al Bhed crew. 
  • Reveals P = B
  • Missable. You cannot return to this location, but if missed you can get this Al Bhed Primer in the north-eastern area of the Sanubia Desert Oasis.
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Al Bhed Primer 1 on the Salvage Ship

Al Bhed Primer Volume II:

  • Available in Besaid Village, inside the Crusader's Lodge, right at the back of the room, near the desk.
  • Reveals Y = A
FFX Al Bhed Primer 2 in Besaid Village Crusader's Lodge

Al Bhed Primer Volume III:

  • Found aboard the S.S. Liki, inside the Power Room, where the Chocobos are running inside wheels to power the ship, on the bottom-right corner of the room.
  • Reveals L = C
  • Missable. If you do miss it, find it later in the Sanubia Desert - inside the tent where you find Wakka. 
FFX Al Bhed Primer 3 Location in SS Liki

Al Bhed Primer Volume IV: 

  • Available at Kilika Port, inside the Tavern, on the desk. It's so in plain sight it's actually easy to miss, in a weird way!
  • Reveals T = D
FFX Al Bhed Primer 4 Location in Kilika Port Tavern
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Al Bhed Primer Volume V:

  • This is available on the Bridge aboard the S.S. Winno, the same ship where you can unlock the Jecht Shot. Go inside to where the helm and wheel of the ship are, and just behind the guy driving is the Primer, on the green carpet.
  • Reveals A = E
  • Missable. If missed, find it later in the Sanubia Desert, near where Kimhari is discovered.
FFX Al Bhed Primer 5 Location

Al Bhed Primer Volume VI:

  • Find this primer in the 'Basement B' area of Luca Stadium. This is hidden behind an NPC in a way that can be difficult to spot, depending on your camera angle - look at the feet of one of the Blitzball Players on the left, in the green pants - it's just behind them. The camera angle changes right near the pair, so you have to be careful not to trigger the camera switch as you approach.
  • Reveals V = F
Al Bhed Primer 6 in Luca Stadium

Al Bhed Primer Volume VII:

  • Grab this Primer in Luca Theatre, in Luca. It's really in plain sight towards the bottom-left of the theatre lobby, just to the right of a great big flower pot with pink, purple  and yellow flowers.
  • Reveals K = G
FFX Al Bhed Primer 7 Location - Luca Theatre

Al Bhed Primer Volume VIII:

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  • This primer is found on the Mi'ihen Highroad - but you get it automatically, from Rin, a friendly NPC of FFX. Just chat to Rin inside his Travel Agency and he'll gift you the Primer to help your Al Bhed studies.
  • Reveals R = H
FFX Al Bhed Primer 8 in the Travel Agency

Al Bhed Primer Volume IX:

  • Available on the Mi'ihen Highroad's Newroad South area, found on the road as it curves around. This is easily missable, as you'll likely speed past this one on a Chocobo, and it's very small compared to the rest of the area. Thankfully, you can return for it if you go past it.
  • Reveals E = I
FFX Al Bhed Primer 9 Location, Mi'ihen Highroad

Al Bhed Primer Volume X:

  • Found on Mushroom Rock Road, camouflaged into the dirt on a ledge. You'll know you're in the right place, as this ledge is out on its own, separately accessed - and it's a dead end. The Primer does a relatively good job of blending in, however.
  • Reveals Z = J
FFX Al Bhed Primer 10 Location

Al Bhed Primer XI:

  • Available on the Djose Highroad, nestled on the floor against rocks, close to the foreground. This one is a real pain, as it's visible when you're away from it due to how the camera moves, but as you get close it disappears behind the rock in the foreground. Sneaky!
  • Reveals G = K
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FFX Al Bhed Primer 11 - Djose Highroad

Al Bhed Primer XII:

  • At the area of Moonflow's North Wharf where there's the elephant-like creatures waiting to be used for transport, it's found on the floor. Go up the ramp to the sort of grandstand area under a canopy to the right of the elephant things - it's tucked into a corner.
  • Reveals M = L
FFX Al Bhed Primer 12 Location

Al Bhed Primer XIII:

