Fire Emblem: Three Houses - amiibo Guide

Like most Nintendo Switch games, Fire Emblem: Three Houses offers a little bit of amiibo support functionality. This is done in game at a place in the monastery called the "amiibo Gazebo", which is found in the field above the dining hall.

Using amiibo ultimately does two things. Firstly, each Fire Emblem series amiibo will unlock a different music track for use in auxiliary and quest battles, which can be set in the game's menu.

Secondly, using an amiibo at the amiibo Gazebo will cause it to start dropping green pick-up items every time you explore. As long as you use at least one amiibo, it seems you can find new drops in the area around the Gazebo every week. These drops often include bait, fish, tea, and basic consumables. However, you rarely might be able to get stat up items from this too. 

So, if you have at least one Fire Emblem series amiibo, you might as well use it at the Gazebo as soon as you can in order to get some items.

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The amiibo Gazebo is located just above the Dining Hall.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - amiibo Music Unlocks

By scanning the following amiibo at the amiibo Gazebo in the monastery, you can unlock the following map songs for auxiliary and quest battles.

Alm amiibo - March to Deliverance

Celica amiibo - With Mila's Divine Protection

Chrom amiiboDestiny (Ablaze)

Lucina amiiboConquest (Ablaze)

Female Corrin amiibo - A Dark Fall (Fire)

Male Corrin amiiboAlight (Storm)

Ike amiiboEternal Bond

Marth amiiboThe Time to Act

Robin amiiboId (Purpose)

Roy amiiboBeneath a New Light (Roy’s Courage)

Tiki amiiboThe World Tree