Final Fantasy X Jecht Shot: how to get this vital Blitzball move even if you miss it the first time

The Jecht Shot is an iconic Final Fantasy move. It's up there with Omnislash, in a sense... if you're planning to play Blitzball in Final Fantasy X, that is. For Blitzball, the one thing you'll absolutely want to have is the Jecht Shot, a powerful move Tidus can borrow from his father.

What with the relationship between Tidus and his father, the Jecht Shot can only be acquired under specific story circumstances. There's a story beat early on that gives you an opportunity to get the Jecht Shot move during a one-time main story appearance - but like many of the Al Bhed Primers, it's also missable. 

On this page we're just going to run down everything you need to know about this all-important Blitzball move - including how to grab it no matter the point you're at in the game.

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How to get the Jecht Shot in FF10

Most of the Blitzball moves in FF10 are learned and grabbed through means specific to the sporting mini-game, but the Jecht Shot is actually a Blitzball move that crops up as part of the main story. Chances are if a search engine has delivered you to this page, you've already encountered it but failed to land the move the first time.

Early on in FF10 you'll take a journey ton the S.S. Winno, a ship that takes you from Kilika to Luca. While on that ship, you'll encounter a Blitzball on the deck. When you interact with it a scene will play that acts as a challenge - with the reward being the Jecht Shot.

The mini-game around the Jecht Shot is simple - you have to press some button prompts as shown on-screen in order to successfully perform the move. If you do this, you unlock it for Blitzball. If you don't, the scene is over without a further reward and the trip on the ship ends. So... what then?

How to get the Jecht Shot if you missed it the first time

Here's the good news - the Jecht Shot isn't a missable bonus. All you actually need to do is backtrack to Kilika and take the ship to Luca again - and during the journey aboard the ship, you'll get another opportunity to tackle the Jecht Shot in exactly the same place and way as before.

You can backtrack through much of the game, but the easiest time to do this is to wait until you get permanent control of the airship in FF10. Once you have access to the airship, you can use it to head to Kilika in order to take the ship as many times as it takes to nail it and unlock the Jecht Shot.


Unlocking the Jecht Shot 2

The Jecht Shot 2, or the Sublimely Magnificent Jecht Shot 2 as it's otherwise known, is an upgraded, improved version of the Jecht Shot move. It's  not actually really related to the Jecht Shot, however - but the name throws people off.

You can get the Jecht Shot 2 as a random prize from the Blitzball tournaments in FF10. Tidus must have learned all of his key abilities before he can equip this move.