  • Find this primer in the middle of the floor in a house in Guadosalam. This is a house with a central pillar of tree roots in the middle; just to the left of that central root, the book is on the floor. There's three NPCs and a chest in here, too.
  • Reveals S = M
FFX Al Bhed Primer 13 in Guadosalam

Al Bhed Primer XIV:

  • This primer actually has a little order to obtaining it. In the Thunder Plains, speak to Rikku, then head inside his Travel Agency and speak to Rin inside the Travel Agency building. Then head to Yuna's room, and tell Rin "Okay" when you get the chance. He'll give you another Al Bhed Primer.
  • Reveals H = N
  • Missable. If you don't get it in the Thunder Plains, you can find this later on inthe Sanubia Desert.
FFX Al Bhed Primer 14 - Thunder Plains Location
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Al Bhed Primer XV:

  • This primer is found in the Macalania Woods, on the Lake Road. Near where Oaka is just hanging out, look for a path that leads off to the right, where the primer is hidden away. The road is sort of intersected by a big outcropping of blue rock; go right just above that rock. At the end of this path, there's the Primer.
  • Reveals U = O
FFX Al Bhed Primer 15 on the Lake Road

Al Bhed Primer XVI:

  • Available in front of the Travel Agency in Lake Macalania - it's to the left of the building, just to the right of Oaka as he camps outside waiting to grab you for business. A nice easy one, for once.
  • Reveals B = P
Al Bhed Primer 16 Location - Lake Macalania

Al Bhed Primer XVII:

  • Found in the Sanubia Desert, under some ruins. It's well visible in the sand, though keep in mind it's slightly obscured because it sits in the shadow of the building ruins that it's beneath.
  • Reveals X = Q
FFX Al Bhed Primer 17 Location

Al Bhed Primer XVIII:

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  • Available to the North of the Sanubia Desert. It's just next to a sign that points towards Home. It's really out in the open, but because it's so flat and is against the yellow sand, it can be easily walked right past.
  • Reveals N = R
FFX Al Bhed Primer 18 - Sanubia Desert

Al Bhed Primer XIX:

  • Found in one area of the Al Bhed Home area, near ruins and a burning machine, towards the left-hand side of one of the areas.
  • Reveals C = S
  • This is Missable, and can't be re-gained if missed. Save before you proceed further.
FFX Al Bhed Primer 19 Location

Al Bhed Primer XX:

  • This primer is available in the Al Bhed Home, on the side in the Living Quarters area. It's sitting atop what's either a table or a bed - we can't quite tell. There's maps and charts pinned to the wall directly above where it rests. Be careful, as this is one of the truly missable Al Bhed Primers in the game.
  • Reveals D = T
  • This is Missable, and can't be re-gained if missed. Save before you proceed further.
Al Bhed Primer 20, in Al Bhed Home

Al Bhed Primer XXI:

  • Pick up this primer at the end of the main corridor of the Al Bhed Home area. It's at the very end of the corridor, not far away from the malfunctioning door with the red lights that's moving back and forth. The lighting of the area makes the Primer blend in on the floor.
  • Reveals I = U
  • This is Missable, and can't be re-gained if missed. Save before you proceed further.
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FFX Al Bhed Primer 21 Location

Al Bhed Primer XXII:

  • Another one-time chance for this primer, this time in Bevelle Temple. It's in plain sight, but you have to get this in the aftermath of the wedding scene. The party will be walking off, towards the next exciting story beat - but before you fopllow them, grab the Primer! It's right in front of you, on the bridge!
  • Reveals J = V
  • This is Missable, and can't be re-gained if missed. Save before you proceed further.
Al Bhed Primer 22, In Bevelle Temple

Al Bhed Primer XXIII:

  • Find this to the north-west of the Calm Lands, right up against the edge of the explorable map, overlooking a texture of rolling desert and hills that looked pretty amazing back on PS2 but looks rather rough on the HD Remaster of FFX. It's to the left of where an NPC riding a Chocobo often hangs out, overlooking that texture.
  • Reveals F = W
Al Bhed Primer 23 Location, in the Calm Lands

