Borderlands 2 Effervescent Gear List: every rainbow rarity item added in the new DLC

With Borderlands 3 coming up later this year, developer Gearbox is keen to get users replaying Borderlands 2 - and they're making a pretty good job of that by issuing free DLC that bridges the gap between the second and third games in the series. The most significant addition in this new DLC, Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary, is an entirely new weapon rarity: the incredible, awesome, very, very glowy Effervescent Gear.

This new rainbow item rarity naturally contains some heavy-hitting, awesome-looking weapons and gear - and there's something for pretty much every style of play for each of the characters and classes in Borderlands 2. On this page, we're going to run down how to get those sets...


Borderlands 2 Effervescent Gear List: every rainbow rarity item in the game

There's a bunch of different Effervescent Gear Items in Borderlands 2 - and some of them serve a more specific purpose than others. In particular, there are two sets of themed items that serve a specific purpose. One is designed to help you get through the Writhing Deep and beat the super-boss Haderax the Invincible. Another set is themed around the idea of being Top Tier, and is designed for use in the new Raid on Digistruct Peak, which is great for leveling up in the late game.

Beyond that, there's also a range of unique effervescent gear and weapons without a specific use. Here we list them all, starting with the two themed sets:

The Mouth Hygeine Effervescent Set - used for the fight with Haderax the Invincible:

  • Toothpick - Effervescent Assault Rifle:
    • Always has the Incendiary Effect
    • For the drop, farm Sand Worms and Sand Worm Queens in The Burrows area, introduced in 'The Hunt is Vaughn' quest.
    • We've got a separate page with tips for Toothpick Farming, if you want them.
  • Retailer - Effervescent Shield:
    • A shield that when paired with the Toothpick can have some unique effects.
    • To get a drop, farm Sand Worms and Sand Worm Queens in The Burrows area, introduced in 'The Hunt is Vaughn' quest.
  • Mouthwash - Effervescent Relic:
    • Increases the damage of the Toothpick Weapon.
    • Drops during the Paradise Found mission that's part of this DLC.

The Pick-a-top-tier Effervescent Set - used for the Raid on Digistruct Peak, perfect for leveling up fast:

  • Peak Opener - Effervescent Assault Rifle:
    • Always has the Shock effect
    • Can drop from the chests that spawn after you defeat Haderax the Invincible
  • Easy Mode - Effervescent Shield:
    • Increases the Peak Opener Damage.
    • For the drop, check the chests that spawn after Haderax is defeated.
  • Hard Carry - Effervescent Relic:
    • Increases your time in Fight for your Life, and your Health while in Digistrict Peak as part of this set.
    • A rare drop from the boss Haderax the Invincible (who seems a lot less invincible when you're smashing him for drops)

Unicornsplosion - the Effervescent Shotgun

Who doesn't want a shotgun that is rainbow-colored and has enough power to blast people to the moon and back? Obtaining it is also something of a joke.

In Borderlands 2 there's a relic item, the Mysterious Amulet, that can be purchased from Mr. Miz during the mission The Amulet. This is one of the randomly spawning missions found in the Lair of Infinite Agony added by the Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC. Keep leaving and revisiting the area as needed to get the mission to spawn. In the base game, the Amulet has always seemed pretty useless other than a silly visual effect.

Once you have the amulet, continue on with the Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary DLC until you complete the quest My Brittle Pony. When you get the chance, feed Butt Stallion while wearing the amulet - you'll get Unicornsplosion in return.

Other Effervescent Items & Weapons

  • Nirvana - Effervescent SMG (Maliwan): drops from Infected Badass Saplings, which appear in infected areas of the DLC.
  • Hot Mama - Effervescent Sniper Rifle: dropped by Lt. Hoffman in the Mt Scarab Research Center.
  • Infection Cleaner - Effervescent SMG (Tediore): dropped by the common New Pandora Soldiers across the DLC.
  • Antifection - Effervescent Grenade: can be dropped by Cassius in the Mt. Scarab Research Center.
  • The Electric Chair - Effervescent Grenade: can be dropped by Uranus in the Helios Fallen area; it's a low chance drop. Use the World Burn (below) to boost the drop rate significantly.
  • World Burn - Effervescent Rocket Launcher: can be dropped by Lt. Bolson in the Dahl Abandon area of the DLC.