Al Bhed Primer XXIV:

  • This primer can be picked up in the Remiem Temple area, just sitting around on the floor. In the area that's in the shape of a big circle, you'll want to take the left-hand path and follow it around past a chocobo and to a dead end. The Primer is in the right-hand corner of the dead-end.
  • Reveals Q = X
FFX Al Bhed Primer 24 Location in Remiem Temple
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Al Bhed Primer XXV:

  • Available in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, at the end of a dead end that's pointing west.  It's not too far from a chest and a save point - it's to the left of both of those items. 
  • Reveals O = Y
FFX Al Bhed Primer 25, in the Cavern

Al Bhed Primer XXVI:

  • In a room full of chests in the Omega Ruins, look to the top of the room, where this primer is hanging out, waiting for you. In my opinion this is the most annoyingly hidden Al Bhed Primer in the game; you're best off running around the top path of the room with the chests (in the purple hue, with the chests in the foreground) hammering the interact button, as it's easier to grab it this way than to actually try to see it.
  • Reveals W = Z
FFX Al Bhed Primer 26 Location Map

FF10 Al Bhed Primer Rankings

Every time you pick up a primer, you're working towards increasing your general Al Bhed Primer ranking. Each time you hit a certain threshold, your rank increases. Here's the ranks:

  • Al Bhed Hujela (Novice): 1 Primer
  • Al Bhed Pakehhan (Beginner): 4 Primers
  • Al Bhed Typpman (Dabbler): 7 Primers
  • Al Bhed Maynhan (Learner): 10 Primers
  • Al Bhed Cbaygan (Speaker): 13 Primers
  • Al Bhed Hydeja (Native): 16 Primers
  • Al Bhed Unydun (Orator): 19 Primers
  • Al Bhed Medanyde (Literati): 22 Primers
  • Al Bhed Sycdan (Master): 26 Primers
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Final Fantasy X-2 Al Bhed Primer Locations

Al Bhed Primers return in Final Fantasy X-2, though they're in a much different format than in the first game. In this game, they're not a collectible found out in the overworld - instead, they're automatically obtained when you view certain cutscenes or have certain conversations with characters who speak Al Bhed, who in the story of FFX-2 are much more prolific.

Here's when to find them all, with a few Al Bhed Primers available to pick up in a few of the game's chapters:

FFX-2 Al Bhed Primer Unlock List

  • Chapter 1 Al Bhed Primers
    • After completing the first mission, speak to Brother and Buddy aboard the Celsius.
    • Once you complete the mission 'Behind the Scenes', speak to Rin in Luca.
    • In Djose Temple, sign up for the desert excavation by talking to Gippal. (Also available in Chapter 2)
    • After the 'Follow that O'aka' mission, speak to the Al Bhed woman outside the lakeside shop in Macalania. (Also available in Chapter 2)
    • When you first visit Bikanel, you'll get a free primer.
  • Chapter 2 Al Bhed Primers
    • At the opening of Chapter 2, speak to Shinra aboard the Celsius.
    • In Djose, talk to Gippal.
  • Chapter 3 Al Bhed Primers
    • In Djose, talk to Gippal, and do it before you take on the 'Protect Besaid Temple' mission. 
    • Another primer is available after you start the 'No Way Djose' mission.
    • Before you start the 'Secure the Agency' mission, you'll get a primer in Macalania.
  • Chapter 4 Al Bhed Primers
    • At the start of the chapter, talk to Paine on the deck of the Celsius, then head to the bridge.
    • For another primer, view the new CommSphere events from Djose and Macalania. 
  • Chapter 5 Al Bhed Primers
    • Once you've met with Leblanc aat the Farplane, return to the Celsius and the Deck. Speak to Brother and Buddy.
    • One is obtained in Djose after you defeat The Experiment.
    • A final primer is found in the Thunder Plains, once you complete the mission 'A Fallen Genius'. 

Missed a primer? Keep in mind that you can get Primers you've missed the first time around through digging in Bikanel. You can go digging in Bikanel in almost any chapter in the game, but not in chapter 4. 

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